It’s all about the costs, stupid

WARNING: to the mentally challenged, greentards and eco-fascists THIS SITE CONTAINS HUMOUR.

HUMOUR including but not limited to “SATIRE”, “PARODY”, “IRONY” and good ol’ “SARCASM” – and, on occasions, extending to “RIDICULE” and “MOCKERY”.


The warning above was prompted by this piece of wind industry backed drivel published in the Courier Mail earlier this week. STT readers, if you want to know what we are up against, this little effort provides a particularly sad example. Yes, they walk among us.

This piece of Martian waffle from the Courier Mail can be explained on the basis that the “pseudo-environmentalist” that put it together (if it wasn’t just a “rehash” of a Clean Energy Council Press Release?) clearly hasn’t bothered to read the STT posts he glosses over; if he has read them, he hasn’t understood them; he is suffering from SDD (satire deficit disorder); or he is thicker than a whale omelette?

dumb 3

What’s SATIRE again?

STT’s “revelation” that IWTs are really WMDs was what is called down at the pub a “piss-take” at the expense of “Prowind” who claimed in response to a video on our post “Life in the Throw Zone” that wind turbine owners are “purposely” causing their turbines to self-destruct. STT is now aware that “Prowind” is an AGL employee from Macarthur – hence his claim that “this is NEVER going to happen at Macarthur”.

Anyone of even moderate intelligence would have picked up that we were taking the Mickey – but not the intellectual giants employed by the Courier Mail. But we note that story – IWTs or WMDs? – also covers the fact that several workers have been killed by collapsing and exploding turbines – no laughing matter. But for the true eco-fascist what’s a few corpses here and there on a way to “save” the Planet, hey?

Anyway, we digress.

We have been banging on about power prices, which to 30 something journos still living at home with mum and dad are no real “biggy”, as they say.

We’ve covered the derisory output of the totality of Australian windfarms in NSW, SA, Victoria, and Tasmania (all connected to the Eastern Grid) in our exposé of the wind industry furphy that the wind has ceased to be intermittent.

We’ve looked at wind power driven price punishment in Germany here and here and in South Australia here and here.

Well here’s a little piece that sets out just why SA has the highest power prices in the World.

The greentard’s eyes have glazed over by this point, so to save them the trouble we’ll tell them the reason: SA has more wind turbines than any other State – 40% of its “installed capacity”, in fact.

The reason that SA’s windfarms have such a massive impact on prices is the fact the wind really is intermittent and when it stops for hours at a time the “missing megawatts” all have to come from “peaking power plants” which cost 3-4 times what base-load thermal does.

So greentards – here’s the STT challenge.

READ these 2 articles here and here (be WARNED the second contains SATIRE and SARCASM)

COMPREHEND them (this may require the assistance of a Grown Up – or, preferably, someone with an Economics, Law or Maths Degree)

ANALYZE them (see above)



1. the fact that wind power is unreliable and intermittent

2. the fact that when the wind stops blowing the shortfall is supplied by fossil fuel generators

3. by reason of 1 and 2 above, the fact that every MW of installed wind farm capacity has to be continually backed up with a MW of fossil fuel generating capacity (or at least 90% thereof)

4. the fact that power prices reflect the inbuilt cost of the REC (see a grown up);

5. the fact that power prices in SA are the highest in the World by reason of the above and by reason of the fact it has 40% of its installed capacity in wind turbines

6. and, by reason of 1 to 3 above, that wind farms cannot and will never reduce greenhouse gas emissions. If you are having a mind melt down with this proposition read the articles and papers that appear here, here and here.

Now, we know our challenge carries risks, just like letting the “littlelys” play with the sharp scissors at kindy, but we are sure that, with proper assistance, a human being of moderate intelligence can handle it. When we say “proper assistance” we mean from people other than the Clean Energy Council.

And by the way the “serial ratbag, radio demagogue and leader of the rent-a-rage crowd, Alan Jones”, as the Courier Mail calls him, has well over 400,000 regular listeners each morning – all of them grown ups, who vote. Which, in STT’s view, compares rather well with the Courier Mail’s dwindling circulation of 170,000.

Oh and a tip to the Courier Mail’s HR department – hire humans, not muppets.


So, Kermit, do you think the Courier Mail will hire us?
Sure, Fozzie, we’ll be Sub-Editors in no time.

WARNING: to the mentally challenged, greentards and eco-fascists THIS POST – being all of the writing and pictures on it – CONTAINS HUMOUR, namely SATIRE, SARCASM & MOCKERY.

About stopthesethings

We are a group of citizens concerned about the rapid spread of industrial wind power generation installations across Australia.


  1. “Humour is the weapon of unarmed people: it helps people who are oppressed to smile at the situation that pains them”
    Simon Wiesenthal

  2. You’ve got them running in all directions STT. I liken it to you stomping in the middle of a big green ants nest with a number 13 hob nailed boot.

    As some would know, The Callous Wind has been challenging some of the pro wind mob, one of them in particular, as well as opposing the Ceres Project.They seem to be getting a bit agitated as this appeared on his blog.

    ‘Poison pen letters

    A contact on Yorke Peninsula has informed me that the person who calls herself The Callous Wind has been writing poison pen letters to at least several of the farmers who expect to host the wind turbines.
    In my opinion, to write abusive letters to people and not even have the courage to give your name is highly unethical and quite despicable.

    The Callous Wind objects to being called unethical. What does the reader think? Is this behavior ethical?

    On 2013/05/29 she denied that she had done this. I hope get a copy of one or more of the letters soon.’

    One wonders just how low they will go.

    It seems no one knows anything about these letters, but the blogger himself. If some one is sending abusive letters to the hosts, under the name of The Callous Wind, we will put it in the hands of the police.

    When Heartland Farmers was set up, our advisers warned us that it will get dirty, the other side will throw everything at us, well, it has started.

  3. A brilliant, thought-provoking and very witty post from STT! You keep us sane and smiling. THANK YOU.

  4. It is quite a challenge to present the facts in a way that is simple enough for a wind weasel to understand. Wind Turbines for Dummies…..


  1. […] The obvious irony and sarcasm in that post was lost on greentards – a humourless bunch at the best of times – which prompted us to explain the difference between the literal and the figurative – in this post – It’s all about the costs, stupid. […]

  2. […] get that on the record – as current and standard practice among Green-Labor apparatchiks, greentard journos and bloggers seems to be DO NOT read the posts on STT – but SHOOT your mouth off – so […]

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