The Answers you get – depend on the Questions you ask

The Battle for Bodangora begins.

Brewing for some time – the battle for Bodangora, NSW is on in earnest – as Infigen sets out to lie and bully its way to planning approval.

Oh yes, Infigen isn’t afraid to gild the lily when it comes to getting its way and is more than happy to ride roughshod over locals to get there. For the outfit formerly known as Babcock and Brown – it’s all just part of the game.

Infigen is in dire financial straits and desperate to get development approval for the nightmare it wants to deliver to Bodangora. It MUST have that approval so it can flog its plans (in the unlikely event it gets approval) on to some other sucker and keep its banker off its back. This is “last roll of the corporate dice” stuff.

It’s in desperate financial trouble and looking to flog all 6 of its windfarms asap – and before its clapped out Suzlon S88 turbines literally fall apart.

The local rag from nearby Wellington, the Daily Liberal has started reporting on the locals’ fight to prevent Bodangora from becoming another hell on earth. The first in a series from the Daily Liberal appears below.

Of note is the result of an online survey The Daily Liberal has included in the article which proves that the answer you get depends very much on the question you ask.

Ecofascist outfits like the Clean Energy Council – and the greentard blogs that do their paymasters’ bidding – like yes2ruining-us, the Climate Speculator and ruin-economy – trot out so-called “surveys” that claim to show that 250% of all registered Green voters can’t wait to get a slice of “turbine heaven” lobbed into some unknown and distant farmer’s backyard. No surprises there.

The handful that respond to the loaded questions designed to get the answer needed will never have turbines in their own backyard. In reality – it’s always about lobbing them into somebody else’s.

The apparent purpose of ecofascist surveys is to convince the gullible – and those that have been living under rocks – that everyone loves giant fans and that only a few bark-chewing, climate change denying, redneck, nut jobs are opposed to them.

We don’t blame ecofascists for trying to conjure up fictional support for the unsupportable – that lark is perfectly consistent with their raison d’etre:

The agenda of modern radical environmentalism is not saving or improving the environment, if ever it was, but to control and fundamentally restructure capitalist societies through the manipulative management of energy resources.
(Taxing Air, Facts & Fallacies About Climate Change, Bob Carter, Kelpie Press, p60)

And outfits like Infigen are the sharks that simply look to snack on the cash thrown up by the moment of political opportunism created by ecofascists – on their behalf.

Now here’s the result of a survey when the question is put in very simple terms: “would you support a windfarm in YOUR backyard?”


A fair question – with an unsurprising answer.

Of course the answer is going to be different if the question is: “would you support a windfarm in somebody else’s backyard?”

Monstrous hypocrites like Dave Clarke – Crystal Brook’s answer to J Edgar Hoover – work on the principle that forcing 200 giant fans on the people of Yorke Peninsula is a sacrifice HE’S willing to make. Just don’t ask him to tolerate a mobile phone tower anywhere within a bull’s roar of him.

And remember that the “surveys” relied upon by ecofascists and greentards are years old now – irrelevant when they started – stale and irrelevant now.

In the last 12 or 18 months the wind weasels have completely lost control of their agenda.

A little like the boy who cried Wolf. The moral of that tale is NOT that “you must never tell a lie”. The moral is “you must never tell the same lie twice”.

STT has lost count of the number of times the same lies have been repeated by wind weasels and the parasites that feed off of them.

But – like the townsfolk who left the fibbing boy to the mercy of the Wolf – Australians are waking up (as is the rest of the world) to the fact that wind power is the greatest fraud ever committed.

Boy Who Cried Wolf

Why won’t they listen to me anymore?!?

ALL REASONABLE PEOPLE stopped listening to wind weasels and their apologists long ago – it’s now about “outrage management” – a job for “Futureye”.

Australian power consumers (which means all of us) are painfully aware of the escalation in their power bills. And the mainstream media are finally waking up that it has nothing to do with a carbon tax, nothing to do with “poles and wires” and everything to do with the inbuilt cost of wind power. Spiralling costs – the result of the mandated RET and PPAs (when the wind is blowing) and the insane costs of peaking power when the wind stops blowing 80-100 times a year as a meteorological certainty.

People in general are also now acutely aware of the health risks and the harm caused by incessant low-frequency turbine noise, including infra-sound and the disastrous impacts on a large number of totally innocent people, including very young children.

STT says that as soon as reasonable people get to grips with the fact that their power bills are being driven through the roof by unreliable, intermittent and ludicrously costly wind power their attitude switches.

When presented with stories of the suffering caused to hard-working rural people by giant fans their attitude to wind power stiffens to the point of hostility.

When they learn that all that cost and all that suffering results in no measurable environmental benefit – simply because intermittent wind power does not and can not reduce CO2 emissions – reasonable people start to sharpen their pitchforks.


Joe Hockey placates a mob of angry power consumers with a promise to scrap the RET

STT thinks The Daily Liberal survey result simply reflects the turning tide – to take part in the survey follow the link here.

Health risks linked to wind farm
The Daily Liberal
30 July 2013

THE COMPOUNDING impacts of infrasound and low frequency acoustic pollution were the central themes of an address by Waubra Foundation chief executive officer Dr Sarah Laurie to a Planning Assessment Commission public meeting in Wellington.

Dr Laurie told the Daily Liberal her initial feelings towards wind farming was aligned with sustainable energy production when a wind energy project proposed for the hills near her property in South Australia.

However, when she was alerted to health problems associated with wind turbines, Dr Laurie decided there was potentially serious health problems associated with them.

She decided to delve deeper into the issue and became aware, despite the health problems being described around the world, there was a lack of research and need for more research.

Dr Laurie’s address to the meeting will be used to point out the lack of respect shown by wind generation companies to scientific analysis showing the health risks to those people who lived in close proximity to the turbines.

She said the project planned for Bodangora with 33 turbines posed serious health risks for those people who lived in the small community and on neighbouring farms. The turbines proposed [three megawatt Vestas turbines] to be installed at Bodangora will be equal to the largest of their type in the nation and are also being used on a wind farm at Macarthur in Western Victoria.

“The most common impact of wind turbines is interrupted sleep,” Dr Laurie said.

She said people who lived near wind farms were lied to, bullied and ridiculed by the operators about health risks from turbine activity.

Dr Laurie also described the cover up by government bureaucracy in regard to windfarming as being equal to that of big tobacco, asbestos and thalidomide.

“We really only deal with health and noise,” she said describing the foundation’s work.

“The anti wind local groups have a lot of other issues – as do the anti coal and anti CSG groups. We work with each of them but we are completely separate, deliberately.

“And of course those who don’t like what we have to say are always saying that we are ‘anti-wind’ or funded by big coal.

“Both are untrue,” Dr Laurie said.

“No one apart from the impacted residents wants to hear what we have to say. But they cannot ignore it any longer.”

The Daily Liberal will publish more reports from the Planning Assessment Commission’s meeting in Wednesday’s edition.
The Daily Liberal

About stopthesethings

We are a group of citizens concerned about the rapid spread of industrial wind power generation installations across Australia.


  1. Grant Winberg says:

    Infigen Energy’s 33 turbine wind farm planned for Bodangora, near Dubbo in central NSW, was approved by the NSW Planning Assessment Commission late last week with the ruling only made public on Monday (2 September 2013).

    Its approval having theoretically placed value on Infigen’s project (which Infigen will no doubt flick on to foreign developers), the PAC said NSW Health “was very clear in its advice” that “there is no published scientific evidence to link wind turbines with adverse health effects”. Really? Are these people so one eyed that they can’t read?
    Surely they know by now that when public service officials provide licences, such as those handed out to ICAC’s current customers, their actions will be subject to review and they will be held accountable.

  2. Jackie Rovensky says:

    I truly dislike surveys, as said above the questions asked can twist/skew answers to the result the pollster wants. Also the type of survey can misrepresent and or skew the answers so the pollster gets the result they want. The type of survey undertaken by many of the wind industry companies are designed so that those living further from the project have a greater influence on the result.

    At Allendale East Acciona’s commissioned a telephone survey, circling from the epicentre of the project outwards to a distance of 50+km. This resulted in very few people being ‘interviewed/surveyed’ where it was to be built, with greatest number being on the outer boundary of the survey area. The majority would not be living with it, but Acciona put this forward as evidence that the community supported it!!!!!

    The problem is that much of the media and its readers/watchers just accept such results without comment or assessment of the questions asked, who was asked or what type of survey was conducted.

    If I am asked if I support renewable energy, I would have to in all honesty say yes – but this would be with proviso’s, which would include things such as the type of renewable energy, how it was to operate, where it was to operate, cost, and environmental soundness. If the question/survey does not allow for this then I would not answer it. So what would the result then indicate – I probably don’t know enough about renewable energy, so need to be bombarded with industry indoctrination, or perhaps I just don’t care, have no interest in the subject – none of which is true I simply don’t like the open ended question being asked.

    If you are asked to participate in a survey ask to see the questions first and ask what form of survey is being undertaken, ask who commissioned it, ask what use the results are going to be put to and read the questions very carefully, don’t let the surveyor read them to you – they can put an emphasis on aspects with or without realising it. In doing this you will also be able to pick where the same question is being asked in different ways, which can point to the true point of the survey.

  3. Grant Winberg says:

    The NSW Planning Assessment Commission’s decision making process and outcome for Bodangora will be telling and probably representative of their future decisions for the pipeline of proposals lodged and placed before it, particularly those lodged in a rush in the last days of the previous Labor NSW government.

    I believe the Planning Assessment Commission reviews the recommendations of the NSW Dept of Planning etc. And like the new cricket 3rd umpire review system – regardless of the facts presented, a recommendation by the Dept will not be readily dismissed. If, however, the PAC has a true interest in protecting the particular community’s welfare, it will independently assess the veracity and integrity of the facts presented to it and be mindful of the impact of any approval on all members of the relevant community. While accountability is not passed from the Minister and/or the Dept to the PAC – it is shared, the PAC is obviously responsible for the final outcome.

  4. On the rocks says:

    RePower or Reprocessed?

    Same story, different state, with the Ceres project on Yorke Peninsula. Suzlon energy are a basket case with the majority of its shareholders being banks and bond holders. They are in a liquidity crunch, with projects around the world being canned or stalled. We look forward to their quarterly results today!

    The proponents Yorke Peninsula wind farms know the possibility of this project going ahead in the short term is non-existent, however a tick of approval from the Minister would no doubt generate a payout for them.

    Their PR team and consultant have failed badly in consulting with the local community. One wonders why they thought that bullying tactics on the council and local people would have a positive effect? They have changed tact of late and are using hosts to expel the benefits of the project.

    There’s a macabre side to me that hopes they get the tick of approval but Suzy just can’t come good with the funds to pay these guys out.
    In the mean time, be prepared for all the verbal bullshit from these desperadoes in the lead up to the verbal submissions. It’s dragging on a bit boys and elections are coming, can’t you hurry up the process guru?


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