June 18, 2013 – this is the time


“Attitude is a little thing that makes a big difference.”

Winston Churchill

STT says it is time to stop pussyfooting around.

While it’s safe to assume the Coalition will cruise to victory in September, don’t assume they are on our side.  It’s time to put them in the spotlight and find out precisely where they stand.

 Dark forces are operating which are way beyond the power of mere mortal MPs to resist (think bucket loads of money greasing the path to power and a fat pile of consultant’s fees post politics).

 STT has identified at least one Coalition MP ready to wallow in the wind power cesspit that we know is filled with money, greed and influence.

 The wind industry backed by the government’s thought police continue to get away with the claim that rural people just can’t wait for a wind farm to lob into their communities.

The “I love turbines” Victorian Premier “Nacelle Napthine” apparently can’t get enough windfarm action.

While the windmill-loving wonder sucks up to the industry it’s clear he has no idea what fuels it.  Fronted by the locals he claimed that there were no government subsidies involved in the wind industry at all.  He apparently hadn’t heard of Renewable Energy Certificates.  STT gives Nacelle Napthine a big doughnut on his Electricity Industry 101 exam paper.  With dunces like that in charge, heaven help Victoria.

Anyway, we digress.  As we all know the main game is in Canberra where the RET policy was started and where it has to end.

The Coalition need to get the message loud and clear – and the message is simple. Australia simply can’t afford the great wind power fraud.

The RET and the REC has made a basic commodity unaffordable to the poorest in the community and is helping to flog the manufacturing industry to a slow and grueling death.

Adding the cost of a carbon tax and the REC – set to go to $90 – electricity prices are already punishing small business.

With the Federal Government effectively sanctioning a doubling of power prices over the next two or three years the Coalition will be helping to destroy businesses and harm families, all the while lining the pockets of a bunch of completely undeserving corporate criminals.

As Alby Schultz said: “The only reason people are not rioting in the streets about the unjustified increase in their power bills is that they simply have no idea what is going on.”

STT would like to think that over the last year or so a whole lot more people do know what’s going on and aren’t happy about it.

We’d never advocate a riot, but the time is right for marching in the streets.

So grab your placards, don your  tee-shirts and put your angry-face on for a march on Parliament in Canberra on Tuesday,  June 18,  2013.

STT thinks it’s time to let the Coalition know that Australia is not going to pay exorbitant prices for electricity simply on the basis of some ideological whim.

it's timeIt’s time to make it clear that rural communities in Australia welcome wind farms in the same way that the local punters in medieval England welcomed news that the Black Death had just showed up in their little Village.

STT knows that many Coalition MPs are well aware of the harm caused by giant wind turbines being lobbed into the heart of populated and productive rural Australia.

We know that Nick Xenophon and John Madigan get it: they have been battling away for almost a year now to get a sensible noise standard attached to REC entitlements.

PaulkeatingThis National Rally is an opportunity to make sure they all get it.  To rip off that great political undertaker: “this is the National Rally the country just has to have”.

This is not just a matter for country people trying to protect their rural communities. It’s about a battle for affordable electricity and the future of the country.

STT throws down the gauntlet to Coalition MPs to turn up and front the mob that assembles on June 18 to explain what the Coalition plans to do about the greatest fraud in Australian history.

We know that Nick Xenophon and John Madigan will be there with bells on.  And we expect to see Tony Abbott, Alby Schultz, Angus Taylor, Craig Kelly, Dan Tehan, Ron Boswell and lower house hopeful, Barnaby Joyce, front up.

If Abbott & Co want our votes, they should be asking not what their country can do for them, but what they can do for their country.

Macfarlane and Hunt we expect to be “no shows” but if the crowd is big enough and loud enough they might just pick up on the fact that we elect them to represent Australians, not Spanish wind farm operators or Danish turbine manufacturers.

So, put the date in your diaries and get in touch with your community leaders (they know who they are – and you do too) on what needs to be done to organise a big show of numbers in Canberra with one goal: to put an end to the great wind power fraud.

The Coalition members with the nacelles to front the crowd should be called on to justify the waffly position some in their parties seem to hold on “renewable energy” policy.

STT thinks the crowd should press the Coalition members to:

1. commit to scrap the REC

2. slap a moratorium on RECs until the July 2011 Senate recommendations on health research have been carried out

3. conduct a full audit on the RECs received by wind farm operators to ensure that any RECs obtained by fraud are recovered

4. prevent any more RECs being issued wherever there is evidence that the operator is in breach of State or Federal law (eg, Waubra).

Bear in mind that if the REC hits $90, as predicted, a single 3MW turbine will generate around $1million in subsidies per year until 2031.

That tidy little sum will be whacked on top of everyone’s power bills, driving power prices to jaw-dropping levels over the next couple of years.  The crowd that gathers will have every right to be more than just a little angry. angry

Now we know there will be grumbling from people who have been battling this lunacy for years now – tired of the battle; weakened by war; frustrated by official indifference and wind developer contempt.

STT knows too that all the great battles for human-kind were started by a few, but finished by many.

We have that tendency to sit back and watch others do all the hard work, but also an uncanny knack of jumping in to share the spoils at the end when the battle is won.

But this time round, don’t leave it all to the workers like Annie Gardner and Mary Morris.

Don’t let Annie and Mary be like the little red hen who couldn’t find any of her barnyard friends to help plant the wheat, tend the field, mill the flour or bake the bread; but all of them ready and eager to chomp into her crusty loaf when it was done.

martin-luther-kingGet in there people and get your hands dirty: get your friends and family on the “freedom” buses, planes, trains and automobiles.  Get ‘em all there: the people from the manufacturing game out of work because electricity costs sent their jobs offshore; the old age pensioners battling to pay their power bills; and the people being driven mad by turbine noise, night after merciless night.

Like it or not, we’re all in this together – well, maybe not the boys and girls from our ol’ fave, Infigen.

STT thinks that the wind industry is well and truly on the ropes, but our “never say die until it’s dead and buried” attitude means we won’t be happy until there is a garlic coated crucifix driven through the heart of this rort-ridden scam of the century.  Turn up, be loud and take our Country back.

Let June 18, 2013, be a day the Coalition won’t forget.

To help make this bigger than Ben Hur, STT will keep a notice board on the home page with updates and information.  Group leaders will be sending us their info and ideas and we’ll be keeping you up to date on the who, what and wherefores that matter, so stay tuned.

About stopthesethings

We are a group of citizens concerned about the rapid spread of industrial wind power generation installations across Australia.


  1. Jackie Rovensky says:

    This is wonderful. If we can get the media to write the truth about how the REC’s will be affecting everyones pockets, and the money each turbine will be making for the so called investors but who are the government authorised and assisted thieves of our money then Rally numbers will block Canberra streets, they will not only come from Rural Australia but from the cities as well.
    With the National and State economies being so bad our governments spending all this money on an industry which does not in anyway meet its claims by providing employment, investment or claimed energy output is more than a disgrace it is an example of a government which has been compromised and a government which is not fit to govern because it has sold out its nation to an ideology which destroys lives of its people in ways such as health, well being and ability to support and provide for themselves financially.
    If a Coalition Government does the same then Australia will become a third world country sold to the most cunning of criminals, those who promise everything and deliver nothing.

  2. It’s cheaper to stop it now, and remove or relocate any offending turbines. Nothing of that sort should ever be forced on anyone. It is immoral and unethical.

  3. Jim Hutson says:

    I think one of the most important Questions to be answered by the Coalition is,
    What are they going to do with Industrial Wind Turbine complexes that would not have gained approval if the proper scrutiny was applied,and are giving rise to health aspects, property values substantially decreased, and of course one of the most important reason, being driven from ones home.
    They are to be asked do they allow all of the above to happen or do they have the bottle and the guts to shut them down.
    Don’t accept the line that they were approved etc ,
    Don’t accept the line that they are allready there,
    Don’t accept the line it will be to costly to do anything about them,
    Don’t accept the line that it would effect our Foreign Trade.
    They placed them there without any thought or care for the people affected and they know the problems associated with These Things.

  4. There is a two way differential on politicians and wind turbines.

    One type looks forward to licking the RET cream with their friends. The other believes the industry fairy-tales about CO2 emission abatement.

    The former helped formulate the RET, the latter rubber stamped it and took the blame for the carbon tax.

    The former profit from wind, whereas the latter fight against the public forcing wind turbines down their throats whether they like it or not.

    The former should be charged with treason, whereas the latter should be have their mental facets examined.

    And that is where the story should end.

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