“Dangerous” Dave Clarke

You’ll remember Dave Clarke – he’s the Darth Vader of SA’s greentards.


Dave’s the one that says, when it comes to the prospect of Yorke Peninsula’s farmers having to operate farms and live with 200 giant turbines, that’s a sacrifice he’s more than willing to make.  Of course it is.

This little man has never produced anything that human beings might need or want; and, almost forgot, he lives in dimly lit shanty near Crystal Brook over 200km away.

You’ll remember too that he is the first one to howl “blue murder” when something untoward threatens to drop into his personal territory – his beef was over a SINGLE 30m mobile phone tower that looks like this – note the big shed at the base.


Any comparison with this, Dave?  Gee, don’t those giant Ford F350 Pickups look tiny, for some reason?


Not only is this little man a hypocrite of the highest order, his paranoia borders on the delusional.

Dave’s World view is that life will not be complete unless every skerrick of farming land is bristling with thousands of giant turbines, so they can be seen and heard everywhere – everywhere that is, except of course, anywhere near him.

Anyone that disagrees with his World view MUST be a liar.  Here’s his latest list:

The prominent (Australian) liars (and those who make public statements that are misleading, erroneous, or simply ignorant)

This section is not aimed at abusing or vilifying those people who oppose wind farms honestly.  Everyone has the right to stand up for what they believe in; if they think that wind turbines will spoil their view they have every right to express their opinion.  If a person doesn’t like the sound of turbines and there is a proposal to build one or more turbines close to his or her house (eg. less than 2km) he has the right to say so.

If someone (falsely) believes that a nearby wind farm will cause big declines in land values or make them ill, again, they have a perfect right to say so in private.  We all have the right to talk nonsense in private.  But if they want to go public they should check the facts or expect to be publicly held to account.

This section is aimed at helping readers find the facts about people who publicly spread lies and misinformation as a means of discrediting wind power. Organisations that spread lies about wind power are listed elsewhere on this page.

Cobb, Michael; has circulated misinformation on wind power on the Yorke Peninsula of South Australia and elsewhere.  The link is to an excellent critique written by Ketan Joshi.

Cumming, Hamish; as told by Graham Lloyd (see Lloyd below on this list).  My opinion is that Cumming does not intentionally lie, but he does have a bias against wind power and is misrepresenting the facts and publishing his erroneous conclusions as if they were facts.

Joyce, Senator Barnaby; a piece by Giles Parkinson on the RenewEconomy pages

Laurie, Dr Sarah; a page on her errors, how she is used by unethical and lazy journalists, why she gets media attention, etc. (My opinion was that she did not intentionally lie, but in recent times I have had to change that; now she seems to be saying anything at all that she feels might support her claims.)

The Liberal Party and their war on renewable energy.

Specific Liberal politicians who have misrepresented wind power:

Back, Senator Chris is capable of ignoring the threat of climate change and ocean acidification while unfairly criticising wind power based on highly questionable or non-existent evidence.

Edwards, Senator Sean has several fallacies regarding wind power on his Net site and shows a strong bias in favour of fossil fuels.

Newman, Maurice; not a politician but a proposed advisor for the Abbott government, if there ever is one, Mr Newman managed to squeeze nine lies about wind power into one sentence.

Ramsey, Rowan Federal Member for Grey; made a speech in Parliament that was highly and unfairly biased against wind power.

Taylor, Angus Liberal candidate for the Federal electoral Division of Hume said wind turbines “are gobsmackingly inefficient in producing electricity”; this is easily shown to be a lie. (More on Mr Taylor here.)

Lloyd, Graham; ‘Environment Editor’ of The (Murdoch) Australian national newspaper. More on Lloyd and Cumming.

Madigan, Senator John is either very poorly informed or very careless with the truth.

Papadopolous, George probably believes what he says, but his claims are sometimes quite ridiculous.

Xenophon, Senator Nick is not a liar, but while being well intentioned and having done very creditable work on many matters, is very misguided on, and unjustly biased against, wind power. Senator Xenophon is very selective in who he talks to; if you oppose wind farms he is all ears, if you support wind power you will be lucky to receive a reply from him.

There is an old adage which we stick to at STT: never argue with a fool.

The adage takes on special meaning when the protagonist is not only stupid, but nasty too.

Every one of his complaints arises about these people simply because they do not happen to be infected with his brand of delusional belief.

And don’t you just love it when a loon aims to give himself licence, prefacing his rant by saying that it’s “not aimed at abusing or vilifying” people and goes on to do just that.

A bit like the lug that starts a sentence with: “I’m not a racist, but …”.

This man occupies a World so distant from reality that there is little point in setting out the numerous and objective flaws in his vitriolic and pernicious attack on some highly respected and talented individuals.

Respected, that is, by people equipped with the usual mental faculties: logic, reason, critical thought – you know, those old chestnuts that helped human kind crawl out of the Dark Ages.

And talented, because all of them have actually done something in their lives to assist others; not on the pretext of some perverse ideology, but because it is what decent human beings do.

This man has such a tenuous grip on the real World we are actually worried about him.

In barely 4 months, a change of Government will see many more of his list of “liars”, as he calls them, occupying seats of real power.

Angus Taylor will be elected as the member for Hume; and his qualifications make him perfectly suited to end up in the Energy portfolio – look out wind farm developers.

Angus Taylor

The other Liberal MPs and Senators will most certainly be returned to power, this time in Government; and probably with a huge majority in the Lower House.

Senators John Madigan and Nick Xenophon are likely to hold the balance of power in the Senate.  And they have made it clear they are not fans of the great wind power fraud.

xenophon madigan

Nick is the man behind the mask, we’re told.

Barnaby Joyce may well end up as the Deputy Leader of the Coalition.  And Maurice Newman is going to be the personal adviser to the next PM, Tony Abbott.  We don’t expect Barnaby or Maurice to come out batting for the wind industry any time soon.


So Dave, here’s the good news.  Once these people have dismantled the wind industry and put an end to the obscene subsidy stream on which it entirely depends, you really will have something to rant about.

The bad news is that the entire landscape won’t be covered in giant turbines shipped in from China, India and Denmark.  By this time next year, the so called “wind industry” will be a piece of lamentable Australian history.

Sorry Dave, the people on your list of “liars” have won – it’s all over.

Dave was a monstrous little grub when he thought his team were winning, so we don’t expect Dave to be gracious in defeat.  So come September, keep a look out for Dave – keep him away from razor blades and rope – he is unlikely to take what comes next at all well.

Oh, and Dave, down here on Earth to call someone “a liar”, without admissible evidence that that person made their statement knowing it to be false, is defamatory and usually warrants an award of substantial damages.

We’ve passed your list on to all of the potential plaintiffs.  So Dave, you’d better get a lawyer son, better get a real good one.


With advocates like Dangerous Dave, the industry doesn’t need enemies – he’s done far more damage to his own team than those on the rational side of the case could have ever hoped to do.  STT says thanks.

About stopthesethings

We are a group of citizens concerned about the rapid spread of industrial wind power generation installations across Australia.


  1. Bad news on the doorstep…I couldn’tt take one more step…I know I remember I did not cry…when I heard that “Dangerous Dave” had died…nothing touched me anywhere inside…when I heard that “Dave” had died…along with his sad bunch of buddies in the “wind” business…get real you pathetic little roach !!!

  2. Forgive me STT, I have to make another comment, I’m having as much fun with this, as you are. Mind you, The Callous Wind copped a fair serve on his blog, it’s time to give a little back.

    “Not only is this little man a hypocrite of the highest order”

    This little piece of hypocrisy turned up the other day


    Have a look at submission number 7. Seems like he has done a total back flip on what he was saying there.

    Looks like he is going to fight to the last.

    “STT called me Dangerous Dave Clarke. Perhaps I’ll adopt the name, and add to it. Synonyms of scourge are: bane, blight, downfall, ruin, torment and woe. People who spread misinformation about wind power can expect me to expose their lies.”

    He reminds me of The Black Knight.

  3. Bob in Castlemaine says:

    Surely Dave knows if we build too many of these wind turbine thingies on and island like Australia the whole damn thing’s just gunna turn over.

  4. Wind Witch Doctor says:

    In the words of your great buddy Prof. Simon Crapman, “Dave, thank you, you’re a real gift!”

    I love it, Tex Perkins and the Cruel Sea never sounded so good!

  5. genie81 says:

    What a hypocrite. He would be reliant on the lies of the wind industry and turn tail when the industry is exposed. How can he call us liars etc. when he is delusional erratic and whinges.I hope he is prepared for higher electricity prices, buying all food from overseas countries with some suspect farming practices. After all he seems to want agricultural land to become industrial. Really is he serious? He takes the word of Ketan who is with the wind industry and says everyone is a liar. Tell me where does he get his supposed facts? Not the truth of course.

  6. Jackie Rovensky says:

    Mr Clarke, you are so mixed up you don’t realise everything you have spouted is what you accused those you denigrate of doing. If those you attack should only complain ‘in private’, why shouldn’t you and those you support do the same, what makes them different – AH YES they actually have been hiding the truth from us, so they are working in private already.
    Then you say people have a right to complain – in private – if they don’t want turbines placed 2km from them, well I know you live in SA so would think you know what the SA Government has decreed, that is, its OK to put them 1km from homes in areas not within townships, and they cannot be opposed, not even in court. 2km is the province of township boundary’s.
    Mr Clarke – silence is golden – so they say, it is also very dangerous when peoples lives are at risk. When you know something is wrong you should speak out, it is also the process of silence which enables dictators and despots to rise up, and creates situations where people’s health is placed in danger.
    Lastly, I wonder when you’re going to announce your intention to stand for a seat at the next election. Your way with words written/spoken in an irrational way would certainly make you desirable to support by those you so willingly and faithfully grovel to.

  7. “I remember this little prick poking his unwanted views in when we were fighting the Tuki wind farm proposal.”

    He is doing the same here with the Heartland Farmers group, Peter. We are fighting the Ceres Wind Turbine Project and he keeps sticking his nose in, there are a few here that would like to punch it, he is playing a very dangerous game. The Ceres mob are so desperate, they are even feeding him information.

    “They sit behind their computers all day and they think its ok to lie, slander and denigrate anyone online with differing views.”

    This bloke is an expert at that.

    “most of them live off the taxpayer just like their beloved turbines!”

    This bloke has done it all his life, disguised as a ‘public servant’.

    “With advocates like Dangerous Dave, the industry doesn’t need enemies – he’s done far more damage to his own team than those on the rational side of the case could have ever hoped to do. STT says thanks.”

    Heartland Farmers also says thanks, his Heartland Farmers page is starting to read like a script from ‘The Goon Show’, any sane person would take one look at it and say ‘what nut case wrote this’.

    This really shows how full of it these pro wind lobby greentards are. This is DD’s reply to STT.

    “It’s good to know, though, that STT thinks that I am dangerous to the misinformation campaign of the anti-wind power lobby.”

    As I have said to you before Dave, get your hand off it!

  8. I remember this little prick poking his unwanted views in when we were fighting the Tuki wind farm proposal.
    I know a lot of people don’t like violence but a good punch in the nose is what turds like this need. They sit behind their computers all day and never get out in the real world, too scared to personally confront anyone with an opposing view (probably because they are scared they will get punched in the nose)
    But they think its ok to lie, slander and denigrate anyone online with differing views. On this note there is another bloke down in Gippsland who is just as bad, most of them live off the taxpayer just like their beloved turbines!

  9. It looks their might be quite a few wind liars & wind hosts looking for a lawyer or two &, I hope they get what they deserve.

  10. I am anxiously awaiting the day this scam dies the painful, (hopefully not slow) death that it deserves! The only LIARS, are the ones being paid big bucks to lie, by the wind industry!


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