Colleen Watts – STT Champion – drops Tony Abbott a line


Ears just made for listening – now hear this.

Open Letter to Prime Minister Abbott
Dr Colleen Watts OAM
17 November 2013

Dear Mr. Abbott,

I write concerning the Renewable Energy Target (RET) and its concomitant lovechild, the Renewable Energy Certificate.

The argument for the existence, let alone the promotion, of industrial wind turbines as the panacea for “clean and green” energy production is particularly nauseating. The increasingly incontrovertible facts against the proliferation of these monstrosities you must be aware of: adverse health effects; outrageous economic scams; the very real suspicion that many industrial wind farms are not complying with their conditions of operation; downward pressure on property values; social upheaval in areas where wind farms are located; negative effects on wildlife and environment; instability in the power grid (potential but increasingly probable); the lack of any reduction in CO2 production; problems with aerial agriculture and bushfire fighting – the list goes on.

With regard to industrial wind turbine farms not complying with their conditions of consent, Waubra Wind Farm, operated by Acciona, is a moot example. It has been operating for four years and has never been signed off by the Victorian government. Matthew Guy, the relevant Planning Minister, has publically acknowledged that to date it has not met its operating conditions. In the Victorian Parliament on 18/04/2013 in answer to a question about its compliance status he replied: “Waubra has not had its compliance signed off”. The situation has not changed. Yet it has been accredited by the Clean Energy Regulator and has thus received RECs to the value of $80 million. This is government fraud at its most obscene. There is a growing certainty that many other operating wind farms are similarly not meeting their conditions of consent and are fraudulently receiving RECs. The wind industry is truculently silent on making public its operating noise levels and one wonders why (as reported at last December’s Senate hearing into Excessive Noise from Wind Farms).

It is unacceptable for the government (Federal and State) to continue to support this madness.

The Renewable Energy Target, in its own right, was always ill conceived. And Australians are now paying an increasingly heavy price (mainly in the hip pocket – in the form of higher energy prices) to support this. Philosophically that might be arguable if the RET was supporting renewable energy production that was effective, reliable and cost-effective, but it demonstrably is not.

In the recent election campaign you, and many of your current ministers (Treasurer Joe Hockey for instance) are on record as declaring that should the Coalition take over government it would abolish both the carbon tax and the RET. This cannot happen soon enough and time is marching on.

Inspect the structure and aims of the RET and it is apparent that times are very different to those when the RET was first introduced.

Large energy providers (eg. Origin Energy) now argue the renewable target will overshoot its aim, as electricity sector emissions are at a 10-year low due to falling demand, movement of much of our manufacturing and service industry off shore and a slowdown in the China-led resource boom. Even Labor has expressed concerns about the RET, for instance when Martin Ferguson, Labor’s previous Energy Minister, stated: “The RET is not 20% and nor is it 25% as some in government will admit. I think due to the real reduction in demand for energy, reflected in the work of the energy market operator, it is more like 30-33%.”

I call on you to honour your election promises to abolish the RET and RECs. Killing the carbon tax is not enough to restore sanity to Australia’s energy policies – the Renewable Energy Target must most definitely be abolished.

Moreover, the operation and obscene distribution of taxpayers’ money through the Clean Energy Finance Corporation must also cease. Money that could be far better spent in energy production systems which have real possibilities for achieving long term environmental benefits: nuclear, hydro and geothermal.

Yours sincerely,

Dr. Colleen J. Watts OAM
Environmental Scientist and Farmer

STT says: “Hats off, Colleen!”

This rort is all about the MONEY – OUR MONEY.  Turn off the tap and this scam will end in a heartbeat – it’s on life-support now.


You didn’t really believe this had anything to do with saving the planet?

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We are a group of citizens concerned about the rapid spread of industrial wind power generation installations across Australia.


  1. Dr Colleen J. Watts, I agree 100% – could not say it better. The sooner we get rid of this fraudulent scam, the better off Australia will be. Thank you for your letter to Mr Abbott.


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