Marshall Madigan Saddles Up

John Madigan

John “Marshall” Madigan


In the last week eco-fascist and greentard bloggers like the Climate Speculator, yes2ruining-us and ruin-economy have been crowing like spoiled brats over Infigen’s little “win” in VCAT in the Cherry Tree case.

Remember the adage about wanting your cake and eating it too?  Well, Cherry Tree is one cake that will never be consumed.

Infigen managed to overturn the unanimous decision of the Mitchell Shire Council to reject its plan to lob 16 giant fans on top of the magnificent Cherry Tree range. It did it by working behind the scenes – with the “help” of the wind industry’s goons at the University of Sydney – to get the Vic Health Dept to create a complete work of fiction on giant fans, noise, sleep and health – an anonymously authored document which has been thoroughly slammed by the world’s top acoustic experts, including one of the most respected acoustic experts in Australia – Professor Colin Hansen.  It was also berated by crack neuro-physiologist, Professor Alec Salt.

The Council received over 120 objections to the Cherry Tree disaster, and heard from only one supporter in favour: a bearded, sandal-wearing-troglodyte who doesn’t live anywhere near the Cherry Tree range. Funny about that.

hippy on bike

CEO of BEAM – known as “Bazza” to his mates.


We’re told – from his looks – he might be related to Crystal Brook’s monstrous hypocrite, Dave Clarke?

However, these are 16 fans that will NEVER be built.

They most certainly won’t be built by Infigen.  STT’s favourite whipping boys – formerly known as Babcock and Brown – are under pressure from their banker to sell all of their Australian “assets” ASAP. But, they’re aren’t finding any willing takers.

These boys run a fleet of clapped out Suzlon s88s that are literally falling to pieces; and they’re bleeding cash – having backed up a $55 million loss with an $80 million loss in the last financial year – they blamed the wind for their poor financial returns.

STT hears that – as soon as it flogs its Australian wind farms – Infigen will be “relocating” its operations to the US.  They might be liars and crooks, but they’re not completely stupid – well, maybe a bit.  With the RET review around the corner, the policy environment for wind weasels in Australia is about to turn toxic; and their banker knows it.

STT hears that the review is odds-on to be headed up by the Productivity Commission, which has already signaled its readiness to drive a stake through the heart of this subsidy driven rort.  By comparison, for the time being, the US looks like a veritable wind weasel paradise.

The Australian electricity market is flatter than a pancake and there is no way Infigen will find any retailer stupid enough to sign a Power Purchase Agreement, without which it will never obtain any finance to build.

Sorry boys – you can “win” many a battle, but still lose the war: think of that crazy little German with the Charlie Chaplin moustache.

Never lose sight of the bigger picture.

And one picture that is about to be drawn into sharp focus is the move by Victorian Sen John “Marshall” Madigan and – the former hero of Hume – Alby “the Sheriff” Schultz to uncover criminal activity by wind weasels at Waubra (Acciona), Cape Bridgewater (Pac Hydro), Windy Hill (RATCH) and Macarthur (AGL).

Here’s The Courier’s take on the last round-up.

John Madigan grills energy regulator on Waubra wind farm noise levels
The Courier
Gav McGrath
26 November 2013

FEDERAL senator John Madigan has accused the Clean Energy Regulator of “washing its hands” of evidence the Waubra wind farm had failed to comply with regulated noise standards.

The Democratic Labour Party senator said it was not good enough for CER chief executive Chloe Munro to shift responsibility for shutting down energy providers if evidence of non-compliance existed.

Senator Madigan had grilled Ms Munro on what he described as “systemic regulatory failure” at the Waubra wind farm, during a Senate Estimates hearing.

He said non-compliance by wind farm operator Acciona was evident in ministerial briefing notes to Victorian Planning Minister Matthew Guy obtained by Senator Madigan’s office via the Freedom of Information Act.

One briefing note obtained by Senator Madigan advised Mr Guy of the existence of “special acoustic characteristics” from the Waubra wind farm impacting properties near the facility and that “DPCD (Department of Planning and Community Development) and EPA (Environment Protection Authority) remain concerned that noise compliance has not been achieved”.

“It’s simply not good enough for the organisation responsible for regulating clean energy operators in Victoria to wash their hands of this issue when there clear evidence of non-compliance at the Waubra wind farm exists,” Senator Madigan said yesterday.

“I would’ve thought that one of the key tasks of the CER would be to act on non-compliance issues within the clean energy sector, but it appears not.”

Senator Madigan said he provided documentation of Acciona’s non-compliance to Ms Munro during Monday’s Senate Estimates hearing, as well as highlighting previous correspondence he had with the CER, before demanding to know why its accreditation had not been suspended.

Ms Munro said it was a decision for the state.

“We have had no evidence from them that there is a determination to suspend their planning accreditation for contravention of their approval requirements and their permit conditions,” Ms Munro said.

Meanwhile, Senator Madigan received a copy of the petition from Waubra community members yesterday asking for the Waubra Foundation to remove the town’s name from its title.

The Waubra Foundation is an organisation that promotes the interests of residents who report health issues from living near wind turbines.

Waubra resident Kerryn Gallagher said in a statement Senator Madigan had listened to the pleas of people from the town.

“Wind farm sound is just a part of our landscape now.

“It’s not excessive and it doesn’t bother us,” Ms Gallagher said.

Waubra farmer Doug Hobson said he acknowledged compliance had not been finalised but “we don’t see this as a barrier for the foundation to drop our name right now”.
The Courier

At the same time Marshall Madigan was raising wind industry mayhem in Melbourne, Sheriff Schultz was rounding up wind weasels in Sydney.  STT will bring you reports on Alby’s roundup soon.


So Marshall, do you think Frank Bestic will help us round up his old bosses at RATCH? Sure Sheriff, he’s ready to ride with anyone if there’s a buck in it.

About stopthesethings

We are a group of citizens concerned about the rapid spread of industrial wind power generation installations across Australia.


  1. Harry Makris says:

    The Keyneton wind farm (and now the Palmer wind farm) proposal is an insult to intelligence….

    ………It exposes the gulf of misunderstanding between…
    ….the Citi-centric and the Rural way of life……

    Accordingly, The “real” Rural communities (as opposed to the fake)..have taken up the mantle to put an end to this insanity by exposing how “bad it is”…and ..”how bad it can get”…that is,..

    if reason does not prevail…..they are messing with our lives…!

  2. Mr Hockey got it right with Grain Corp. Now get it right with the wind industry by getting rid of the industrial wind turbines. Mr Abbot & Mr Hockey, this the best way to help get the GREAT AUS back on the rails. This country has great skills for great things, let’s not waste them on useless wind turbines which destroy peoples lives and sends us further into debt.

    We have a great country, and let’s keep it that way.

  3. Crispin Trist says:

    If there are no Wind Farm noise and health related issues at Waubra, why did Acciona see fit to purchase 7 properties in and around the site?

    David Clarke announced this at a packed public Wind Farm meeting in Mortlake last year. Acciona also stated, in an article that preceded this meeting, that the people of Mortlake were in support of the Mortlake Wind Farm. So far it has not been built.

    The meeting was standing room only. The mood of the room was overwhelmingly opposed to the Mortlake Wind Farm development. In fact, Acciona left before the end of the meeting to escape the pressure of the situation.

    More lies from Acciona.

  4. David Mortimer says:

    We can’t really blame organisations such as VCAT. They can only make decisions based on the laws associated with wind farm development and if all the legal boxes are ticked, the project gets the tick. The project will only be withdrawn if it is not financially viable to proceed as is shown by the lack of finance available in today’s market. The lending institutions have cottoned on, so why not the gutless governments?

    The energy policies must be reviewed and the legislation that not only supports the wind industry but in fact mandates wind energy, must be repealed.

    Where does it say that renewable only equals wind?? Planting forests to be used as combustible fuel for electricity generation is renewable but it is hardly clean. Show me any power generation system that doesn’t have a significant carbon or other detrimental footprint.

    A renewable energy policy and associated target is admirable but for goodness sake, at least get it right and please stop treating those of us already affected by the sonic torture machines and those about to be, as acceptable collateral damage.

    Bring on a royal commission and show this wind and solar scam for what it is and hold those responsible for this perpetration of a serious felony to account.

  5. Jackie Rovenksy says:

    Infigen’s banker may have to wait a long time for their money, as Infigen is struggling to sell off their ‘assets’. Who wants to take on something with only a true life span of 15 years or less before it becomes too expensive to maintain? Let alone considering the RET will become better managed or eliminated.

    Have any projects been assessed to see if they have met or continue to meet their claimed production performance?

    If not, shouldn’t they be classed as ‘non-compliant’ or at least the companies should pay compensation for not meeting their agreed performance capabilities?

    After all it is their claimed performance which they use to sell their projects to the public and authorities.

    It’s the claimed performance which over-rides any consideration of other factors such as health and environmental issues when projects are assessed for approval.

    Isn’t it the claimed performance which is meant to be the answer to achieving the closure of other forms of energy production?

    Don’t they claim if the wind is not blowing in one place it will be blowing in another, are they able to prove they can maintain production sufficient to cover the production lost without ‘black-outs’ when the wind isn’t blowing somewhere in the system – without backup from other forms of energy production – now or in the future?

    Can this, so we are led to believe, infallible industry, prove all their claims, even when taking into account individual projects will require to be replaced every 15 or so years, and can they ensure the cost to the public will not continue to cause energy bills to rise, due to this necessity?

    Can they explain what will happen when older production sites need replacing, will they need to erect twice as many or more to cope with the loss of the older plants? Will this require a continual need to find locations to install the ‘spares’?

    Whether it’s Infigen’s financial problems or Acciona’s accountability problems this industry is dying. It is an old industry which only continues because of stupidity and greed. It’s a technology that has never developed other than getting bigger; it’s a technology which cannot prove its worth. It’s going the way of the Dodo, at least the Dodo died out because it was useful but trusting. This industry will die out because it is not useful and cannot be trusted.

  6. I feel that the “win” of Infigen at the VCAT meeting was a reflection of a panel that couldn’t understand science that well. The VCAT decision expresses legalistic fixations with out-dated and poorly formulated official government positions that ignore expert opinion and published scientific papers.

  7. Harry Makris says:

    The true Cost of Wind Farms… why would anyone in their right mind pursue this disaster…..

    Wind machines have a massive carbon and geographic footprint, are a drain on Government revenues,… have questionable productivity, financial and technical claims,…. escalate electricity costs, and create a “foreign corporate dependence” in regard to electricity production and maintenance…..

    They are large and cumbersome,.. visually offensive,… a danger to aircraft,… relentless killers of all manner of bird life including the majestic wedge tail Eagle which lives and breeds on the ridges.

    Industrial wind farms are socially intrusive and divisive,… physically and mentally disturbing,… environmentally destructive,… financially damaging to surrounding communities creating a litigation nightmare,…. and, with far too many moving-parts to be considered green, sustainable, or whatever other motherhood tag one wishes to apply.

    Wind farms are old technology and only serve the foreign wind manufacturing industries which are Hungry for new markets…..

    Politicians from both sides are moving away from the current wind farm strategy in regard to wind farm approvals around communities, and are now calling for a Moratorium,… and I suspect, not before too long, a Royal Commission to find out where the money went and who got it….
    …..and with a further $5 billion of proposed wind farm installation in South Australia….
    ….Please tell me there won’t be any leakage$$$$..

    What an inane state of affairs….!!

    • Maureen Campbell says:

      The point is Harry, we are the faceless nameless people. Nobody cares what happens to the once beautiful country, It’s not in my back yard. Australians needs to grow up and start to make their voices heard – not sit back and say it will be alright it won’t!
      People say, oh it’s only so many, what harm can they do? Well believe me it might be only be say 40 now, but in the next few years there will be 140, if not more. Please wake up Australia now.

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