Special Real Estate Offer to Mark “the Muppet” Parnell

We reported recently on the King of SA’s eco-fascists, Mark Parnell’s little camping adventure with his “bestie”, Crystal Brook’s biggest hypocrite, Dopey Dave Clarke.


Well, in this post we pick up on a clever little “switcheroo” being engineered by wind warriors in Ontario, Canada.

STT nevers like to see Australia miss out on a plan to put the greentard in his RIGHTFUL place – and here it is.


Let’s be honest .. Wind energy is not for everyone ..

We all know that there are a lot of people, who for whatever reason, will not be happy, or healthy, living near Industrial Wind Turbines. But … that doesn’t have to mean the end of your dreams. There is a logical, reasonable solution to this problem!

What I am suggesting, is a registry, for ecology-minded people like yourself, to sign up to buy, or trade, property and homes from the people in communities with Wind turbines, that are being made miserable, through no fault of their own.

No one is asking you to do anything that you haven’t already said, was reasonable to do, in exchange for “Green energy”. Proponents of green energy say all the time that they would love to live near the turbines, and they don’t believe that they would suffer any health effects from them…

Listen carefully … the wind industry needs you to do this for them. They do not want to live near the turbines themselves, but they want pro-wind people to live near the turbines. This is the only way that a credible study, can be done, to see the truth. There is absolutely NO point in studying people who have already decided that they don’t like industrial turbines, because they will be accused of the Nocebo effect, or worse, if they ADMIT suffering from any symptoms. Pro-wind advocates, cannot be accused in this way.

So, as I said, step up to the plate, and prove that you are in favour of the wind turbines. Put your money where your mouth is … after all, it’s such a small sacrifice to make … to save the environment … right?

There are many Real estate companies specializing in rural properties. These companies are desperate for people like yourselves, to buy the homes that rural people have been forced to move away from, because they could not tolerate the turbines. If you like a real challenge, West Lincoln Is slated for 3mw turbines, over 600ft tall. There are lots of homes up for sale now, beautiful homes, in move-in condition. You will be able to brag to all of your green friends, what a wonderful thing you are doing to help climate change.


STT knows of at least 5 perfectly good homes which have been abandoned at Waterloo due to incessant low frequency turbine noise, blade generated air pressure variation and/or ground borne vibration. We know the owners are willing to consider any reasonable offer, including swapping with nut-jobs like Dave Clarke.


Waterloo’s Wonders – can’t wait for the Muppets to return

So Mark and Dave – why limit your ability to cuddle up to those loveable little puppies to just one night?

Why not sign up for life?

You’d be helping with an important human experiment.

But you boys – with such a deep love of giant fans – would be WILLING participants – unlike the current victims.

Call Now – our operators are just waiting to hear from you.

Call 1800 A-B-A-N-D-O-N-E-D

Oh, and if you’re thinking of heading interstate, you’ll find around 40 prime properties up for grabs at places like Macarthur, Waubra and Toora in Victoria – that is, if the developers haven’t bought them – using the hundreds of $millions they’ve filched from power consumers in REC Tax – and bulldozed them already.

Smiling Telemarketer

About stopthesethings

We are a group of citizens concerned about the rapid spread of industrial wind power generation installations across Australia.


  1. David Mortimer says:

    We are seriously considering selling ours.

    Totally green – 10 acres – off grid – solar and wind (500watts) – no water/garbage rates, council rated approx. $200,000.

    Willing to sell for around $1,000,000 – as that is what it will cost us to relocate to something anywhere nearly similar to what we have but nowhere near any where a WEF can be developed. (the 1 million also includes future power, water, garbage rates etc at the new location).

    We put our heart and soul into building our home, we don’t want to sell but living there is becoming increasingly difficult due to low frequency and infrasound torture.

  2. Hi STT, as a fan of your website, I was delighted to see my open letter to windweasels posted on your page here. Please let me know if you have any more success than we have had. It seems that when you expose these “faux green” hypocrites to the light of day….they scatter like cockroaches. I suppose they love the money, but not the turbines…..Why am I not surprised????

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