The Muppets take Waterloo

We’ve already given one of the SA Parliament’s Greens, Mark Parnell a good ol’ STT roast up in our post “No Blacker day for the Greens”.


The other one, scorched herself, diddling the ATO – what’s that you say about “double standards”? Ah, the “deep-Green” is ready to scream for the Government of the day to spend every last cent of your taxes (and then some more) – but can’t be bothered to chip into the pot. Things that make you go – Hmmmm.

Anyhow, we digress, here’s an ABC report on Grover’s trip to Waterloo.


Wind farm sleep experiment provides no answers
891 ABC Adelaide
Brett Williamson
29 May 2013

Greens MLC Mark Parnell slept under a turbine at the Waterloo wind farm in South Australia overnight to experience conditions similar to local resident, and woke up this morning none the wiser.

The local Member of Legislative Council and board member of a parliamentary wind farm monitoring group told 891 Breakfast he ‘slept pretty well’, reporting his only problem was the wind strength pulling the pegs out on his tent.

Mr Parnell said you could certainly hear the sounds of the turbines.

“In some ways it reminded me of camping down at Port Elliot and places by the sea where you have got this constant drone of noise in the background.”

He said he also experienced feeling some vibration from the turbine as he slept on the ground.

Mr Parnell said that at one stage the wind was blowing from due north, and with ‘at least 20 wind turbines upwind’ of him, he believed he had experienced a ‘full dose’ of the effects.

He pitched his tent between the turbine array and the township of Waterloo.

After meeting the residents of Waterloo yesterday afternoon and discussing their concerns about the wind farms Mr Parnell said, “I don’t doubt for one minute the experience that these people have, the symptoms that they feel, the lack of sleep, the buzzing in their head.

“What is problematic is trying to ascertain whether there is medical evidence that these symptoms are caused by wind farms.”

Mr Parnell said that he had spoken with concerned residents in the area yesterday, a population he estimated to be at about 75 homes within five kilometres of the wind farm, and found various views from local residents he spoke with at the local pub afterwards.

“There are a range of views, but most of the people I spoke to at the pub didn’t have a problem with it.”

Mr Parnell was invited by local residents who had expressed concerns with the emissions from the wind farms, some of who had left their homes, to spend a night in a house that had been abandoned.

He had previously agreed to do so, with plans to stay in a vacant house on a following visit.

“These things are divisive, but I’m not convinced that calls like moratoriums, stop building these wind farms, I don’t believe that is the way to go.”

Those supporting the removal of the wind farms believed Mr Parnell’s views were ‘green power at all costs’.

He refuted the claims, saying he believed blanket rulings could not be enforced for all wind farm plans as local topography would require case-by-case rulings.

“I don’t think that any of the people that I met with yesterday expected me to say ‘well as a result of listening to you I am going to call for this wind farm to be closed down’; that is not going to happen.

“What we do need to do is make sure that when new wind farms are being sited, they’re located in a way to minimise adverse impact.”
ABC 891

STT has been to Waterloo and has never been able to down a brew there – ‘cause there ain’t no pub.

So STT is keen to know where it was that Parnell found that “most of the people I spoke to at the pub didn’t have a problem with it” and just who these people were? Downing an organically grown, Pinot Gris in the Norwood Hotel with your fellow green travellers, doesn’t really count.

As to sleeping in a tent under a turbine, STT is more than just a little puzzled at how that is meant to equate to living inside a house 1.3 to 8km downwind from these mechanical monsters, being belted by low frequency noise, huge air pressure fluctuations and ground borne vibration, night after merciless night, as the Waterloo residents most certainly are?

And you’ll never guess who Parnell’s pup-tent-bunk-mate was? Here’s a little clue.

A brush with even basic physics will inform those capable and willing to be informed, that the air pressure variations that cause the head and ear pressure sensations commonly complained of, start at blade height (30m off the ground) and travel with the prevailing wind over huge distances. So does the low frequency noise generated by the 50m blades, with their tips travelling at 350km/h.

For the benefit of all Muppets, to make this difficult concept easier to grasp, we’ve included this picture.


About stopthesethings

We are a group of citizens concerned about the rapid spread of industrial wind power generation installations across Australia.


  1. green lies and videotape says:

    Mark Parnell “What is problematic is trying to ascertain whether there is medical evidence that these symptoms are caused by wind farms.”

    It is clearly not ‘problematic’ if the Greens (and politicians of all persuasions) support Government funded independent medical and acoustic research that the Senate committee (chaired by a Green senator) ‘urgently’ recommended over 2 years ago. Oh, and if they cared to acknowledge the Kelley/NASA research of the mid 80’s scientifically proving a cause and effect link between wind turbine acoustic emissions and adverse health impacts to neighbours.

    But that would be ‘acting on facts’ – something the Greens are loath to do unless it has the imprimatur of Vestas and the wind lobby, who contribute funds to the Greens. If you don’t look you won’t find. The Greens are experts at willing blindness because they are being paid to be so.

    Shame on Parnell for the Green tongue. He cannot even lie straight in his tent. But I guess that was because he was sharing with Dave Clarke? Enough to give camping a bad name.

  2. Wind brick says:

    Delirious Dave ”hightower’ Clarke & Mark Parnell in the same tent? Where’s the blade throw when you need it?

  3. I think we all knew what the outcome would be, before he even went there. After all, people don’t live under the bloody turbines. David Ridgeway said on the radio, that he wanted the committee to go up there and spend a night in one of the affected houses, I know there are plenty of people willing to offer them a house, but Mr. Parnell is smarter than that.

    I bloody laughed when you mentioned his bunk mate, I only thought at the time, he would have to be there.

  4. The Squirrel says:

    The real tragedy of this turkey’s exercise (and he looks like he needs plucking) is that the stupid media gave him more publicity than the recognised world professionals, who are actually reporting factual and scientific evidence which blows the wind industry apart. This is nothing more than a Watermelon’s stunt, green on the outside and red on inside, but getting more rotten.


  5. I’m glad you picked up on the shit about having a Beer with the locals STT. What Pub? The Waterloo Pub has been closed for more then 10 years. It was just 250 meters from my home, and the two lovely people there have problems with the Turbines.

    And he slept so well … the only problem that he had was that his tent wrapped itself around him … yes he must have slept well LOL.

    And what time was he up to do the interview on the radio?
    May be he slept in the same place as Mr. Dave Clarke?

    And this quote “I don’t think that any of the people that I met with yesterday expected me to say ‘well as a result of listening to you I am going to call for this wind farm to be closed down’, that is not going to happen.”

    I ask – WHY NOT ?????

    And again…
    “What we do need to do is make sure that when new wind farms are being sited, they’re located in a way to minimise adverse impact.”?????

    What ADVERSE IMPACT??????
    So now there is a problem ????
    Other wise why would you say that ????

  6. I can not believe this man could get up, after sleeping one night under a turbine, and say there was nothing to complain about. You don’t get lung cancer after smoking one cigarette. What an idiot! Fool, and how thick is he? No wonder the Greens will never run the country, thank God.


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