The Rally: Details of the Big Day – Tuesday, 18 June 2013

With the big day only a few sleeps away, we thought it time to give a little more detail on what to expect.

Thanks to the work of organisers from all over this great Country of ours, we have a huge line up of speakers ready and raring to go – see below.

The Rally will get under way at 10am – gathering on the lawns to the North of Parliament House.

Shane Mortimer – a Ngambri elder – will welcome us to his peoples’ traditional lands and talk about his battle to prevent the desecration of those sacred lands by industrial wind turbines.

shane mortimer

Shane Mortimer

The other speakers will kick off after that.

The batting order is still pretty fluid – Parliament is sitting and we need to accommodate the timetables of those speakers who still have work to do in the House.

We anticipate that – with such a tremendous line-up and such a hot topic – the speakers won’t finish until about 1:30pm.

For that reason we suggest that people bring deckchairs.

We know that there will be a large contingent from sunny Queensland – who think a “woolly jumper” is something you shear – but be warned – Canberra is the kind of place where you won’t see brass monkeys in Winter.

So dress warm – bring a heavy coat, warm hat and gloves.  The forecast is for light winds and showers and a top of around 11 degrees – so a weatherproof jacket and solid umbrella would be a sound addition to your travelling kit.

Parking is available under the House – but will be in short supply – so if you miss out there – expect to park in the streets to the North and a short walk to the action.

The underground parking lasts for 3 hours so bear that in mind too.

We suggest you pack a thermos and something for morning tea and lunch – which – as we have already pointed out – is the closest this rally will come to being a “tea party” style rally.

There is a range of catering inside the House – where people with the constitution of Camels will be able to find a very late lunch.

We know that the wind industry are planning to run “interference” and will attempt to spoil the day by turning up with a few patsies on the wind industry payroll – also expect to see trendy types who have shuffled out of the Climate Change Department in a last ditch effort to save their jobs.

To be fair – we stand between them, their benefactors and another $50 billion worth of power consumers’ money in the form of the REC Tax – so expect them to make some noise before this scam is finally snuffed out.

As your community group leaders will have already told you – if you see any “Ditch the Witch” type placards – or equally unsavoury material – it will belong to the “spoilers” who have already stated on eco-fascist blog sites that they are hoping to turn the Rally into a rabble.

Bring a camera or use your phones to capture any misbehaviour from wind industry goons and their supporters – STT will have a name and shame spot where we will post photos and videos of any thugs in action.

We know our people are not there to rant about climate change or the current dismal state of National politics.

Our fine people are smart enough to know that the Green-Labor Alliance is over and that – with a little more help – the Coalition will make energy policy work again for all Australians – not against them – as is the case now.

The “spoilers” will run a line that we are “anti-renewable” but these people clearly haven’t been paying attention.  Renewable energy isn’t the problem – intermittent, unreliable and ludicrously costly wind power is the problem.

Hydro power is the renewable power source that gives Rolls Royce performance for the price of a Commodore.

STT hears that you can expect the Coalition to come out in favour of hydro as a real solution to our renewable energy needs – and as a way of providing food and water security for generations to come – something that those pedalling giant fans simply can’t match.

How this Rally is viewed will depend on us – no matter how antagonistic the people who are threatened by an end to this fraud might be – just let them yell themselves hoarse.  They will just be venting a lament for the end of the Greatest Economic Fraud in Australian history.

The Rally is about signalling the fact that the “grown-ups” will soon be in charge again – and with that in mind – hold your heads high.  The battle is all but won.

Here are some of the people who have helped to win it:

Alan Jones: 2GB Radio announcer. Alan will act as MC on the day. Tune into 2GB or catch up online for further stories and information on the Rally. STT says thanks to Alan for his support for the Rally and for the “forgotten” people. Hats off.


Senator John Madigan Senator for Victoria. The blacksmith from Ballarat is a co-sponsor of the Draft Excessive Noise Bill that has the potential to introduce some sanity to the siting of industrial wind turbines and controlling their operation. John is champion of the underdog – and understands that the current system is an unsustainable fraud.


Senator Nick Xenophon – Independent Senator for South Australia. The Greek warrior is the other name on the Excessive Noise Bill. Nick is a STT champion. Along with John Madigan he is likely to hold the balance of power in the Senate in the next Parliament. STT says we are glad to have you on our side.


Alby Schultz MP: Member for Hume. This is Alby’s last term in office and he will take no prisoners. Fearless and as straight as the day is long, STT expects much from Alby – he has never disappointed. Alby is keen to bring this scam to an end.


Craig Kelly MP: Member for Hughes. An early anti-wind fraud warrior, Craig has been hailed in London for his guts and determination on this topic – G&D sadly lacking in many of his peers. STT says hats off Craig and thanks for your support.


Chris Back: Liberal Senator for Western Australia; Deputy Opposition Whip for the Senate. Chris has been on the case for a long time, taking up where the late great Judith Adams left off. STT is very pleased to have Chris on the line up.

Chris Back

Mary Morris – campaigner and community representative for Waterloo in SA. Mary is someone who never backs down and provides the example of what can be done with persistence and dogged determination. The wind industry has no answer for people like Mary – a Super-Mother who will stop at nothing to protect her brood. An inspiration to those on the right side of the battle and a danger to the developers and their parasites.

mary morris

Peter Quinn – Barrister and campaign supporter. Peter has made a contribution to communities all over the Country. The “street-fighter” that never flinches under fire has given strength, hope and encouragement to the isolated, marginalized and beleaguered people who have been fighting, or who have sadly become the victims of, the great wind power fraud. As the architect of the Xenophon/Madigan Draft Excessive Noise Bill, he is committed to winning the Country back for Country people.

peter quinn

Alan Moran – one of Australia’s leading energy market economists has a deep understanding of the failed economics of wind power and STT expects he will play a key role in shaping the Coalition Government’s energy policy come September.

Alan Moran of the Institute of Public Affairs has been researching and writing about climate change and the economics of measures designed to combat it for almost 20 years. Recent major publications include:

  • A book, Climate Change: the Facts, IPA 2010
  • Chapters in international energy and climate compendiums including Is it possible to have it both ways? 2011; Stabilising World CO2 Emissions: a bridge too far? 2009; and Resource Adequacy and Efficient Infrastructure Investment, 2008
  • Dozens of press articles exploring the costs of climate change measures involving the carbon tax, renewable requirements, direct government funding and standards. These have been published in the Australian, the Herald Sun, the Australian Financial Review, The Courier Mail the Sydney Morning Herald and the Canberra Times

He has also made four major submissions to the Parliament on energy and climate change issues, and appeared before the Senate, and addressed to major conferences in Australia and overseas.

Be there to hear Alan talking common sense with knobs on.

alan pic

Ron Boswell – Nationals Senator from Queensland.  Ron is one of the few who called the “wind power fraud” long before the first turbine went up.  He is that rare commodity in Australian politics – someone who puts the true welfare of his Countrymen and Women first.

We were delighted to re-publish this piece reported in the Australian, in which Ron points out just how many “real” jobs and businesses we have lost to the insanity of out of control power prices driven to exorbitant heights by the RET/REC policy.


A number of other members of the Coalition, as well as leaders of key Business and Welfare groups, have been approached and we are waiting on confirmation that they can speak at the Rally. Stay tuned for updates.

About stopthesethings

We are a group of citizens concerned about the rapid spread of industrial wind power generation installations across Australia.


  1. Curt Widlund Tyresö Sweden Telefon 073 9090250 says:

    Tysk forskning

    Forskare Mariana Alves Pereira…/8781285/videos/196181579…

    Gefahren der Windkraft

  2. This is the first I’ve heard of it? I live in Melbourne and I didn’t see anything in the media. I feel we are living in very corrupt and twisted times.

  3. NevilleW says:

    The fact that only today I have found your site, is tantamount to how the “wind” media have been able to keep today in Canberra a secret. I am a daily news reader and watcher.

  4. Good luck and congratulations on the rally. Sorry we cannot be there in person but we will certainly be with you all in spirit. Looking forward to the reports in the media but especially those in STT.

  5. Peter Lang says:

    Wind Realities – Response to ‘Whoppers’ published on ‘RENewEconomy
    “How wrong can a press release for anti wind rally be?”

    It is astonishing how confident wind advocates are, when the facts don’t support them at all. You can see that in Climate Spectator just about every day.

    Having just looked through the list of what he asserts are “Whoppers”, I’d summarise that his responses are a mass of misinformation, distortions, and, in his own terms, whoppers! There are so many misleading statements I wouldn’t know where to begin. Therefore, to avoid wasting much time on this I provide a quick brain-dump. Following is a short, off-the-top-of-my-head response to each of his eleven points.

    Wind Reality 1: Wind energy is saving Australian consumers money

    Wrong! Wind energy is very high cost. It is already costing consumers in higher electricity prices despite contributing only 3 of our electricity. It has to be mandated as ‘must take’ by legislation, otherwise no wind farms would be built. The wind farms need about $110/MWh to make them viable; this should be compared with the roughly $30/MWh for the coal fired electricity it is intended to displace. But there are many hidden extra costs: grid costs and costs transferred to the dispatchable generators, – similar to solar PV as described by Energy Supply Association of Australia (ESAA):

    Windpower Reality 2: Wind energy is cheap once fossil fuel subsidies and negative externalities are accounted for

    Wrong! See above. There is little subsidy for fossil fuel electricity generation. But the subsidy for wind is more than 100%. The LCOE of wind power is around $110/MWh plus grid costs and costs transferred to dispatchable generators. This must be compared with the average cost of coal fired electricity of about $30/MWh (coal is what the mandating of wind power is intended to displace).

    The link for his assertion there are high subsidies for fossil fuels goes to “Crikey” another ‘Progressive’ web site. They just keep regurgitating the same baseless assertions. They mix up claims about subsides for petroleum products and try to imply these apply to electricity generation. They do not and it is disingenuous they keep repeating it.

    The chart showing cost of electricity (LCOE) and external costs is unreferenced. It is nonsense. The LCOE’s shown in the chart bear no relation to the authoritative figures for Australia:
    The external cost estimates should be taken seriously. They are highly contentious and depend entirely on who you believe.

    Windpower Reality 3: RECs aren’t a tax, but a market-based incentive

    Nonsense. If REC’s were market based they wouldn’t have to be a product of politics and bureaucrats and they wouldn’t have to be legislated. They add about $40/MWh to the cost of electricity generated by wind. There are other costs that are also added such as grid costs and hidden costs transferred to dispatchable generators that must be, and are, then included in their cost of electricity. The consumer pays.

    Windpower Reality 4: Wind energy and other incremental renewables are on target to avoid the rarely paid REC penalty price

    Irrelevant and disengenuous! There is no realistic prospect that wind can make a major contribution to Australia’s electricity generation. Like us, the European countries are now recognising the high cost for no benefits and are backing away from mandating and subsidising wind and renewable energy as fast as they can unwind the subsidies and regulations that mandate it.

    Wind generates less than 3% of Australia’s electricity and would have to get to close to 20% by 2020 to meet the RET. So, at first blush, the additional cost of renewables paid by consumers will increase by a factor of up to seven by 2020. It may not be as high as this, but could be more if the legislation is not repealed.

    This recent article shows the cost per MWh escalates as the proportion of renewable generation increases:

    Windpower Reality 5: REC will continue to be a reasonable percentage of the overall electricity cost structure and drive consumer prices down

    Nonsense! Renewable energy will drive consumer prices up. This is obvious. More high cost generation means higher electricity prices. But it’s worse than it appears because as the proportion of renewable energy increases the cost per MWh increases disproportionately. See the first figure here:

    Windpower Reality 6: Jurisdictions with wind farms have the lowest electricity prices in their countries

    Nonsense! The highest electricity prices in the OECD are in the countries with the highest proportion of wind power. In fact the top three are: Denmark, Germany and South Australia (see Figure 3 here:

    Windpower Reality 7: A few people have left their homes because of anti-wind activists creating stress and health fears

    No comment.

    Windpower Reality 8: Wind farms displace greenhouse gases from fossil fuel generation on almost exactly a 1:1 basis

    Nonsense! Many studies show wind power is nowhere near 100% efficient at displacing emissions. An recent study by Joe Wheatley shows that wind power was just 53% effective at cutting GHG emissions in Ireland in 2011: . Ireland’s grid is similar to South Australia’s in many relevant ways so this study is particularly relevant.

    Windpower Reality 9: Wind farms are the best choice of any form of generation for wildlife, the environment and ground water

    No comment.

    Windpower Reality 11: Wind energy is the cheapest new form of generation except shale gas, and has virtually no downsides compared to the alternatives

    Nonsense! You have to include the costs of back up generation, the cost of the grid and the hidden costs transferred to the dispatchable generators caused by mandating wind as ‘must take’. When you include all these costs, wind is far more expensive than fossil fuels and nuclear power.

    “Objectively speaking, intermittent renewables are still very far from challenging fossil fuels as the preferred energy source of our industrialized civilization. Some tremendous technological breakthroughs will be necessary to change this outlook and such amazing advances, if they are even possible, are likely to require many more decades of basic R&D. “

  6. Wishing you all the best on your quest to stop these things !

  7. Jason Adams says:

    Excellent lineup and one of the biggest issues of the millennia!

    Recent studies in Europe and Turkey have proven definitively that the turbines produce NO power at all (many are not connected to the grid) and have been erected for what can only be described as “medical-politico” reasons.

    Observers in disparate locations have reported instances of whole months where the turbine does not turn, and the power extracted from the so-called “renewable energy” is actually used to power lights nearby on roads leading to the turbine!

    the fraud of wind power involves multi-national companies who are not in the energy business at all – but rather, they are devoted to destroying the economic wealth of the west so that a wholesale “Wealth Distribution” can be effected.

    I implore all Sceptics and fellow travellers in the libertarian community, to attend the Canberra rally and prove this issue isn’t one for the fringe crackpots (as we are accused of being).

  8. Douglas Moriarty says:

    Niall Ferguson is one of Britain’s most renowned historians. He is a fellow at Oxford, Harvard and Stanford Universities. He is a best- selling author and TV documentary presenter of his own books, he also writes regularly for newspapers and magazines all over the world.
    Please read what he wrote Saturday May 25th, 2013
    “What is so absurd is that no matter how many wind turbines we build, global dependence on fossil fuels will scarcely be diminished at all.”
    “What this represents is the return to the planned economy in the name of environmentalism- a kind of Green Stalinism.
    The Consequences are the familiar Soviet ones: CENTRALIZED DECISION-MAKING AND LOCALIZED DEVASTATION”.

  9. genie81 says:

    Hope that all goes well and the government takes notice although I DOUBT they will stop any. The Senate asked for 7 queries to be done in 2011. Did anyone do anything? No.!! The SENATE was ignored.

  10. Jackie Rovensky says:

    This is a VERY impressive group of speakers from different ‘fields’. Well done to the organisers.

  11. This will be great, I think the world will be watching this, got to stop this madness and wake up, we have a BIG WIND problem that has to be fixed.

  12. Great work on the rally everyone….I would give every turbine in the world to be able to attend! LOL

  13. Susan Hesketh says:

    Can’t be there but with you all in spirit! Hope it all goes well and we can get rid of these abominations for good!


    June 18 will be the beginning of the end of the wind industry. The end of the wind industry will be a major part of turning this great country of ours around to bigger & better things.

  15. Can’t wait. What a line up. We must support this event. It is coming out time. Our chance to be heard. Unite and support, that is what we do best. See you on the 18th.

  16. Sutton Waugh says:

    Thanks STT for the update,
    Regards Sutton Waugh


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