Mad Max back to fight for Silverton

When Mad Max last visited the country around Silverton, New South Wales, his fellow travelers complained about it being a “wasteland” – and – fair enough – that was – after all – post nuclear apocalypse. AGL are keen to turn a great cinematic yarn into reality – with plans to lob a hundred giant […]

Well, Vic Health, why are we waiting?

You’ll remember the serve Annie Gardner dished up recently to the Victorian Department of Health over its lamentable piece of wind industry backed spin. STT knows that “Tenacity” is Annie’s middle name, and true to it, she is back on the warpath demanding a response from the Department’s Graeme Gillespie. Well Graeme, a Gentleman never […]

Red Faces at the Victorian Department of Health

A week or so ago, the wind industry and its parasites crowed about a report released by the Victorian Department of Health, with even more than the usual whiff of desperation. The report was touted by the Clean Energy Council as a complete exoneration on all charges, sins and omissions. What a pity it contained […]