Merry Christmas to you & Happy Birthday to STT

Father Christmas
Australian Santa engaged in thirsty work says:
“It’s gotta be beerO’clock, surely?!?

12 months on – with another Christmas behind us – STT thinks it time to box up our festive loot, put our boots up and rest on our laurels for a moment.

We’ve just cracked 350,000 views, which means we’ve averaged 959 views for every one of the 365 days that we’ve been giving the wind industry and its stooges hell.

We’ve given our loyal readers 461 posts which spell out – in clear and simple terms – the economic and environmental nonsense that is wind power – and the harm caused to communities around the world by giant fans.

And, we keep picking up dedicated followers – 1,024, so far, from all around the world, including a bunch of canny Scots, Canadians, Americans, English, Welsh, Irish, Cornish, Danes, Germans and plenty from Downunder.

Those that watch us include lots of political staffers, journos and, of course, the Greentard bloggers like – The Climate Speculator, yes2ruining-us and ruin-economy.

One of the things that drives the ecofascist mad is the fact that STT is anonymous. Who writes the posts on STT isn’t important – it’s what we report that matters.  Next time you pick up a copy of The Economist see if you can find reference to the identity of its editor or the authors of any of its articles, including weekly opinion pieces like Bagehot and Lexington. The Economist works on the principle – and a sound one in our view – that the identity of the scribe is simply irrelevant – it’s the facts that matter.

The wind industry struggles these days to put its case – principally because – apart from fleecing power consumers – it doesn’t have one.

When we started this time last year STT was a lone voice in the Australian wilderness and the wind industry thought it had a complete grip on the game.

One year on, it’s clear that the wind weasels have not only lost their grip, they’re fighting for their very existence – and STT has been joined by a growing number of real journalists who are ready to help sink the slipper. 2GB’s Alan Jones has been belting the wind industry since the National Rally in June – reaching around 2 million Australian voters every week-day through 77 stations around the Country.

Hardly a day goes by now without another mainstream journo picking up on the debacle that is Australian energy policy today – and joining the growing National and International backlash against the greatest economic and environmental fraud ever committed.

We’re not here to debate the wind industry – we’re here to destroy it.

This is not a forum for ecofascists like Monstrous Hypocrite Dave Clarke.  You won’t see the hate-filled diatribes these boys tossup on their own sites – you know – pious manifestos based on Green-Stalinism.

No, this is a sanctuary where the people who have been tragically impacted by – or who are fighting the threat of – giant industrial wind turbines can speak openly and freely – and without fear of vilification or ridicule.

We think compassion and empathy far greater virtues than self-righteous condescension.  If it’s the latter you’re looking for – try ruin-economy and yes2ruining-us.

Whatever “social licence” the wind industry might have had in this Country disappeared long ago.

Communities are fighting back to protect themselves, their farms, their businesses and their families from turbine terrorists – like Thai outfit RATCH – operations staffed with compulsive liars, bullies and thugs – just like Nick Valentine aka “Frank Bestic”.

Reasonable people stopped listening to the twaddle peddled by the Clean Energy Council long ago and there doesn’t appear to be any sensible forum left for washed-up tobacco advertising gurus – save the echo chamber of Australia’s shamelessly biased ABC – Twitter doesn’t count – Simon, these days you’re just talking amongst yourselves.

STT thanks its loyal band of followers.

We know that you are using STT to help spread the message.

Once people are introduced to the facts about the insane costs of intermittent and unreliable wind power they cease to support it – and when they learn of the tragic suffering caused to hard working rural people by giant fans their attitude stiffens to the point of hostility to those behind the fraud.

In our travels we’ve met plenty of people that started out in favour of wind power and turned against it.  But we’ve yet to meet anyone who started out opposed to wind power, who later became a supporter.  Funny about that.

Any of you boys feel a little intimidated?

STT thinks that education is the key – present the facts to reasonable people – and they’ll want to know how the scam got started in the first place and why it hasn’t been stopped in its tracks already?

We’ve put together 20 of our most important posts for that purpose – think of it as a “sampler pack” – to share with those that need further education – think neighbours, Coalition MPs, or members of Local Government.  Send the link to this post and they’ll get to see all of these:

STT looks back on a year when the game changed for the better – and irreversibly so.

It’s all downhill for the wind industry now – it was built on nothing but subsidy, fiction and fallacy – so it was only a matter of time before our political betters worked out what a pointless rort it is.

With Tony Abbott signalling the end of the RET last week we think we’ll be crafting an obituary in the not too distant future.

The beginning of the end will start with massive corporate collapses.  At the minute we can’t work out whether Infigen or Vestas will be the first to go belly up.  We can’t wait to report on either or both when it happens – and it will happen.

STT went about this work for our Country – not for any reward – save knowing that we will help spare thousands from the misery of living with incessant, turbine generated low-frequency noise and vibration – as well as helping to obtain an energy policy that works FOR Australia – not AGAINST us – as the current policy clearly is.

Thanks for your support – together – we will win this.  STT hopes you all have a great Christmas and that you’re ready to take it up to them in 2014.  We are!

churchill hell

16 thoughts on “Merry Christmas to you & Happy Birthday to STT

  1. Merry Christmas STT! Let’s put Christ back into Christmas and the love of God into the Ceres and Repower teams.

    The Ceres Guru, golden consultant and self proclaimed silencer of all protesters has had a year that he’d rather forget. As one large scale energy investor allegedly remarked, “There seems to be more steam coming out of his nostrils and wind coming out of his arse than any of his projects.” Uncharitable comment we thought!

    Word on the street is that the guru has resorted to grovelling for investment dollars. Funny how life goes a full circle. The Guru’s rock company, AGM, must have been a hum-dinger. It’s been a rough year, and even the Guru has taken a hefty pay cut. You wouldn’t blame the fellow directors for feeling somewhat dissatisfied when the Guru has spent so much time going for the big headline Ceres project.

    In the true spirit of Christmas we would like to offer the Guru and his team some helpful advice for a brighter year in 2014. If the Guru dipped into the old trust account and sold the house he might be able to get a matching government grant to get the hot rocks off the ground. This could kick start the Hot Rocks Cafe at Arkaroola. In the summer months there might not be enough power to run a split system, so at those times he could sojourn to his own shack at Pt Julia and just imagine sitting amongst his own big fans. Sitting on the deck, overlooking the gulf in his board shorts and old Hellas top, stained with squid ink and a few fish scales, sinking a few tinnies. You know we’re on the money Guru, it wouldn’t get any better than that.

    Rumour has it that pretty boy in Repower’s head office has been strolling down Collins Street looking for a new career path. The cut and thrust of the wind industry was never meant for someone so beautiful. If all else fails, he could become Wycheproof’s first male model. Give them your best blue steel look pretty boy. If Pugsly gets a chance of becoming top dog he’ll be positively licking his chops and chomping at the bit.

    See, the new year is looking brighter for everyone.

    By the way boys, you forgot to put your early November response to the verbal hearings at Ardrossan on your website. No doubt that would have been an oversight in the Christmas rush. We wouldn’t want to give you all your presents at once either so there’s more joy to come in the new year!

  2. Thanks for the Christmas wishes, but more thanks for the great work of STT in revealing the truth about the cruelty that has been impacted on to so many people around Australia and the world. STT has revealed the lies and deception by so many people who have no respect for those suffering. The suffering that they caused because of badly placed wind turbines.

    Wind turbines impact health when placed in known stupid places too close to where people live and work. When wind turbines are placed too close together, they become under productive – and all power consumers suffer the financial hardship of having to pay for this unreliable power source.

    Here’s hoping 2014 be a good one and the turbines that have brought on so much suffering are removed,

    Thanks Guys for your significant contribution to the cause.

    Noel Dean

    1. Best wishes for a happy turbine free new year to Noel and all STT supporters.
      On 7 December 2013 a small grass fire occurred at Evansford, a small Victorian town at the northern end of the Waubra wind power station and not far from Noel’s farm. The fire was reported to the CFA at around 5 PM, at the time conditions were relatively benign in terms of fire danger with a light west north-westerly wind blowing. Indeed the wind was so light that the nearby turbines of the Waubra wind power station weren’t generating. The fire was quickly knocked down by the six CFA crews that attended.

      A couple of questions that come to mind in the light of this fire some 1.92 km from the northernmost turbines of the Waubra wind power station.

      1. The CFA recently announced that fire attack aircraft would be automatically despatched in response to bushfire emergency calls when the Fire Danger Rating is above Low to Moderate, the lowest of the six fire danger levels. Had this fire occurred on a day of high fire danger, and had it been running down wind toward the nearby wind turbines, would the CFA and or the SAU (State Aircraft Unit) have despatched fire attack aircraft to the fire?

      2. Do the CFA and SAU consider it safe to call in air support to combat fires in the vicinity of wind turbines in view of the stated policy of the Aerial Agricultural Association of Australia (arguably Australia’s most experienced low altitude pilots) which states in part: “Windfarms and their pre-construction wind monitoring towers are a direct threat to aviation safety – and especially aerial application.”

      3. Does the CFA consider it safe to send in ground crews to a fire involving or in close proximity to wind turbines?

  3. Thank you STT for all your time and effort – it is greatly appreciated by us, the little people in this debate. Without your support the wind weasels would be lauding it over us all.

    I wish every one a very happy New Year and may STT continue to expose these snake oil sales people. Good luck and good health.


  4. We are so proud of you STT!!! PLEASE keep up the good work!!

    The wind weasels are getting antsy because they can feel that their days are numbered. And seriously, where else are those losers going to get a job that pays that well, just for BS? They can’t all be crooked politicians! It might be a good idea, for them to practice the phrase…..”Would you like fries with that?”

    We wish a happy and successful New Year to all the “Wonderful Wind Warriors” around the World!!!

  5. To the thoughtful folk who saw the need and did the deed and created STT, gratitude gratitude. You have made it possible for all those who have dreadful issues with the dreaded issues, to read and realise we are one of many, all pointed in the one direction, with all embracing concern for each other.

    Nothing will stop us now….

  6. Merry Christmas and hopefully an even more productive New Year in closing down the great wind scam. STT, things are looking good at the moment. Thank you for what you have achieved so far.

    I take great delight in quoting STT to the pro wind bloggers and watching them go into derogatory verbal spasms, at the mere mention of those three letters.

    This is a classic example of verbal diarrhoea, one can only assume, that given Infigen Energy’s current position, the author’s job may be in jeopardy, to prompt this recent outburst about the virtues of STT.

    Let’s look at a couple of statistics.

    Clarke: Has dozens of pages on his blog promoting wind energy as well as dozens more on his opinions as a ‘Bush Philosopher’.This blog has been running for ten years and he ‘claims’ to have 15,000 hits per month.

    STT: Running for twelve months, nearly 30,000 hits per month, with 1,020 followers.

    Barnard full of wind: Seven months on FB, 147 likes, 20 followers. His blog only averages three or four comments a post and they are mostly from the other known pro wind suspects, patting him on the back.

    STT: Running for twelve months, nearly 30,000 hits per month, with 1,020 followers.

    Yes2ruining-us: The only time they get any comments on their posts, is when they are being patted on the back by the usual suspects, or a few of us ‘anti-wind campaigners’, go on there and wind them up.

    STT: Running for twelve months, nearly 30,000 hits per month, with 1,020 followers.

    And they claim STT is not making any difference, well, I say, watch this space, well done STT.


  7. STT – the fact that we don’t know who your writers are has no relevance, but that you are helping to awaken the sleeping giant(s) of Governments around the world is.

    The changes in awareness that have taken place over the past 12 months are to be applauded.

    That those who were once held in high regard, by those approving these things, have been shown to be nothing more than stooges to the industry, is down to the dogged process of never giving up, telling it as it is, and answering outrageous claims with simple truth and evidence is testament to the work you are doing.

    That there are now more independent and truly academic researchers willing to put pen to paper and provide peer reviewed and undisputable evidence of the damage these things can and are doing, is testimony to the worth of your work.

    That this industry now has to keep a constant eye on their backs, to see where the next ‘attack’ is coming from, is evidence of the power of the people to come back and fight for their lives. This would have been much harder if not for the work of STT in providing a place to vent and be heard for those suffering and those working toward uncovering the deceit of this industry.

    I wonder if a certain professor who has a compulsion to compile ‘lists’, will create one of the achievements of STT, or indeed one of how many times he has been shown to be inadequate in his interpretation of the ‘lists’ he has created, or maybe he’s begun a list of all the times he has given evidence in any form in support of these things, or he may have one of how many times he has tried to damage the reputation of others.

    But it doesn’t matter because as lists are just that, a list of something/anything. Evidence is something else and STT has and no doubt will continue to provide plenty of it showing the full deficiency of this industry.

    Thank you STT and may 2014 bring peace and quiet to everyone.

  8. Best wishes STT, and thank you for your humour and insight in exposing the truth behind the lies and corruption of this malicious and deceitful industry that cares nought for community health and well-being, or that of the planet.

    Bring on 2014!

  9. Greetings from Scotland. Thank you for all you have done and for making us smile. 2014 will be the year the Great Wind Scam will be finished. Over – or there will be a revolution!

  10. Merry Christmas & happy new year STT!! Thank you for the laughs, the encouragement, the information & format that helps us to educate more people about what is happening the world over. We are so appreciative of the hours you have spent on such a great website!! Look forward to celebrations across the country when this rort is brought to an end.

  11. Merry Xmas STT who ever you are…

    You are amazing and we are all so thankful you are out there delivering the truth. We look forward to hearing from you next year.

    Have a good break, but not for too long.

  12. A big thank you to all who are behind STT, you have literally given back hope to us.
    New Years Message to Infigen………Get outa town. Oh hang on, you already have. Haven’t seen the weasels for 6 months.
    Keep the screws tightening……….just love to hear the big Jon & Dave squeal.
    To all our friends who are already impacted, I hope you all managed to get some peaceful rest over the festive season. Cheers.

  13. Great stuff, your Christmas break is well deserved. Thanks for all your hard work and have a great Christmas and a happy New Year.

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