The “Le Roy Tapes”: Part 4 – Health

Part 4 of 5 of the interview with Tim Le Roy. In this episode Tim shares his watershed moment when he meets affected people and realises the extent of the suffering that can occur when industrial wind turbines are sited too close to peoples homes. He shares his experiences of homes in Waubra and Toora that were bought by developers and then demolished and asks – if there is not a problem, then why demolish the homes? (3.58)

Salt, A. & Hullar, T.(2010) Responses of the ear to low frequency sounds, infrasound and wind turbines, Hearing Research.  268(1-2): 12–21.

About stopthesethings

We are a group of citizens concerned about the rapid spread of industrial wind power generation installations across Australia.


  1. If AGL & the other wind companys were only half decent, (which they aren’t) they would bring buckets of money to the table, & request the EPA & other parties, that are truly independent, to do a thorough investigation & research into the health problems from all the noises of wind turbines, at least they would be half credible.
    They won’t because they know they will be truly found out as AUSTRALIA’S GREATEST LIARS.

  2. I know what Infra sound can do , I am effected by Industry around me in a Suburb of Maitland. New South Wales.
    The pain , tinnitus is never ending. Dr.Sarah from the Waubra Foundation is aware of my plight.
    God help us all.

  3. There are 32 non involved residences within 1.5km, about 60 within 2km, 118 within 3km, 240 within 5km of the “under construction” Gullen Range Wind Farm, near Crookwell, NSW, due to come on-line during 2014. Hence this is a more densely populated area than any other Australian wind farm. Our expectation is that we have little to look forward to except, perhaps, for a plethora of health problems and, as a result, more wind farm refugees driven from their homes.

  4. Windshift says:

    Why does Prof. Simon Chapman ridicule & denigrate people who are suffering ill health from wind turbines when he has not met with them or indeed done a study? Is he in the pay of the wind companies? Living in his academic ghetto, his zeal in imposing his views on victims and the wider public is abhorrent, especially as many peer reviewed studies have recently supported the deleterious effects of wind turbines on health. Why do he and the wind companies not support a proper study to settle the matter? It can only be that they know that the answer will not vindicate them. Meanwhile they can go on building these monstrosities and ruining more people’s lives and livelihoods whilst trying to destroy those individuals who hold a different view and are trying to help the victims.


  1. […] will do what should have been done as soon as people started being driven out of their homes at Toora and Waubra – ie provide conclusive evidence to prove the fact of the relationship between […]

  2. […] Hard-working rural people are sick of being driven mad in their homes by incessant low-frequency turbine noise – unable to gain meaningful sleep; or – in the worst cases – being driven out of their homes. […]

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