The fraud of Waubra wind farm

Well  may we say God save the Queen, because nothing will save the wind industry if Madigan gets the balance of power in the Senate at the next election.

Take note below of who voted which way. Come September, vote accordingly.

In the meantime, write, call and visit your local Member and Senator.

And remember, in the words of Martin Luther King:

“The purpose of our direct action program is to create a situation so crisis-packed that it will inevitably open the door to negotiation.”

The following is a direct transcript from the Senate today.

HANSARD – Thursday 14th March 2013

Senator Madigan: Mr President, I seek leave to make a brief statement.

The PRESIDENT:  Leave is granted for one minute.

Senator  MADIGAN:    Since  2009,  Acciona’s  Waubra  wind  farm  in  Victoria  has  been operating as a Clean Energy Regulator accredited energy supplier, allowing it to receive tens of millions of dollars in renewable energy certificates. But to be accredited you must prove that  you  are  compliant  and  to  be  compliant  you  must  supply  a  certificate  of  compliance from the relevant state authority.

In Victoria, that authority is the Department of Planning and  Community  Development.  That  department  has  advised  my  office  that  the  Waubra wind  farm  has  not  been  signed  off  by  the  minister  on  any  noise  compliance,  despite operating for 3½ years. As Acciona has no certificate of compliance it cannot be compliant, cannot qualify for accreditation by the CER and cannot qualify to receive tens of millions of dollars of RECs that it has received to date.

If this is the standard of the accreditation process where energy providers can gain access to billions of dollars of RECs without having to prove compliance, then nothing short of a review of the entire accreditation process and investigation into the ease with which these RECs are distributed will satisfy the Australian public.

The PRESIDENT:  The question now is that the motion moved by Senator Madigan be agreed to.

Motion: That the Senate—

(a)     notes that:

(i)     the Assistant Director of Regional Projects for the Department of Planning and Community Development in Victoria has confirmed That the Waubra Wind Farm, which has been under review since it commenced in 2009, has not been signed off on any noise compliance by the Planning Minister, Mr Matthew Guy, therefore making it non compliant,

(ii)     to obtain accreditation from the Clean Energy Regulator, the Waubra Wind Farm must provide evidence that it is compliant with all state permit requirements, and

(iii)     as a result of having been granted Clean Energy Regulator accreditation of its Waubra Wind Farm, Acciona has received tens of millions of dollars in Renewable Energy Certificates (REC); and

(b)     calls on the Government to:

(i)     order a review of the accreditation process, and a review of the accreditation of all other wind farms that have been accredited under the same regulations as the Waubra Wind Farm, and

(ii) order an investigation of how many REC have been raised by non compliant power stations and traded into REC markets as well as the extent to which REC markets and REC market prices may have been distorted by this activity.

The Senate divided. [12:13]

The President—Senator Hogg

Ayes ………………….33

Noes ………………….36



Back, CJ    Bernardi, C

Birmingham, SJ    Boswell, RLD

Boyce, SK    Brandis, GH

Bushby, DC    Cash, MC

Colbeck, R    Edwards, S

Eggleston, A    Fawcett, DJ

Fierravanti-Wells, C    Fifield, MP

Heffernan, W    Humphries, G

Johnston, D    Joyce, B

Kroger, H (teller)    Macdonald, ID

Madigan, JJ    Mason, B

McKenzie, B    Nash, F

Payne, MA    Ronaldson, M

Ruston, A    Ryan, SM

Scullion, NG    Sinodinos, A

Smith, D    Williams, JR

Xenophon, N


Bilyk, CL    Bishop, TM

Brown, CL    Cameron, DN

Carr, KJ    Collins, JMA

Crossin, P    Di Natale, R

Evans, C    Farrell, D

Feeney, D    Furner, ML

Gallacher, AM    Hanson-Young, SC

Hogg, JJ    Ludlam, S

Ludwig, JW    Lundy, KA

Marshall, GM    McEwen, A (teller)

McLucas, J    Milne, C

Moore, CM    Polley, H

Pratt, LC    Rhiannon, L

Siewert, R    Singh, LM

Sterle, G    Thistlethwaite, M

Thorp, LE    Urquhart, AE

Waters, LJ    Whish-Wilson, PS

Wong, P    Wright, PL


Abetz, E    Conroy, SM

Cormann, M    Stephens, U

Parry, S    Carr, RJ

Question negatived.



About stopthesethings

We are a group of citizens concerned about the rapid spread of industrial wind power generation installations across Australia.


  1. We deserve this new breath if fresh air through this change in government after the lies and all the suffering.

    Wind Farms are making people physically sick and we are being robbed through our electricity bills to pay for it.
    The people in the General public don’t get why Electricity costs have risen so much.

    Because I suffer from infrasound and low frequency noise from Industry I was told to look at the STT site. I have learnt so much in a short time. Thank you STT.

    I do point others to this great site in a hope of making them aware that I am not losing the plot and that infrasound and low frequency noise does exist.

    My hope is STT will get out in main steam media and also passed onto the Medics in General Practice and Medical Journals so it is recognised and reported to the necessary Authorities. Not the lame excuse that there are no studies that say the problem that I have exists.


  2. Wayne Williams says:

    Unfortunately common sense is not very common any more.
    But one thing is certain is corruption is very common.

  3. Old Ranga from Victoria says:

    Let’s start calling the things what they actually are: wind factories, not wind farms. With those living nearby reduced to factory fodder.

    “Greens Support Factories” might make a good bumper sticker, non?

  4. grannyange71 says:

    Keep at it Senator Madigan. It is unbelievable that politicians are so stupid, but stupid in the right way, directly towards their hip pockets and their vested interests. It is heartbreaking that Australia has gone down the same track as other countries, no longer caring about its people. How on earth can we extricate ourselves out of this mess?

  5. The Greens are not green as they are for industrial machines called wind turbines. These consist of materials causing CO2 emissions. These WTs require backup from coal or gas 24/7 along with RECs are helping to cause rising electricity prices. Worldwide over 600 wind turbine victim associations in 27 countries have complaints against WTs suffering noise and/or health issues. They have only gotten bigger not better. Thank goodness for Senators with knowledge instead of ignorance or complicity with the wind industry. Hosts are ‘gagged’ from speaking out when affected and have no say about their own properties. The sooner they are gone then the sooner people can go home.

  6. Grant Winberg says:

    Thank you to Senator Maddigan and all of the AYES. No matter where Australians’ opinions lie in regard to causes of climate change and increases in electricity prices, and wind turbines in general or inappropriate placement of wind turbines, sacrifice of non host ‘road kill’ in the interests for the ‘greater good’, etc, etc., if a citizen receives any form of social security payment which is ultimately discovered to have been wrongly paid by the Govt and thus wrongly received by that citizen, that citizen must repay that amount to the Govt and additionally bear the risk of being accused by the Govt of wrongly claiming entitlement to that payment by the Govt.
    The NOES have been recorded in Hansard as validating this error of the Govt having paid wrongly claimed REC’s to the wind turbine operators. While some of the NOES might be excused for their ignorance (Greens) or one sightedness (vote along party lines), there can be no excuse for clear thinking representatives of the Australian electorate to effectively vote in favour of such irresponsible lack of enforcement of Australian laws.
    TRANSPARENCY, COMPLIANCE, ACCOUNTABILITY, ENFORCEMENT all out of the window (except for the unfortunate recipient of excess social security payments).

  7. I think Senator Madigan should be the next Prime Minister.

    • Yes I agree!. John Madigan is a good man and an honest and passionate man who is truly committed to serving the people instead of self serving like so many politicians these days. Vote for John Madigan!!!!

  8. Jeff's Last Goodbye says:

    What am I missing? We have potential, if not actual, and I believe actual evidence of fraud on a grand scale against the Australian taxpayer. How can the greens and a suppossedly socialist government vote against the abuse of the common wealth of the people of this country? The renewable energy market, and yes it is a market, will be shown to be as much a hollow promise and a trojan horse as the dot com bullshit, the housing real estate bubble (except it was not real) and every other connivance that shysters have been coming up with over the centuries. Shylock would be proud. It is time for the people to rise against compliant , complicit and corrupt governance. Yes, you clowns we are on to you

    complicit, corrupt governance. It is well beyond time to no longer tolerate AGL, Infigen


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