When does 58.7% become 60%? When $100million per year in RECs is up for grabs

Not content with rigging the vote on whether King Islanders would have to endure the torture of a “feasibility” study, Hydro Tasmania has rubbed out the number they got – and pencilled in the result they were after.

As to the idea of “feasibility” – STT puts a couple of posers: since when is paying wind weasels $500,000 worth of RECs per turbine, per year for the next 18 years “feasible”?

And why bother with a vote if you’re ready to ignore the result?

Some might call it an enormous corporate charade, STT calls it typical wind weasel conduct. King Islanders, you didn’t think for a minute these swindlers cared one hoot about what you thought? Here’s The Australian’s take on the latest wind weasel shenanigans on Bass Strait’s Jewel.

King Island
A slice of heaven HT is ready to flog to the Chinese.

Ultimatum over wind farm
The Australian
Matthew Denholm
16 July 2013

LAWYERS for King Island residents opposed to the southern hemisphere’s biggest wind farm have given the proponent 21 days to halt work on the project or face a court injunction.

Hobart barrister Nick Beattie, representing a group of locals opposed to the $2 billion TasWind project, has provided advice on legal avenues to halt the project. The most promising is based on the legal principle of estoppel and would argue that Hydro Tasmania had led locals to believe it would abandon the project if it achieved less than 60 per cent support in a ballot of islanders.

Last month, that ballot returned a vote of 58.7 per cent support but the state-owned company decided to push ahead with the project to full feasibility stage. It later announced its chief executive, Roy Adair — who first nominated the 60 per cent target — was leaving the company, but denied his departure was linked to the project.

Mr Beattie says in the letter that the 60 per cent commitment led the No TasWind Farm Group to take part in the ballot and organise a “detailed and expensive campaign”.

“In the circumstances it would be unconscionable for HT (Hydro Tasmania) to act in a manner which is contrary to its commitment,” he says in the letter, dated July 5.

“If HT does not confirm within 21 days of the date of this letter that it will refrain from conducting further work on the project, including the conduct of a pre-feasibility study, my client will commence proceedings.”

The letter also says a “significant number” of eligible voters were denied a vote in the ballot and that voting papers “will be relevant in proceedings”.

However, Hydro spokeswoman Samantha Meyer said the company did “not understand the basis on which there is any claim”. “We have referred the matter to our lawyers, and we will provide a response in due course,” she said.

She also said there was a difference between statements made by Hydro employees in relation to the 60 per cent figure and “perceptions formed about that figure by some”.

The project, to be funded with a joint venture partner should it proceed, would export 2400 gigawatt hours of energy to Victoria via a new cable under Bass Strait.
The Australian

STT has already covered – in one or two posts – the fight to keep King Island part of the Australian Commonwealth – instead of turning it into a Chinese Province – to be called Fan-zhua – in a nod to the giants that HT’s Overlords are dying to swamp the place with.

STT hears that King Islanders are not going to give up without an almighty fight. But – be warned – the swindlers you are up against will pull every trick in the book to get their way. Ignoring the “unhelpful” result of their little survey is just the beginning. From here – they will not only start laying the heavy on those trying to save their Island Paradise – they will turn fibs and fudging and spin into a new kind of sport. In the wind industry – lying is the new “black”.

Here’s the STT riddle of the week: how do you tell when a wind developer is lying to your face?

It’s nothing personal – we just want to sell your Island to the highest bidder.

Answer: his lips are moving.

8 thoughts on “When does 58.7% become 60%? When $100million per year in RECs is up for grabs

  1. You can never believe any figures they put up nor any votes or surveys these ‘overlords’ put forward. We see time and time again evidence of their bullying. The sooner we have politicians who accept they are there to serve the whole community and not just those who ‘court’ them, the better. Make your vote count at the coming Federal election. Remember those who have shown they take their role and pledge to serve us seriously.

  2. The wind industry and its slaves fudge a vote, reminiscent of 3rd world ‘democracy’ corruption. Or the Florida chads? Afghan elections? Turbine Taliban?

    But why should we be surprised? They routinely fudge acoustic data, turbine power outputs and efficiency, CO2 abatement, human impacts, planning information, community effects. They are being true to form. They are pathological liars and dissemblers. The sooner they are held to account the better.

    Royal Commission Now!

  3. The people of King Island should make it known that any rep from Hydro Tas is not welcome on the island. Make them feel uncomfortable. Being nice to wind companies never got anyone anywhere. I don’t need to spell out what to do, but from experience, a little physical pressure really works well with weak lying shonks.
    I remember when we had them try to plant turbines here, they told us they would leave if the majority of people were opposed. A survey found over 95% of people within 5 km opposed the wind farm, that only made them change the rules to include everyone in the whole state! Obviously you cant trust the Hawthorn football club president!

  4. Congratulations Donald and co for continuing the gallant fight.

    It is now some time ago that I put to you that these windies are not to be trusted. Not ever. They lied about the 60% vote and the feasibility study. They will use the same treacherous companies, that are beholden to Big Wind, to provide information and studies that will tell the public that “all is good” with the industrial wind project. I can confidentally guarantee that they will say there are no negative health ramifications. Also, they will sprout figures about greenhouse abatement. Another lie. They will certainly lie about the reality of how inefficient turbines are and more than likely express that the wind industry can somehow create base load power through having our country covered in them.

    If the planning department of your state can foresee Federal money coming into state coffers through subsidies such as the renewable energy certificates you don’t stand a chance.
    As the state government owns Tas Hydro, you stand no chance of this abomination being knocked back.
    They will most certainly sell this to some overseas investor (possibly already have), pocket the coin and distance themselves from any further negative consequences.

    There WILL be negative consequences in the future when the critical mass of people in this country come to realise that they have been defrauded by the Commonwealth of Australia.

    Good people of King Island, never give in and never believe that you, as individuals, can not make a difference.

  5. Well,Australia’s Greatest Liars have another freind to play with, Hydro Tasmania. If the frauds are let go on for too much longer, they will be able to form a few football teams. It is terrible that they just lie and lie and just keep on lying, and the KRudd Goverment just lets them keep lying their heads off. The Green & Labor pollies must be getting more then just a tickle under the table.

    Clean & Green has started to look Dirty & Black.

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