The Tangled Web: John Madigan Exposes the Greens as a Paid-Up Wind Industry Front

John Madigan

John Madigan – keeps the hammer down.

The good Senator from Victoria, John “Marshall” Madigan is on fire. Having skewered the former tobacco advertising guru – who claims to be an “expert” on well, just about everything (see our post here) – the Marshall has just launched an Exocet missile at the seedy world of hard-green-left politics and the big corporate interests that fund the Australian Greens.

The Greens have been particularly coy about where the hundreds of thousands of dollars used to fund their last Federal election campaign (including the rerun of the West Australian Senate election) came from. The key beneficiaries of that fat pile of corporate cash have been lunatics like Sarah Hanson-Young, Senator from South Australia. Sarah set out to crush SA’s favourite Greek, Nick Xenophon but, in the result, she was lucky to sneak over the line herself. Nick (a true STT Champion) polled a snicker under 25% in the South Australian Senate race (beating Labor’s vote of 22.7%) – an all-time record for an independent Senator.

But, we digress. Since the launch of Vestas’ “Act on Facts” campaign in June last year it was evident that the Greens “fortunes” had – mysteriously – improved (see this article and see our post here). Since then the Greens have been very keen to “sing” for their supper. Recently, it’s come to light that the billionaire founder of, Graeme Wood has poured hundreds of thousands of dollars into the Green’s coffers. And, just like Vestas, is looking to use the Greens to advance his wind farm interests, proving that the Greens truly are the best party money can buy.

Here’s the video of John Madigan’s speech; Hansard (transcript) follows.



Australian Greens
Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Senator John MADIGAN (Victoria) (19:24) (pdf available here):

These well-known words have been attributed to Shakespeare:

Oh, what a tangled web we weave

When first we practise to deceive!

Why is it when we look at the Greens, at green associated industries and green lobby groups that we find a tangled web? And why is it when so many of us in this place look on the Greens party – our self-righteous, moral-high-ground colleagues with their selective moral outrage – that we are filled with suspicion and distrust? In the next few minutes I would like to ask some questions in the hope that, by doing so, I can shine light into dark corners.

Why is it that the Greens amendment on funding for ARENA, the Australian Renewable Energy Agency, has almost the exact same wording as the one received from the Motoring Enthusiast Party? Does a senior MEP adviser, Ben Oquist – a former staffer to Christine Milne and Bob Brown, now working for the Australia Institute – have anything to do with this? Why is the Motoring Enthusiast Party so enthusiastic about ARENA all of a sudden? What’s going on here?

And why did an adviser to Senator Muir, Glenn Druery, tell one of my staff that ARENA has no links to the wind industry when information I have since received suggests the opposite? Data given to me by the office of Minister Macfarlane contradicts this.

In fact, in ARENA’S history it has invested in research projects that definitely enable the wind industry, including more than $6 million to Hydro Tasmania for its King Island Renewable Energy Integration Project.

I have been working for three years now for independent and multidisciplinary research into the alleged health impact on residents living near wind farms. Why would Mr Druery mislead us on the issue of ARENA? It does not bode well for someone so new to the Senate, does it?

But the Greens’ tangled web does not stop there. When the Gunns pulp mill was proposed it threw the green movement into a frenzy of opposition.

In 2009, lawyer Vanessa Bleyer – the same Vanessa Bleyer who threatened me with defamation proceedings over comments I made about pro-wind poster boy Professor Simon Chapman – provided Senator Milne with legal advice re the Gunns mill in northern Tasmania. Shortly after that, Wotif entrepreneur Graeme Wood gave a pre-election donation to the Greens – the largest political donation that has ever been given to an Australian political party.

Mr Wood said his support was for ‘environmental reasons’. Incessant protesting saw Gunns eventually go into receivership. Mr Wood, lo and behold, then became one of the purchasers of the Gunns site in 2011 and he announced a proposal to build a wind farm.

Let’s join the dots: the Greens’ militant opposition to the Gunns pulp mill leads to an anti-deforestation green movement protest, which leads to Senator Milne taking legal advice from Vanessa Bleyer representing the Friends of Tamar Valley. Will Mr Wood’s proposed wind farm provide an excellent return on his political investment? Presumably. Does it all make sense?

All I have done is ask the questions about the Greens’ attacks on the Waubra Foundation, the rapidly diminishing social licence for wind farms, the growing number of coalition parliamentarians willing to speak out on job losses and the increase in electricity prices, and the antiwind activists gaining greater credibility and countering the Greens’ agenda sponsored by Mr Wood. Is Mr Wood set to make another enormous profit?

The Danish turbine manufacturer has publicly stated it is funding environmental groups and other organisations. Was this the same organisation that poured large amounts of money into Senator Hanson-Young’s last election campaign? The Greens have spoken loudly about political funding, but my late father always told me to follow the money.
Senator John Madigan (Victoria)


Ah, Mr Wood, welcome to Green headquarters, we’ve been expecting you.

About stopthesethings

We are a group of citizens concerned about the rapid spread of industrial wind power generation installations across Australia.


  1. Glenn Druery says:

    I really hope you run in the upcoming Victorian election.
    Glenn Druery

  2. Jim Hutson says:

    Currently waiting for a reply from… Mr Al Gore.. re- Brisbane’s coldest day since 1911.

  3. Old Ranga says:

    Cockroaches scatter when the spotlight’s turned on.

  4. Paul Manning says:

    During my desperate battle against a Windfarm developer wanting to place turbines as close as 650m to the childrenS’ bedrooms of my house, I was surprised to recieve a phone call from a concerned John Madigan who had heard of my plight. He promised that he would be doing his best to assist people like me and has greatly surpassed any expectations I had of him and actually given me confidence in politicians. I recieved similar support from Nick X. You both truly epitomise what Aussies actually expect from Politicians. You stand by your word and have courage, empathy and conviction. You are both the benchmark that AUSSIE Pollies should aspire to achieve.
    By the way-we won. No turbines! (yet). My family and I are not the flesh of humanity to bear the brunt of self flagellating try-hards wearing green-tinted glasses. I am eternally grateful to the senators Madigan and Xenophon.

  5. NevilleW says:

    Argh, the wind turbine (Green) scam. Instead of monster turbines, why not a wind generator in the roof of every house? Government supplied smart meters but nothing for the customer. Follow the political money. State supplied electricity or nothing.

  6. cornwallwindwatch says:

    Reblogged this on Cornwall Wind Watch and commented:
    of course they are – go get ’em

  7. Stand against wind says:

    John Madigan, thank you, truer words were never spoken! The greens don’t represent all environmentalists, sadly their misplaced, blind faith in wind energy and their desire to fund their political campaign will see them caught in their own tangled web in the end. Time for a fresh breath of reality!

  8. Jackie Rovenksy says:

    The Greens have undergone so many twists and turns – no one knows what they stand for – not even themselves.
    A false sense of power has shown they have no moral backbone and they are simply clawing and grabbing and feeding their gangrenous core.
    When they had one or two ‘projects’ to fight for, everyone knew what they stood for, but now they have tried to be relevant in areas far too complicated for them. They flounder, trying to understand what is going on and stupidly hang their hats on falsehoods supported by money. To appear to remain in touch, they willingly accept payment from those who use them for their own ends. If the ‘Greens’ had a brain between them they would be able to see how they’re being used. Alas they are now so deeply indebted to their ‘friends’ they can no longer extract themselves even if they did realise what was happening. They have fallen for the manipulative false cry of Green, Clean and Free.

  9. No one has links to the wind industry except for humble wind industry employees (please take me seriously). Even Professor Chapman, the wind industry’s defacto “chief medical officer” and who also runs a quasi intelligence gathering operation for them and of his sociology facility at Sydney University, has no DIRECT links to it. Nor do the politicians who heavily promote it, journalists working for Crikey, or the consultants who are favoured by the wind industry.

    In fact few have any direct links to the wind industry, but there are many who certainly have demonstrated to be consumed by this industry – soul and heart, at its service at the click of fingers etc etc. It just happens that these people work with or for organisations and political groups who appear to receive wind industry money directly or indirectly.

    So let’s give these pro-wind activists the benefit of the doubt – they have no direct links to the wind industry – but for reasons not totally clear to the rest of the world, they just happen to be a little stuck in this industry’s web. That’s all – nothing more sinister than that…

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