The J. Edgar Hoover of Crystal Brook

hoover 1John Edgar Hoover was the first Director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation in the United States.

For over half a century he waged war on homosexuals, black people and communists.

But of course, Hoover had his own secret. He had a long-time male companion, Clyde Tolson.

And according to his biographer, Hoover was also a cross-dresser.

History has often revealed that those who shout the loudest can be the ones with the most to hide.

Psychologists will tell us projection is reflection.

For years blogger David Clarke of Crystal Brook in South Australia has run an hysterical campaign in support of wind farms.

In his aptly named blog Ramblings (as in ramblings of a Grobian), the neophyte of wind energy has frequently accused those opposing wind power of being NIMBYs.

He has called the Heartland Farmers group, which is fighting Ceres wind farm, liars, unethical and NIMBYs.

But guess what?

The big wind/big business sycophant is actually a closet NIMBY.

Download this document. Search for “Clarke” and you will see J. David Hoover of Crystal Brook has written to Telstra to oppose a mobile phone tower about 500 meters from his house.

Dear oh dear, Mr Clarke.

We think your accusations thrown at Heartland Farmers and others are a case of the grubby little pot calling the kettle black.

You’re opposed to a mobile phone tower and yet you scoff and sniff and wheeze at those fighting to save their homes and the future of their farmland from a plague of giant steel infrasound-emitting monoliths sold to us by sharks in Italian suits.

Or as J. Edgar may have said once, when he apparently dressed up in one of his mother’s dresses and looked remarkably like Bette Davis: “When a man gives his opinion, he’s a man. When a woman gives her opinion, she’s a bitch.

Your hypocrisy, my friend, is shameful.


J Edgar of Crystal Brook

About stopthesethings

We are a group of citizens concerned about the rapid spread of industrial wind power generation installations across Australia.


  1. Just curious? Are the Wind Towers noisy for the residents of Crystal Brook; and did you end up with the Telstra Tower? Cheers in advance.

  2. I stumbled onto Clarke’s “ramblings” and found him typical of an odd breed of environmentalists who are apparently blinded by VERY large infrastructure. Once it exceeds a certain size its ugliness becomes irrelevant to them!

    Or, there may be a special characteristic of wind turbines with their “clean lines” that overrides aesthetic sanity and perception of scale in some people. They ditch the principle of “everything in moderation” and want to see half the planet laden with machine-horizons.

  3. How fantastic. I hope David Clarke crawls back into the hole he obviously belongs in.

  4. @the callous wind; I have to disagree Sir. To Call Mr Clarke one of the three stooges of the wind industry is really overstating his importance in the greater scheme of things. In my professional training I learned that for some patients, even negative attention is still behaviour-validating, as it is attention. Let us give Mr Clarke, who at the end of the day has absolutely no qualification to comment, what he deserves; our disinterested silence.

  5. Mary Morris says:

    David, you can make it about another 70 m taller and put 3 huge whirling blades on the top and then you will be happy to live this close to it.

  6. Thank you for your clear words about that jerk.
    Here in Germany you are yet beheaded when you call a landowner with some hundred hectares of land, using it for wind energy, a squire.

  7. Mary Morris says:

    Don’t worry David, if you find you can’t live with it, you can just move!

  8. Perhaps that fellow should do some noise studies, or at least read the ones that have already been done. Directly under the turbine is the quietest place to be. The noise is projected outwards, and resonates off of the walls of the surrounding homes. It is like saying, when I slept on the sidewalk, the cars driving down the road never ran over me, therefore, sleeping in the street is safe. What a dummy. These people are not afraid to display their ignorance, or their lack of integrity!!!

  9. James Vandepeer says:

    Mr Clarke in his website refers to the Heartland Farmers as being evil and he then preaches on about ethical standards. HF act on what they truly believe, they don’t say one thing and then do another. Its time we all left Mr Clarke and his website alone, his actions have exposed him as being inconsistent with his rhetoric.

  10. Paul Hayles says:

    The blogger in question claims that his “ramblings” are of a scientific nature. I have attempted to read some of his data and he is so obviously onesided in all of his comments that it would be a waste of time arguing anything with him in this matter. He claims “Is the inconvenience to a few people in a part of Yorke Peninsula really too much to ask in return for a wind farm that will generate enough clean electricity to abate two million tonnes of carbon dioxide per year? Especially when one considers that others will be advantaged, and indeed, I would argue that most people on Yorke Peninsula will be advantaged.”
    This coming from a concerned resident of the above mentioned township who opposed the installation of a 36.4m tall Telstra tower because “tall towers do not improve the appearance of a town.” I suppose that he finds the local grain handling infrastructure (which is 40m tall and no closer or further away than the proposed Telstra tower) as much of an eyesore. Have you seen all of the lattice towers for television reception in that town? He goes on about others being NIMBY’s but he is really a bigger hypocrite than what he writes about. How would he feel with a 150 metre tall turbine at his doorstep? There is no real comparison for his argument to be based on. He is unknowingly hurting the credibility of the green movement and feeds off of it for the sake of an ongoing argument which he is failing at miserably.

    • Funny how the idiots saying that it is not too much to ask, are never the ones who have to put up with these useless pieces of scrap. I’ve always said they don’t belong in anyones back yard, but these disgusting creatures just want to impose them on OTHER people. Now that….is a TRUE nimby.

  11. Jackie Rovensky says:

    Clarke is another Chapman, always looking for something to ‘hang their hat on’ to booster their ego. Unfortunately they have a cause that simply goes around and around incircles, never getting anywhere, never producing anything worthwhile, makes a lot of noise with or without them and only manages to drive people to distraction. They appear to believe any publicity is better than none.

    • I bet anything that there is a money trail to follow. No one pushes this scam for no reason, and by now, even the slowest of people must have figured out there is NO value to these useless machines.

  12. Jesse Border says:

    David Clarke: “…tall towers do not improve the appearance of a town”

    Ergo industrial wind turbines?

    Thank you STT for shining a light on this pretentious wind pusher of Crystal Brook who piously espouses ethics and quotes the golden rule “ Do unto others what you would have them do to you”.

    Breathtaking hypocrisy indeed!

    And thank you for continuing to expose the fraud and dishonesty of the wind industry and its supporters blind to the suffering IWT are causing.

  13. The Callous Wind says:

    As usual, Clarke comes back with a pathetic excuse that somehow or other, complaining about a mobile phone tower is different to complaining about wind turbines. He says “tall towers do not improve the appearance of a town”, well Mr Clarke, tall wind turbine towers will not improve the appearance of the pristine coastline of Yorke Peninsula, either, but we are not allowed to complain, because Mr. Clarke tells us they will be good for us. Well, Mr. Clarke knows exactly what he can do with his turbines, put them in his backyard or anywhere else he may choose to put them, but he won’t be putting them here!

    Just ask anyone in the Crystal Brook area, if they know of David Clarke and for some reason, the word “tosser’ seems to get mentioned a lot. He thinks he can say what he likes behind the protection of his keyboard, but he doesn’t have the “balls” to come out into the public arena and argue his case. He won’t even put a reply section on his blog, so people can challenge him, he prefers people to email him, so that he can distort what they are saying and then denigrate them on his blog. Until he does this, the man or his blog has no credibility, whatsoever.

    If he is so concerned about Heartland Farmers opposing the Ceres Project, why doesn’t he come and meet with us and convince us we are wrong, of course it will never happen. For someone to support an industry as fraudulent as the wind industry and ignore the pleas of the hundreds of people whose lives have been totally destroyed, that is about the most unaustralian thing I have ever seen.

    Fortunately for Heartland Farmers, Clarke has provided us with the best advertising we could ever have, when he tells people to go to his page, they take one look at it and decide that if that is how the wind industry behaves, they want nothing to do with it.

    Clarke is one of the “Three Stooges” of the wind industry, Chapman, Marsh and Clarke, however every day the dig their holes a little bit deeper, until, fortunately for the rest of us, they will dig themselves into oblivion.

    In Clarke’s case, hypocritical doesn’t seem anywhere near strong enough.

  14. Says a lot about the wind industry and its associates…

  15. Andreas Marciniak says:

    well look what the Cat dragged home ? so that is what happened, the one night you slept under the Turbine in Waterloo, just to remind you, you wrote, the number of times you WOKE UP you could not hear any noise from the wind Turbines, so that must have been the mobile phone tower that gave you that restless night sleep ? you NIMBY.


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