The Great Wind Power Fraud: Rotten The World Over

Whether it’s bribery and fraud; vote rigging scandals; tax fraud; investor fraud or REC fraud – wind weasels and their political enablers set a uniform standard that’s so low a red-bellied black snake could comfortably hurdle it.

Here’s STT Champion, James Delingpole telling woeful tales from three continents (the UK, the US and Australia) that only a Mafia Don would applaud.


Over $80m filched with the Victorian government’s help.
We’ve simply gotta have a slice of that Acciona Action.

One of them is well familiar to STT readers.  It’s the story of the unlawful receipt of Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs) at non-compliant wind farms all over the country, including a number of outfits in Victoria: Waubra (Acciona), Macarthur (AGL) and Cape Bridgewater (Pac Hydro); and Queensland at Windy Hill (RATCH).

This enormous fraud against the Commonwealth (and therefore, the people of Australia) involving the unlawful receipt of RECs worth more than $120 million (so far) is being condoned (if not encouraged) by people in very high places – including Victoria’s Planning Minister, Matthew Guy and the wind weasels’ “Mr Fix-it”, Andrew Tongue (see our post here).

Here’s Slim Jim’s take on the greatest fraud of all time.

Growing evidence of great climate change scams
The Australian
James Delingpole
26 December 2013

HERE’S some news to put a great big smile on your face: apparently, Arctic sea ice volume is up by 50 per cent. Have you cracked open the champagne yet? Did you ring all your mates? Me neither. In fact, to be honest, I couldn’t care less whether it’s up 50 per cent or down 50 per cent. It’s just weather doing what weather does – changing all the time.

But you wouldn’t guess this from the way it is reported in the media. Sceptical websites are presenting it as a vindication of their longstanding claim that all the fuss about catastrophic, man-made global warming has been greatly overdone. Warmist news outlets (“a rare piece of good news”, declared the BBC) are greeting it as a sign of hope that maybe there is time left for us to save the planet from the Greatest Threat It Has Ever Known.

Both sides are missing the point. Let me draw your attention to three recent news stories that show why. The first comes from Britain, where reporter David Rose has revealed the extent to which certain politicians and high-level government advisers have benefited financially from the great climate change scam.

These include at least four members of the government’s Climate Change Committee, the official watchdog that dictates Britain’s green energy policy; Nicholas Stern, the accountant whose eponymous 2006 report (widely criticised for its flawed economics) was used to justify many of Britain’s most aggressive and costly carbon emissions-reduction schemes; and the chief executive and chairman of the Pound3.8 billion ($7bn) taxpayer-funded Green Investment Bank.

In their official roles, these people have helped shape the government policy that has resulted in billions of pounds of taxpayers’ money being diverted into subsidising green industries. Yet in their private roles these same individuals collectively have made many hundreds of thousand of pounds as special advisers and shareholders in green businesses whose profits are largely dependent on state-enforced subsidies.

The conflict of interest is shocking, yet what these troughers have been doing is apparently perfectly legal.

Next, let us move to the US where an even more egregious scandal has just been exposed.

The Environmental Protection Agency’s highest paid climate expert John Beale has been found guilty of cheating his organisation out of nearly $US1 million ($1.1m) in salary and benefits across a 10-year period.

Beale was a US top environmental regulator, responsible for rewriting the 1990 Clean Air Act, leading the EPA delegation at UN climate conferences, negotiating carbon emissions reduction agreements with China and India.

Yet it now seems he used his job mainly as an excuse to travel first-class and stay in five-star hotels at taxpayers’ expense, pretending to be a CIA operative.

Officials have described it in court documents as one of the most audacious, creative, federal frauds they have encountered.

Now to Australia and the speech made to the Senate this month on the subject of wind farms by the Democratic Labour Party’s John Madigan. It describes, in eye-watering detail, the unhealthily cosy relationship between the wind industry in Victoria and senior members of the state government.

Madigan tells the story of the Waubra wind farm, a vast complex of 128 wind turbines, which began operating in 2009. Since then, there have been more than 1,300 complaints about the noise irritation and health problems caused to local residents by the turbines. In at least 11 cases, families were driven permanently from their homes. So why wasn’t anything done in response?

Thanks to Freedom of Information requests made by Madigan, we now know that although the Victorian government has long had more than sufficient grounds to close Waubra for non-compliance with noise regulations, it instead has been sitting on its hands.

As Madigan’s speech damningly concludes: “Victoria’s wind industry is churning out multiple millions of dollars’ worth of renewable energy certificates it is not entitled to and is being allowed to rort the REC and LRET (the Large-scale Renewable Energy Target) systems. Banks and superannuation funds are lending billions of dollars for the construction of wind farms, exposed to serious risk arising from the planning permit non-compliance being orchestrated by the wind industry.”

What should concern us about all three of these stories is not that they are rare aberrations but that they are depressingly representative of the corruption and malfeasance that are rife throughout the multi-billion-dollar global climate change industry.

I’ve been covering this territory as a journalist for nigh-on a decade now, reporting on issues such as the Climategate emails in which private correspondence by some of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change’s lead authors revealed them to have been twisting the evidence and abusing the scientific method to exaggerate the extent of so-called anthropogenic global warming.

But the conclusion I have long since reached is that the scientific debate about whether man-made carbon emissions are dangerously and unprecedentedly warming the planet is a poisonous distraction. It’s nothing but an elephant trap, devised by hardcore environmentalists, shyster politicians, rent-seeking businesses and grant-troughing activist scientists to get everyone bogged down in trivial “how many angels can dance on the head of a pin” arguments about global temperature changes of a fraction of a degree.

Yes, the latest evidence suggests that the “warmists” are losing this debate too: sunspot activity is proving to be the weakest in 100 years, suggesting we are probably entering a prolonged period of global cooling, redolent of the era of frost fairs on London’s River Thames.

Really, though, it doesn’t matter which side of the scientific argument you sit on – whether you’re an ardent true believer like Tim Flannery or an arch-sceptic like Ian Plimer. What should concern every one of us far more, surely, is the way that in the name of saving the planet so much corruption has been embedded, so much money wasted and so much public trust abused – all of it at our expense.
The Australian


What a real journo looks like.

Nice work, Jim!

James Delingpole is one of the few journalists STT cites where we, usually, have very little to add.  The tragedy is that Australia, unfortunately, has no direct equivalent to James in the print media.

Why is it that it took a London based journo to pick up and publish reference to John “Marshall” Madigan’s cracking speech?

Okay, so it was delivered a couple of weeks before Christmas, as most Aussie hacks were packing their budgie smugglers and zinc cream into their backpacks and heading off to the beach.

Journalists tend to wax lyrical about the importance of their “profession”; how they are always ready to uncover the “truth”; and to do so without fear or favour.  You know, that old chestnut, about journalists forming the “fourth estate” – with such clout and influence as to be able to keep our political betters honest?

Sadly, the typical response to Madigan’s revelation about massive Commonwealth fraud being assisted at the highest level within the Victorian government was that of lefty online mouthpiece for Australian eco-fascists, The Guardian.  The journo in question had been sent a link to STT’s post on Madigan’s speech, but did nothing with it.  This goose was, of course, staring one of the biggest stories of 2013 in the face but, instead, was more interested in doing a piece on the “evils” of the anti-wind power fraud movement and finding out the identity of those behind STT.

With that sort of “inquiring” mind, is it any wonder that people like Matthew Guy and Andrew Tongue are able to act with complete impunity; and to treat Australian power consumers and the Victorian voting public with utter contempt?

Hell, forget about keeping people like Guy and Tongue honest.  Why not help them in their endeavours to assist Spanish wind scammer, Acciona keep riding roughshod over the rules – and the long-suffering residents of Waubra?

Although, if politicians and department heads (like Guy and Tongue) were aiding and abetting fossil fuel power generators to defraud the Commonwealth, The Guardian would be publishing a story – no doubt, fearlessly punishing the miscreants involved – every other day.  What’s that you say about a selective narrative?

STT’s certain that when Alan Jones returns from his summer break, he’ll be all over the subject matter of Madigan’s speech like a tropical rash.

Any journo with half a brain and an ounce of courage would be.

John Madigan constitutes a pretty good story in his own right.  Here’s a man with the intestinal fortitude and unmitigated temerity to take on vested interests within politics and government – and to go on and challenge the literal theft of tens of millions of dollars from Australian power consumers by foreign multi-nationals, like RATCH and Acciona.  There has to be a front-page, several follow-ups and a solid opinion piece running the Madigan angle, alone – you’d think?

And – for any hack within the nacelles to really go after those in power – there’s a Walkley Award for Excellence in Journalism with their name on it – all they need to do is follow the thread laid out in John Madigan’s speech and go after Matthew Guy and Andrew Tongue.

Can’t be that hard, surely?  So, journos what are you waiting for?


Say hack, when you’re done working on your tan, why not knock
out a story on the greatest Commonwealth fraud of all time?

About stopthesethings

We are a group of citizens concerned about the rapid spread of industrial wind power generation installations across Australia.


  1. The weather is just that,
    It changes all the time
    Everything in large doses
    Everything has a cycle in its own time.
    No one can control it
    There are many things we can control and should try damn hard too.
    Lies, deceit, stealing, fooling us into believing so much BS.

    Please please keep punching for the truth and get it out here.
    So maybe one day before I die someone will say here where I live that ILFN and EMF is atrocious and IS DESTROYING LIVES.

  2. Jackie Rovenksy says:

    I wonder how many journalists are throttled by their editors? Surely there are those who can see the story and want to write about it, and want to inform the public about the shenanigans that are going on, and being perpetrated by those who were elected to look after the public purse.

    One can only wonder how many editors and owners have their snout in the trough? It’s a good job there are at least one or two able to squeeze through the walls put up by the industry and their lackeys.

  3. cornwallwindwatch says:

    Reblogged this on Cornwall Wind Watch and commented:
    Keep up the good work JD and STT. The truth will out, Happy New year to you all.

  4. Come to Cornwall UK to see wind weasels in action. Once a pristine area, beloved by tourists and retirees, it is increasingly becoming a blighted part of the UK.

  5. The Australian Government should demand that the funding the Non-Compliant Industrial Wind developments have received be paid back to the Australian People immediately! No questions asked.

  6. Happy New Year, Acciona.

  7. Bravo.

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