It’s all about the costs, stupid

WARNING: to the mentally challenged, greentards and eco-fascists THIS SITE CONTAINS HUMOUR. HUMOUR including but not limited to “SATIRE”, “PARODY”, “IRONY” and good ol’ “SARCASM” – and, on occasions, extending to “RIDICULE” and “MOCKERY”. IF YOU HAVE DIFFICULTY WITH ANY OF THESE CONCEPTS PLEASE SEEK ASSISTANCE FROM A GROWN UP OR, IF A GROWN UP […]

There’s always time for a nice cup of tea

As a Wilde young London lad named Oscar once quipped: “The only thing worse than being talked about is not being talked about.” STT is happy to know we’re being “talked” about. Not least by that struggling lefty-rag, The Age. Libs defy party on wind farms The Age Chris Johnson 26 May 2013 Outspoken Liberal […]

Canadian health professionals speak out about wind turbines

Earlier, STT published a list of health professionals who are concerned about the impact of wind turbines on people’s health. To complement this we would like to share with you the excellent documentary by CBC Wind Rush that can be watched in full here (42.11). Recently, the European Platform against Windfarms (EPAW) have produced an […]

Will the “real” Joe Hockey please stand up

“Smokin’” Joe Hockey, odds on to be our next Treasurer, appeared on Alan Jones’ show last week, being quizzed hard about the great Australian wind power fraud. Listen here. Joe did his best to stick to the script, bleating name, rank and “no carbon tax” in answer to a barrage of questions directed at the […]

The “Le Roy Tapes”: Part 4 – Health

Part 4 of 5 of the interview with Tim Le Roy. In this episode Tim shares his watershed moment when he meets affected people and realises the extent of the suffering that can occur when industrial wind turbines are sited too close to peoples homes. He shares his experiences of homes in Waubra and Toora […]

Red Faces at the Victorian Department of Health

A week or so ago, the wind industry and its parasites crowed about a report released by the Victorian Department of Health, with even more than the usual whiff of desperation. The report was touted by the Clean Energy Council as a complete exoneration on all charges, sins and omissions. What a pity it contained […]

Saving the Heartland – SA’s Yorke Peninsula

STT recently gave you an insight into the fight to keep Yorke Peninsula turbine free and, therefore, able to keep doing what it does best – producing food and fibre – in No Blacker day for the Greens. Here’s a follow up that appeared in The Sunday Mail May 12, 2013 by Mike Smithson. Ill […]

The Rally: Details of the Big Day – Tuesday, 18 June 2013

With the big day only a few sleeps away, we thought it time to give a little more detail on what to expect. Thanks to the work of organisers from all over this great Country of ours, we have a huge line up of speakers ready and raring to go – see below. The Rally […]

“Dangerous” Dave Clarke

You’ll remember Dave Clarke – he’s the Darth Vader of SA’s greentards. Dave’s the one that says, when it comes to the prospect of Yorke Peninsula’s farmers having to operate farms and live with 200 giant turbines, that’s a sacrifice he’s more than willing to make.  Of course it is. This little man has never […]

Australia: slow to wake up?

As the rest of the major economies wake up to the insane cost of wind power – and the fact that its claimed benefit to the environment is so much turbulent air – has Australia been caught napping? Graham Lloyd’s article in the Weekend Australian today suggests it’s time to Wake Up Australia. The Weekend […]