Suzlon – sets new benchmark for managing “community outrage”

We’ve reported on just how rotten the wind industry is – from top to bottom – and whether it’s bribery and fraud; vote rigging scandals; tax fraud; investor fraud or REC fraud – wind weasels set a benchmark that a snake can comfortably crawl over.

We’ve looked at how nothing is sacred when there’s a fat pile of taxpayer’s cash up for grabs. Ignoring an oath to uphold the law, stabbing mates in the back and bonking your way to cash in on the great wind farm scam is just par for the course.

We’ve looked at how wind weasels call in pros like “Futureye” – when community outrage gets beyond their own spin doctors and goons.

Corruption, lies and deceit are all part of a solid day at the office for these boys.

But it could be that Indian fan maker and developer, Suzlon is all set to scoop the prize for being the Greatest Wind Weasel of All Time.

Here’s the New Indian Express’ take on the latest Suzlon Skulduggery.

Move to silence victims of Windmill scam in Attappadi
The New Indian Express
Nidheesh MK
26 August 2013

Confirming the worst fears of tribal activists across the state, it has been revealed that a clandestine move is on to silence victims of the massive windmill scam in Attappadi.

Mannarkkad MLA N Shamsudeen told ‘Express’ that intermediaries had approached him also in order to involve political class in these discussions.

“Discussions are on in Attappadi to silence victims of the windmill scam. Intermediaries are offering money to tribals and, in return, taking over their land. Political parties, their local leaders and some so-called activists are also involved in these discussions,” he said.

“Last year, they had tried to contact me for such a high-level discussion. But as the discussions had no legal standing, I abstained from it and the whole move collapsed. They didn’t contacted me again but the discussions are still on,” the MLA told ‘Express’, in the sidelines of a national seminar organised by the Muslim Youth League in Ernakulam.

The allegedly dubious methods used by corporate giants to acquire alienated tribal lands and install windmill farms in Attappadi was reported in the media three years ago. It later came to be known as Attappadi windmill scam.

31 windmills

It was alleged that 31 windmills were set up by Suzlon Energy Limited and Sarjan Realties Limited on tribal land and that it was procured through fraudulent means.

A committee headed by the Chief Secretary had noted that 374.48 acres of tribal land on which Suzlon had set up windfarms were procured using fabricated documents and betraying tribals.

However, on the basis of a petition by Suzlon, the High Court stayed the government’s decision to recover about 85.21 acres of tribal land which is in possession of the company.

The company also obtained a stay against the police arrest of its directors and staff.
The New Indian Express

“There is an ancient Hindu proverb which says – villagers should never stand between Suzlon and a fat pile of other people’s money unless they’re ready to end up flatter than chapatis flattened by a stampeding elephant.”

Bearer rangi ram

Beware of Suzlon – they’re almost as mean as Sergeant Major “Shut Up”.


No-one’s as mean as Suzlon – so SHUT UP!

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We are a group of citizens concerned about the rapid spread of industrial wind power generation installations across Australia.


  1. Jackie Rovensky says:

    Oh what wonderfully corrupt companies are being welcomed here.


  1. […] STT readers know all too well – the wind weasel is low.  But the lowest of the low are those kings of smarm that promote and run so called […]

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