Ontario lass – Esther Wrightman – gives “courage” a new name

In our post “Astroturfing” – how the real pros do it” we looked at how spin masters like yesMinister.org and the Clean Energy Council “shape the wind farm debate” – and the techniques these boys use to “overwhelm” those nasty negative thoughts ordinary simple folk might develop towards giant industrial wind turbines, if nature was […]

Where are Australia’s Journos – asleep or on drugs?

What ever happened to the investigative journos like Chris Masters or Paul Barry? Are our Nation’s scribes all asleep, on drugs, paid up members of the Greens, or patsies for the Clean Energy Council?   Our hacks might like to take a leaf out of the Daily Mail’s Chris Booker’s book. Real journos hop up […]

Who can it be now?

Who can it be knocking at the wind scammers’ door? BIG COAL? CSG? BIG NUKES? The correct answer is – NONE OF THE ABOVE. Over the last few weeks the eco-fascists writing in the lefty-tabloids and on their blogs have been speculating on who runs this clearly evil, insidious and clandestine outfit – STT – […]

It’s all about the costs, stupid

WARNING: to the mentally challenged, greentards and eco-fascists THIS SITE CONTAINS HUMOUR. HUMOUR including but not limited to “SATIRE”, “PARODY”, “IRONY” and good ol’ “SARCASM” – and, on occasions, extending to “RIDICULE” and “MOCKERY”. IF YOU HAVE DIFFICULTY WITH ANY OF THESE CONCEPTS PLEASE SEEK ASSISTANCE FROM A GROWN UP OR, IF A GROWN UP […]

There’s always time for a nice cup of tea

As a Wilde young London lad named Oscar once quipped: “The only thing worse than being talked about is not being talked about.” STT is happy to know we’re being “talked” about. Not least by that struggling lefty-rag, The Age. Libs defy party on wind farms The Age Chris Johnson 26 May 2013 Outspoken Liberal […]

Canadian health professionals speak out about wind turbines

Earlier, STT published a list of health professionals who are concerned about the impact of wind turbines on people’s health. To complement this we would like to share with you the excellent documentary by CBC Wind Rush that can be watched in full here (42.11). Recently, the European Platform against Windfarms (EPAW) have produced an […]

Will the “real” Joe Hockey please stand up

“Smokin’” Joe Hockey, odds on to be our next Treasurer, appeared on Alan Jones’ show last week, being quizzed hard about the great Australian wind power fraud. Listen here. Joe did his best to stick to the script, bleating name, rank and “no carbon tax” in answer to a barrage of questions directed at the […]