Net-Zero Hero: Climate Bureaucrat Busted For Revealing State’s ‘Kill the Poor’ Energy Policy

Not content with depriving the poor of electricity, the climate-industrial complex is determined to “break their will” to heat their hovels and drive their beat up Chevies. Apparently, the punishment meted out by renewables driven power price hikes wasn’t enough to break their selfish mettle. Massachusetts Governor, Charlie Baker is a card-carrying member of the […]

The Hard-“Green”-Left Promote Energy Policies that Wreck Economies & Smash the Poor

A little while back, the good Senator from Victoria, John “Marshall” Madigan launched an Exocet missile at the seedy world of hard-green-left politics and the wind power outfits that fund the Australian Greens (see our post here). The Greens have been particularly coy about where the hundreds of thousands of dollars used to fund their […]

Australia Shoots Down Climate Lobby’s Scare Mongering

Australia shoots down climate lobby’s scare mongering Marita Noon 21 July 2014 Thursday, July 17 was a big news day. The world was shocked to learn that a Russian-made missile shot down a Malaysian Airlines jet with 298 on board as it flew over Ukraine en route to Kuala Lumpur from Amsterdam. Though flight […]

Carbon Tax Gone – RET to Follow

Australia has started to dismantle the ‘green’ policies that have sabotaged its economy and fuelled the wind turbine industry – all with no perceivable environmental benefit – yet generating widespread annoyance across rural Australia. The first to go was the Carbon Tax – which Tory Aardvark has described so well in his post below – […]

Australia’s “Greens” unveil their 5 Year Plan for your Country

STT sees Christine Milne as the “Capo dei Capi” of Australian greentards – and she’s at it again. **** Not content with throwing a mere $10 billion of our hard earned cash at Spanish wind outlaws like Acciona and Union Fenosa, Milne wants to throw another $20 billion at them.  What’s that you say about […]

British Renewables Champion – Tim Yeo – self immolates

STT is not sure whether it’s a function of having real journalists who aren’t afraid to tip a bucket on sleaze and corruption or whether British politics is just grubbier than elsewhere. But the stories from its renewable politics scene just keep on getting better. We’ve reported on just how rotten the wind industry is […]

“Watermelon” Milne shows true colours

Hot on the heels of the SA Labor government’s effort to “help” the growing legion of people who can no longer afford to pay their power bills, another “pyromaniac fire-fighter” has just jumped on the fire truck on its way to “save the day”. Christine Milne clearly forgot the Mark Twain adage that “It is […]

We’re from the Government, and we’re here to “help”

The SA Labor Government has been the loudest advocate for wind power and, to make damn sure the turbines go up anywhere the developers want, it has the slackest planning rules of all States. With wind power making up around 35% of SA’s total generating capacity, it’s no surprise that it has the highest power […]