Postcards from people pushed to the Edge

Only a few more sleeps until we kiss goodbye to the Green-Labor alliance for good.

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To help focus the attention of those aiming to take power, and those about to lose it, on the greatest environmental and economic fraud in the history of the Commonwealth, we suggest you send them the Postcards linked below.

Here’s the text from one directed to our next PM.

Dear Mr Abbott

If you are elected will you support a thorough investigation into the Renewable Energy Certificate Fraud, which will one day be shown to be one of the largest frauds on the Commonwealth with $80 Million alone just at the Waubra Industrial Wind Turbine Development?

If elected what will you and your party do about the plight of the Australian Wind Farm Refugees and those who are profoundly noise affected by industrial wind turbine developments?

Mr Abbott the people of Australia deserve the truth to be exposed!


Here are the Postcards.  Send one to your local Members or State Senators – the 4th one has the address left blank.  Print them double sided and you get 3 Postcards per page.

 Tony Abbott Post Card

Kevin Rudd Post Card

Christine Milne Post Card

Turbines and Money Post Card Open Address

Wind Farm Refugee Post Card

For the cost of a few stamps, you can make a difference.

And remember – all that it takes for tyranny to prevail, is for good men and women to do nothing.  So get posting – we will win this.


Don’t leave the battle to others.

About stopthesethings

We are a group of citizens concerned about the rapid spread of industrial wind power generation installations across Australia.


  1. Noel Dean. says:

    We have been pushed to the edge in more ways than one. First we had a councillor dictate a general information meeting at Waubra, upsetting people so much that another meeting was called a week later. This drew a bomb threat and the meeting was aborted. We had the developers lie to the planning panel about the noise level at our house, so our house was not assessed. They could do that because there was no enforcement of the required noise contour map to advise the noise level which we would experience.

    The planning panel believed that the designer was experienced enough to ensure the turbines were placed the required distance apart. The designer stated that he used a 8 by 5 format to design wind farms publicly, that is 8 rotor diameter apart down-wind and 5 rotor diameter apart abreast. The 8 rotor diameter apart is required at Waubra as the wind comes from most directions. Therefore the turbines need to be approximately 600m apart. But guess what – a fair majority are only 300m apart, creating huge increases in the variance of wake and turbulence from the turbines. This causes disturbed air down-wind onto nearby turbines, creating extra sound pressure over and above predictions.

    Then come the claims that the noise is no different than at any other farm house. These claims made public across many media outlets without supplying the independent data to support their claims. Along with this are fake infrasound low frequency reports claiming there is no way infrasound can harm humans to the health authorities and the senate inquiry.

    Now we have these rotten sods raking in millions of taxpayer dollars to operate these non-compliant stupid monstrosities because they are not viable, while forcing up electricity costs as well. Wind turbines create neighbours that run down mail boxes and run you off the road and split families, long time friendships and communities. wind turbines put unnecessary financial pressure on Governments and provide no CO2 abatement.

    We will push these unwanted guests over the edge very soon thanks to the help of STT and many great people in Australia and around the World. The pain and suffering shall be stopped and we will prevail.

    Noel Dean.

  2. In the UK sadly all three main political Parties are caught up in the Green Scam. Cameron PM is allegedly a Conservative but on his watch our relatively small countryside is being flooded with turbines and solar farms.

    It is a case of ‘Yes PM’. When local planning authorities turn down turbines the applicants appeal to the Planning Inspectorate which is allegedly independent – as are the Police in a dictatorship! The Inspectorate reports to the Planning Minister who reports to one of Cameron’s ‘Chums’. So in most cases the applicant gets their way.

    Funny there are few/no turbines in Cameron’s Oxfordshire constituency where he is MP. Funny too that this applies also in the constituencies of his Cabinet Chums – wealthy privately-educated rich guys in the main. Just like Dave!


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