SA’s Debacle Spreads: Wind Power Threatens to Wreck an Entire Power System

*** Things got serious in Australia’s energy sector as soon as the wind power debacle in South Australia started making the front pages of Australia’s metropolitan dailies. For a while, the happy citizens of states (other than SA) not wedded to the wind power delusion could quietly snigger at the mess South Australia’s hapless Labor […]

South Australia’s Wind Power ‘Experiment’ Crushing its Unwilling Subjects

South Australia is, thanks to its attempt to run on sunshine and breezes, an international laughing stock. Its chaotic power supply and crippling power prices are driving its few remaining profitable businesses to the wall, with many of them contemplating packing up shop and leaving South Australia for good. The panic stricken members of the […]

Matt Warren lets a couple slip past

Keeping wicket takes a keen eye and cool nerves. Read on as Matthew Warren, CEO of the Energy Supply Association of Australia fails on both counts.  In having a crack at Bruce Dinham – the former ETSA boss we reported on in our last post – Matt takes his eye off the ball and lets […]