Hamish Cumming: Victorian Government engaged in “Fraud on a Grand Scale”

**** There are few campaigners who can match Victorian Western District farmer and grazier, Hamish Cumming for courage and sheer determination. Hamish is a true environmentalist – his love of endangered brolgas and his sterling efforts to prevent them being sliced and diced by giant fans, has made him a true Victorian legend.  Hamish has […]

John “Marshall” Madigan Declares War

  A couple of posts back we covered a Fin Review piece in which it was suggested that SA’s favourite Greek, Nick Xenophon and John “Marshall” Madigan had come out swinging in favour of the Clean Energy Finance Corporation (CEFC). At the time, STT said that Senators Xenophon and Madigan were merely using their positions […]

The fraud of Waubra wind farm

Well  may we say God save the Queen, because nothing will save the wind industry if Madigan gets the balance of power in the Senate at the next election. Take note below of who voted which way. Come September, vote accordingly. In the meantime, write, call and visit your local Member and Senator. And remember, […]