“Watermelon” Milne shows true colours

Hot on the heels of the SA Labor government’s effort to “help” the growing legion of people who can no longer afford to pay their power bills, another “pyromaniac fire-fighter” has just jumped on the fire truck on its way to “save the day”.

Christine Milne clearly forgot the Mark Twain adage that “It is better to have people think you a fool, than to open your mouth and remove all doubt” – as the “Capo dei Capi” of Australian greentards plumped for the latter; and confirmed what STT suspected all along.

brando “She may be the boss of all bosses, but make Christine an offer she can’t refuse – a free one-way-ticket back to Mars.”

STT can only assume that The Advertiser reported her correctly and, if it did, it is apparent that the “Primary School Principal from Hell” has absolutely no idea what she is talking about. “Delusional” doesn’t really cover it.

Greens promise electricity prices to drop under proposed review
Jessica Marszalek
The Advertiser (News Limited Network)
May 23, 2013

HOUSEHOLD electricity bills would be slashed by around $250 a year under a Greens plan to overhaul Australia’s energy system and make it fairer, cheaper and cleaner.

In their first policy for the election campaign, Greens Leader Christine Milne will announce in Melbourne today a plan to create a new federal agency costing $405 million a year they say will drive down power bills with annual savings of $1 billion.

The new plan also promises the one million homes with solar panels will get a higher price retailers had to pay them for injecting green power into the network.

The Energy Savings Agency would take on power companies to make them better control peak demand costs and manage the over investment in poles and wires, which the Greens say is equivalent to building a 40-lane Sydney Harbour Bridge for just 40 hours of heavy traffic each year.

The agency would:

Decide a minimum price power companies had to pay home solar and wind power providers that would be higher than current “conservative” prices;

Ensure energy companies make $1 billion in yearly energy savings, lower peak power demands and avoid 10 million tonnes of carbon emissions within five years;

Pay big businesses that agree to lower their energy use at peak times from a $400-million-a-year fund; and

Design a national energy efficiency trading scheme for reducing greenhouse gas emissions resulting from electricity that companies supply or consume.

Senator Milne said power bills had skyrocketed while huge opportunities to save energy and reduce peak electricity demand had been ignored.

Several state governments wanted to maximise profits from their electricity assets, which was why intervention was vital, she said.

The plan follows an announcement by Prime Minister Julia Gillard last year to work with states to reform the electricity sector, stop over investment in poles and wires and save households up to $250 a year on their bills.

“But so far, the Prime Minister has been all talk, no action,” Senator Milne said.

“Power bills are continuing to rise which is why we are encouraging her to throw her support behind the Energy Savings Agency.”
The Advertiser

So let’s get this straight – in a nutshell this erstwhile Martian wants to:

  • spend a lazy $405 million each year to fill another office block in Canberra with greentards who will “police” power prices (no doubt under another raft of Legislation). For want of a better term, let’s call these “watt-watchers” the “Federal Power Police” (FPP)
  • drive DOWN power prices by forcing retailers to pay even MORE for solar power (already the most expensive of all)
  • force businesses to operate on terms acceptable to the FPP
  • shovel out $400 million each year from, yet another, “Green” slush fund to businesses that are either prepared to open their doors after midnight or simply cease trading altogether, so they don’t use power during peak times. You know, the times when most business is done – 9am-5pm, say?
  • create a “market” for “energy efficiency” – whatever that is?

If Milne wasn’t meaning to be serious we’d be filing this post under “comedy”, “Pythonesque” and “101 things that Martians like”.

But she is, apparently, in bitter earnest.

Economics is clearly not a subject Christine has bothered to get to grips with. OK, it’s hard – all that supply and demand mumbo jumbo.

Just how paying households MORE for solar power will result in LOWER prices is a real little puzzler that has sent STT’s normally sober economics department straight to the pub – our top boy, Ben Bernanke left, swearing and muttering something on the way out about the Berlin wall getting pulled down over 20 years ago.


“STT can go #%#* themselves, I ain’t working there no more – you oughta hear some of the *&^# they want us to try and nut out.”

Apparently, it’s just a wheeze to conjure up a lazy $billion each year to create another level of Federal Bureaucracy and to splash cash around like confetti at a Big Fat Greek wedding. Milne must have slept through Swan’s budget speech – the one in which he told us the Fed’s money pit ran out 3 years ago.

What Milne says about “over investment in poles and wires” signals a complete logic chip malfunction or the fact she failed Energy Market 101.

Creating the duplicated transmission network needed to accommodate the “green” boondoggle that is wind power will cost around $30 billion and a further $50 billion in capital investment, including mirroring any increase in wind farm generation capacity with 90% of that capacity in new fossil fuel generation capacity for backup.

On a positive note, Milne must be delighted to see Ford rushing to put into effect her brilliant policy to “lower peak power demands”. Shutting its doors after 90 years of operations at Geelong, Ford won’t be troubling electricity generators anymore. What great “Green news”.


Perhaps, as a consolation, Ford can dip into the Green’s “$400-million-a-year [slush] fund” for lowering “their energy use at peak times”?

Green on the outside and Red on the inside – God help this Country if Milne & Co ever really took charge. Make sure your vote counts in September and see you at the Rally, June 18, Parliament House, Canberra.

Some day soon we can wake up back in Kansas and tell Toto that this was all just a horrible dream.


Was it all just a bad dream?

About stopthesethings

We are a group of citizens concerned about the rapid spread of industrial wind power generation installations across Australia.


  1. I must say that you guys and girls are doing a terrifically good job (and extremely entertaining as well) of exposing the ongoing insanity that has become the norm in this country. Keep it up!

  2. Bob in Castlemaine says:

    So once again it’s a case of “There will be free magic mushrooms for everyone under the government that I lead“.
    What a shame these Green/Labor politicians aren’t required to lodge a prospectus with ASIC.

  3. Christine, I don’t know what you & red head get up to, all I know is that, it is not good for this great nation of ours.

    CHRISTINE! You don’t need special tarrifs for different people so they can have cheaper power. All you have to do is get rid of the CARBON TAX the CLEAN ENGERY COUNCIL & the DRIPS that are employed there, also the useless INDUSTRIAL WIND TURBINES, then you will save billions of dollars.

    If the sea levels are going to rise, the industrial wind turbines & your other so called good ideas, are not going to make any £^$*!+& difference to the climate. All you & that red head are doing is making life very hard with all the noise & infrasound that IS causing health problems in people that live near, & around these industrial wind turbines.

    Ford closing down as their overheads are too high & one of the things would be that the electricity is too dear. That is why so many other industries have closed their doors. – electricity is a key reason for the closing down of a number of businesses in this country of ours.

  4. whc wedgetails says:

    OMG…she is really in lala land…… Can you believe she is the leader of an Australian political party??? You probably can coz the other female has the country in billions of debt – in the midst of a mining boom!! Go figure…

    Maybe Economics 101 could be on their subject list within the next four years? Redhead probably won’t need to study since she is setting herself up, via the REC’s, the union slushfund!!! Not proud of my gender “leaders”!!

    Bring on change…..see you in Canberra!!!


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