After a party that was bigger than the end of WWII – STT says: “hats off, Tony”


Happy Days!

The “unelectable” Tony Abbott has just been elected – picking up some 18 seats – to end up with a thumping 32 seat majority in the House of Representatives.


“Unelectable” – they said – hmmmm.

When we say “thumping” we’re not just talking about the almighty hangovers suffered by the STT crew this morning.

research team

“Woo-who, Tony” – yes, indeed. A mighty win!

Among the 90 seats that the Coalition bagged were those taken by STT Champions:

Craig “Ned” Kelly:


Craig picked up a traditionally Labor seat in 2010 and has been returned with a swing of 6% in his favour. “Hats off, Craig”!

Craig’s a mighty big man with a mighty big plan to put energy policy back in order and is very keen to slam the bag on the wind industry scam.

Bruce “the wind scam smasher” Scott:

Bruce Scott

Bruce Scott

The Member for Maranoa came out swinging after the National Rally – tipping an almighty bucket on the wind power fraud – which we covered in this post.

Dan “turbine slammer” Tehan:

Dan Tehan

Dan promises to put things right at Macarthur.

We gave Dan a big wrap-up in this post – as we chronicled his conversion from tacit-turbine-apologist to STT Champion.

And, of course, the mighty new member for Hume, Angus “the Enforcer” Taylor:

Angus Taylor

Angus spells out the end of the wind power fraud at the National Rally.

Wind weasels worked overtime in an effort to silence the Enforcer – pulling all sorts of dirty tricks, lies and skulduggery from their filthy political toolkit.

STT thinks that the stunt the wind industry pulled against Angus was like trying to shoot “the Devil” in the back. Sure – if you pull it off, you knock out your most fearsome adversary. But what these clowns didn’t think about was – what would happen if they missed??

STT hears that Angus was none too pleased at how low these weasels stooped. In response Angus is popping six rounds into his .44 Magnum as we speak and is more determined than ever to end Australia’s dalliance with the great wind power fraud – once and for all.


Luck won’t help them now …
And mercy’s out of the question.

STT will be very pleased to publish the wind weasel “body count” as Angus gets to work, starting first thing Monday. STT says: “go hard, Angus”.

We kiss goodbye to Labor’s, Laura “I love turbines” Smyth:


Bye-bye, Laura. You’ll have more time to hug turbines, now.

Oh dear, how sad, never mind.

In the Senate, SA’s favourite Greek, Nick Xenophon pulled in a whopping 26% of the primary vote – an absolutely unprecedented result for an Independent Senator.

STT hears that one of Nick’s first moves is to ensure that the Draft Excessive Noise Bill is toughened up and slotted through the Parliament.

We also hear that – after Steve Cooper’s brilliant interview on Alan Jones’ Breakfast Show – a number of Coalition members have restated to their constituents the Coalition’s commitment to introducing legislation to force the wind industry to pay for truly independent health research.

Research, that is, into the known and obvious health impacts of incessant low-frequency noise on neighbours, such as long-term sleep deprivation and other recognised health effects.

Expect to hear WA Senator, Chris Back come out swinging shortly to make it very clear that any suggestion that the Coalition would backslide on such an important promise is pure wind industry waffle. Nice try, Upson.

We are pleased to note that Dan Tehan also confirmed his commitment to the long-suffering people at Macarthur, that these critical health studies will be a priority for the Coalition government.

The Greens went backwards Nationally, with their overall vote dropping close to 4% compared to their result in 2010. Oh dear – the beginning of the end for eco-fascism?

After one of the dirtiest political campaigns South Australia has ever seen – STT “favourite”, Sarah Hanson-Young is fighting for her political life.


Vestas paid $millions and all I could muster was a paltry 7% in return.

The former Martian pulled a pathetic 7% of the Senate primary vote. As this goes to press, Sarah’s hanging on by a thread – hoping to sweep up enough preferences to take the last spot on the Senate ticket.

The Australian Senate works on a “quota system” which requires 14.3% to bag a Senate spot. The Greens were unable to pick up even half the votes needed for a “quota” in their own right and are relying upon Labor preferences and preferences flowing from independent candidates to get over the line.

The result for the Senate is unlikely to be known for a fortnight or more – as preferences are counted and redistributed.

If Sarah worms her way over the line – STT would like to hear the Greens make a formal statement thanking Vestas for the millions of dollars it poured into the Green’s campaign coffers to support her pathetic effort to unseat Nick Xenophon.

Again – another failed effort by wind weasels to shoot “the Devil” in the back – STT hears that Nick is very keen to settle the score with the Greens – starting with energy policy.


Never cross a Greek – especially SA’s favourite Greek.

All bets are on Nick Xenophon and John Madigan holding the balance of power in the Senate after July next year – when the new Senators take their places. From July, the Greens and Labor will not be able to block legislation in the Senate – which gives the Coalition the ability to do meaningful business with Nick and John.

Xenophon and Madigan will control what moves through the upper House and – as STT readers are keenly aware – these boys are ready, willing and able to slam the wind industry for good.

Don’t be shy – drop these boys a line of thanks for their work so far and encourage them to keep going hard.

STT hears that the REC fraud story will hit the front pages this week. We had called the publications for last week, but – apparently – the Editors took the view that the story was too important to allow it to be swamped by pre-election press fever.

Starting from this week, The Australian and the Sydney Morning Herald will be going hard on one of the greatest frauds the Commonwealth has ever seen.

The Australian Federal Police are investigating and – come Monday – will be encouraged to go in very hard.

STT hears that heads will roll – especially within the office of the Clean Energy Regulator – which has been fudging its responsibility to Australian citizens and power consumers, since John Madigan started asking some very uncomfortable questions earlier this year.

To make sure your local Coalition Member and State Senators are schooled up and ready to respond to the REC fraud story when it breaks – why not send them a postcard? Here’s the link.

STT will be very happy to publish any of the responses you get.

STT says that the Coalition’s win represents a “new dawn” in Australian politics. The “grown-ups” are back in charge – the Green-Labor Alliance is over, for good.

But how far they go in smacking energy policy back into shape – will be up to you.

Drop them a line, pay them a visit and otherwise let them know what you think about the greatest environmental and economic fraud that ever befell a Nation. Help put this fiasco behind us.

Josef Stalin

Dear Comrades, we almost pulled it off. Damn Tony’s eyes.
It looks like our game is up in Australia. Yours Jo.

About stopthesethings

We are a group of citizens concerned about the rapid spread of industrial wind power generation installations across Australia.


  1. Jackie Rovensky says:

    We cannot rest on our laurels, while the Liberals have indicated they will cut carbon tax and shut down the Clean Energy Finance Corporation, they still have to deal with what looks like being a strange Senate compilation, made up of a number of people who received less than 1% of primary votes because of what is know obviously an undemocratic preferential voting system. How is it people with less than 1% of first primary votes can be in a position to wield such power.
    We need to concentrate a huge effort on these few people to ensure they understand the responsibility they have. They obviously never expected to get into Government, so are unprepared for the rigours and commitment this role involves.
    We need to ensure they understand the broad spectrum of problems communities and the country are experiencing because of the lack adequate controls, research and understanding of Industrial Wind Energy Installations. They need to be educated on the costs involved, the lack of production produced and intermittency, the need for back-up energy supplies, the need to install at our cost more Grid Access, the damage to the environment with no effective reduction in emissions and of the enormity of health issues being experienced by fellow Australians.
    So let’s keep at it until they are no more.

  2. Congratulations from Germany, we are so proud of you, dear Aussies! The wind weasels have no future in Australia anymore.

    We wish that you will soon be able to re-experience nature in your ears and in your mind, and we wish health for all those who have had to suffer for so long.

    We will report about your success and hope, that we too will experience a little of it in 2 weeks, when we have national elections in Germany …

    Keep it up, dear colleagues, best wishes from Northern Germany –
    Jutta, spokeswoman for the European Platform Against Windfarms, EPAW-D

  3. I wonder will there be any jobs for explosive experts – the ones that can set up a ring of gelignite under a existing turbine that has been claiming illegal monies from the Commonwealth?

    If so, I might apply for the job – it would be most gratifying to see these useless towers come down!

  4. Thrilling news! There remain some diehard jurisdictions, like Ontario and others, but it’s only a matter of time before the scam created by these carpetbaggers and perpetrated by politicians is denounced. Let’s hope that this jumpstarts things across the globe.

  5. This is the best morning news wind warriors around the world could wake up to. The wind scam is falling apart!
    Terrific work by all to make this a reality. Well Done Aussies!!!!!

  6. cornwallwindwatch says:

    Reblogged this on Cornwall Wind Watch and commented:
    Will our MPs take any notice!?

  7. Reblogged this on Ontario Wind Resistance and commented:
    Australia elects Anti-wind government!!

  8. Ken McLeod says:

    Greetings and congratulations from Ireland / UK. I had faith the Aussies might be the first to kick these scum hard. The sane world thanks you from the heart.

  9. Australia we are absolutely delighted for you; it’s almost as if it were our own election result. We echo the words of Ontario.

  10. Scotland salutes you. Well done. Give those wind weasels a good slap from us!

  11. Colin Walkden says:

    Now let us all hope that the end to our suffering may at last be near and something will be done for the victims of noise from windfarms. This from the victim at Windyhill Qld.

  12. whiteheads creek wedgetails says:

    Yeehaa!! The country is back on track. Congratulations to the forward thinking Coalition candidates and Senators. Time to kick some greentard ass. Looking forward to Mondays papers… The ignorant public will now be informed…..

  13. We were told by the wind industry commissioned surveys that 70% of Australians were in favour of wind energy. Meanwhile the wind industry systematically attempted to brain wash rural Australia that wind turbines are good for local development and jobs.

    Yet despite all these propaganda flashcards that have torn down and divided communities, in the electorate of Hume, the main losers were the Labour and Green candidates. The swing went in favour of the already very popular Angus Taylor and the large number of other “anti-wind” candidates. Where did the 70% pro-wind votes go?

    I hope this holds some clear lessons to any political folk: next time some flashy business marketing twit rolls down your way, use your brain first and then consider their survey figures, especially so if their survey questions were designed to elicit the ideal answers…

    I look forward to having this cesspool of fraud wiped off Australia’s history, and I look forward to dealing with a new government that might listen to a health professional who has been warning that wind turbines are harming people, especially because on some night he can hear the roaring monsters 35km away!

  14. I cannot get rid of the visual, of hoards of greentards, shaking in their boots, and wondering what will become of them. Force them to take over the homes that the poor victims of their scam, have had to abandon, or are suffering while living in. Put the shoe on the other foot. Treat them with the same disdain, that they have treated us. But first of all….get their damned hands OUT of our pockets! I just can’t seem to wipe this smile off of my face! Great job Aussies!!!!!

  15. From Ontario, Canada….I can’t even begin to tell you how thrilled we all were to hear the absolutely fantastic news. It was everything we hoped for! Maybe your “Australian Spring”, will spread to our country, and our next elections will see the demise of the faux-green politicians! CONGRATULATIONS!!!

  16. Reblogged this on Mothers Against Wind Turbines and commented:
    It brings me great joy to see the greentards getting the boot! Go Aussies!


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  4. […] South Australia’s favourite Greek, Senator Nick Xenophon is on an all out assault on the wind industry – and fair enough.  During the last election he was the target of a pernicious attack launched by the Greens and paid for by Vestas & Co – Nick was less than impressed with the lies and dirty tricks tossed up by Bob Brown and Sarah Hanson-Young on behalf of their wind industry clients (see our post here). […]

  5. […] Make no mistake – the Greens are now fully paid-up advocates for wind weasels. At the last Federal election Vestas & Co threw close to $1 million into the campaign to save Sarah Hanson-Young from electoral oblivion – and in a futile effort to knock off STT Champion and SA’s favourite Greek, Senator Nick Xenophon (see our post here). […]

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