South Australia’s Wind Power Disaster: No Solution in Sight

‘Panic’ is the only word capable of describing the mood among South Australia’s policymakers.  Over the last few posts, STT has detailed a wealth of media coverage on SA’s self-inflicted energy debacle. The former general manager of the Electricity Trust of South Australia (ETSA), Bruce Dinham is one of many groping around (knowing SA’s power […]

ETSA: Sir Tom Playford’s Ghost

**** Once upon a time, in a land far, far away there was a place called South Australia – and it enjoyed electricity delivered reliably and at retail prices amongst the lowest in the world (no, it wasn’t a dream). The brainchild of agrarian socialist, Liberal Premier, Sir Thomas Playford, the Electricity Trust of South […]

Matt Warren lets a couple slip past

Keeping wicket takes a keen eye and cool nerves. Read on as Matthew Warren, CEO of the Energy Supply Association of Australia fails on both counts.  In having a crack at Bruce Dinham – the former ETSA boss we reported on in our last post – Matt takes his eye off the ball and lets […]

It’s only a RORT if you’re not in on it

**** South Aussies aren’t well served when it comes to media scribes.  The Advertiser was once a mighty broad-sheet, but these days it’s a struggling down market tabloid that – as a source of news – makes for a pretty decent fish and chip wrapper. But – slowly – the journos there are waking up […]