Orwellian Eco-Fascist Ideology Ramming Wind Turbines Into Everyone Else’s Backyards

**** Those that accuse community defenders of being nothing more than self-interested ‘NIMBYs’ are hardly what you’d call ‘disinterested observers’. No, it’s their willful ignorance and lack of human empathy that gives them away – that and the fact that they will never, themselves, have to tolerate a ‘life’, suffering incessant turbine generated low-frequency noise […]

This is the End – my only friend, the End

***** As Mr Mojo Risin just said: “This is the End”. In Australia – this is the end of the greatest economic and environmental fraud ever committed on a Nation. After a decade of lording it over ordinary Australians – you know, the ones who can no longer pay their crippling power bills; the ones […]

The Answers you get – depend on the Questions you ask

The Battle for Bodangora begins. Brewing for some time – the battle for Bodangora, NSW is on in earnest – as Infigen sets out to lie and bully its way to planning approval. Oh yes, Infigen isn’t afraid to gild the lily when it comes to getting its way and is more than happy to […]

Special Real Estate Offer to Mark “the Muppet” Parnell

We reported recently on the King of SA’s eco-fascists, Mark Parnell’s little camping adventure with his “bestie”, Crystal Brook’s biggest hypocrite, Dopey Dave Clarke. Well, in this post we pick up on a clever little “switcheroo” being engineered by wind warriors in Ontario, Canada. STT nevers like to see Australia miss out on a plan […]

“Dangerous” Dave Clarke

You’ll remember Dave Clarke – he’s the Darth Vader of SA’s greentards. Dave’s the one that says, when it comes to the prospect of Yorke Peninsula’s farmers having to operate farms and live with 200 giant turbines, that’s a sacrifice he’s more than willing to make.  Of course it is. This little man has never […]

The crusade of Mary Morris

Mary Morris knew immediately when she was on the right track in her campaign to have houses around Waterloo wind farm tested for low frequency noise and infrasound. It was when the Clean Energy Council began its smear campaign. “They said I was telling people to make up complaints,” Mary said today. “That made me […]