Tony Abbott calls for REC fraud investigation

STT has been following the REC fraud at Waubra for some time.  Alby Schulz was on the warpath about Acciona’s thievery back in February.  John Madigan has been hot on the trail as well.

Joining the call to clawback some $80 million worth of RECs from the Spanish Wind Conquistadors is the Prime Ministerial hopeful, Tony Abbott.

STT pin-up girl, Annie Gardner challenged the future PM to investigate the fraudulent receipt of RECs at his recent stopover in Hamilton.


Tony, never one to back down from a stoush, told the crowd of around 400 that the fraud should be investigated – to STT that sounds a little like an election promise.


To the wind industry and its parasites it must sound more like the portents of doom.


One of the crowd – no doubt a wind industry “plant” – looked decidedly uncomfortable and more than just a little agitated when the fraud topic raised its ugly head.


On another note, the industry’s apologists might need to reconsider their “winning hearts and minds” strategy.

According to The Standard: “To gauge community support for wind energy, Tony Abbott asked for a show of hands either for or against wind farms.   The result was about 50-50, which Mr Abbott said presented government with “an interesting management exercise.”

Indeed it does.

So much for the wind goons’ lies about people in rural communities excitedly counting the number of sleeps until turbines promised for their patch of paradise go up, in the same way we used to count the number of sleeps before Christmas.


STT is told that the REC fraud will be a hot little item on the Parliamentary agenda in its last few sitting weeks – with Alby Schulz leading the charge.

Not only is Acciona in the gun for its Waubra defalcations, RATCH is well and truly on the radar for its efforts at Windy Hill in Far North Queensland.  As the old Chinese saying goes: “may you live in interesting times”.  It’s meant as a curse – and it seems to have hit the wind industry with a vengeance.  STT says it couldn’t have happened to a “nicer” bunch of lads.

Stay tuned for more news on the REC fraud.

About stopthesethings

We are a group of citizens concerned about the rapid spread of industrial wind power generation installations across Australia.


  1. Yes thanks STT.
    You are showing the right people, such as Mr Abbott and his team, the corruption that is going on in the industrial wind industry. We don’t have to be concerned about the Greens or Labor, as they aren’t going anywhere, except down the gurgler.
    If Mr. Abbott gets rid of the carbon tax & stops the flow of money from the general funds, to the corrupt wind industry, he may get quite a bit of money to play with, to help get this nation back on its feet.
    Stop the wind turbines & let the people who are suffering from the noise & infrasound, get on with their lives in peace. Then they will have to make wind companies dismantle the structures so they can’t be restarted.

  2. genie81 says:

    The one thing that would make money for the Government is to STOP THESE THINGS with RECs. How much money would flow into the coffers? It would truly be amazing as I think the wind industry is copping a lot more than we realise. I hope Mr. Abbott gets rid of RECs after all if the renewables were good they would not need RECs. Keep up the good work STT as you continue to let us know what is happening.

  3. Jackie Rovensky says:

    The end is near – the fraud is being exposed and the behaviour of the companies and their supporters indicates they realise it and are running scared. So many people are going to be living with egg on their faces for a very long time.

  4. Jim Hutson says:

    With the high end of the Corporate World spending Millions of Dollars on Staff motivation, the Wind Turbine Industry has one Financial advantage. They have an off the shelf video, freely available from the local video shop. It stars, Danny DeVito, in “Other Peoples Money.”

  5. whc wedgetails says:

    Alby Schulz for GG..

  6. Old Ranga from Victoria says:

    STT is fast becoming as riveting to read as Michael Smith’s political blog, which is also focussed on high level fraud. Gillard and Combet probably loathe both of them.

    Well done, guys. Keep that spotlight shining.

  7. A simple diagram would be a good way for people to understand the wind industry money trail.

  8. Thanks again STT. We are grateful to you for your ongoing support, info & insights.
    To Annie Gardner, Sarah Laurie, Mary Morris, Tania Stock & all the other driven, passionate, intelligent, articulate women involved in this national fight against the industry: You are an inspiration to us all & we value you so much for your contribution and skills, not how you’d look in a bikini stuck on the back of a bloke’s dunny door!


  1. […] Energy Regulator might be sitting on their hands at the minute, but give it a week or two.  The new head boy has already signalled he’s not going to turn a blind eye to REC fraud.  And STT hears the REC fraud story is about […]

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