CER no longer game to ride with the developers committing REC Fraud

STT bounty hunters, John Madigan and Alby Schulz have been saddled up for months now, trying to claw back the taxpayers’ loot pocketed by Spanish outfit, Acciona – because its Waubra operation has never, ever complied with the noise conditions of its planning consent and, as such, it should have never received a single REC.

These rough riders are closing in fast, and the Clean Energy Regulator (CER) has just thrown its hands up to avoid the noose.

good, bad ugly

But Alby, we only accepted the fraudulent statements claiming
the wind farms were compliant.

Like a “bust-up” among hoods after a big heist, the CER boys, who have been driving the getaway car up to now, have just signalled their intention to quit the gang.


Don’t ever call me “Acciona” on the job again, I’m Mr Pink – GOT IT!

The Sydney Morning Herald reports on the big “bust up”.

Wind industry angered over red tape
The Sydney Morning Herald
Peter Hannam
29 May 2013

Wind energy producers are in a twist after being forced to demonstrate they are operating within noise limits every time they seek to surrender renewable energy certificates.

As of the start of June, all large-scale power stations accredited under the renewable energy target will have to submit a “standing notice” of ongoing compliance with all local, state and federal planning and approval requirements.

Operators say they were only advised of the change late last week. Power stations, including hydro, will continue to be required to complete an annual electricity generation return as before.

“The standing notice was introduced to enhance the integrity of the large-scale renewable energy target,” a spokesperson for the Clean Energy Regulator said. “The standing notice will ensure the [regulator] is able to identify issues related to non-compliance as large-scale generation certificates are created.”

The change follows debate in the Senate last November over wind farm noise, with Democratic Labor Party’s John Madigan from Victoria calling for wind farm operators to provide wind and noise data to an independent authority every three months.

Senator Madigan stirred bemusement from the industry at the time with his call for the regulator to cancel a wind farm’s accreditation should it operate in contravention of a law “whether written or unwritten”.

Even though the proposed amendments failed, the regulator opted to require compliance proof before certificate payment “to avoid a hint of a hint” that the industry was falling short, an official said.

Jonathan Upson, senior development manager of regulatory affairs with wind farm owner Infigen Energy, said while all power generators should operate according to the regulations, state governments are the responsible authorities to ensure compliance with planning decisions. This includes having acoustic experts on staff.

“The benefit of having a federal energy regulator attempt to duplicate the compliance role of state government planning departments is not clear to us,” Mr Upson said.

The imposition of such requirements on the renewable sector – particularly the wind industry – was also discriminatory unless similar measures are applied to other energy providers.

“The next logical step would be for the Australian Energy Regulator to require monthly declarations from gas and coal-fired power stations, and their associated coal mines, that they are compliant with all air, water and noise pollution laws and regulations,” Mr Upson said.

Wind farm operators are also nervously awaiting a decision from the NSW cabinet, perhaps within three weeks, on whether to adopt tough new guidelines for the industry in the state.
The Sydney Morning Herald

That Acciona is in breach of its planning consent at Waubra (and has been for nearly 4 years since it began operation) was confirmed back on 18 April, as wind industry “front man” Green MP, Greg Barber breached the first rule of cross examination, by asking a question, when he didn’t know for certain what answer he’d get. A “Rookie error”, if ever there was one.

Posing “Dorothy Dixers” for his wind industry masters, Barber scored a monumental “own goal” as he popped up this little poser to Planning Minister, Matthew Guy:

I have asked [Guy] about this a number of times, there has been a lot of speculation that Waubra is non-compliant. In fact a motion was passed through the Senate which every coalition senator voted for. Contained within the substance of the motion was the statement that Waubra was non-compliant.

Following on from that logic, the senators up there – coalition and Democratic Labor Party – took the view that Waubra should have had its revenues through the form of renewable energy certificates taken off it. Would the minister like to tell us now, today, whether Waubra is compliant with the conditions of its permit?

Drum roll………… “Tony, the envelope please”:

Hon. MJ GUY (Minister for Planning) – I am advised that Waubra has not had its compliance signed off.

Oops! I guess Barber was only trying to “help”.

With that, apparently unexpected, response Barber ended up confirming Acciona’s continuing breaches of its planning consent, as a matter of public record. With friends like Barber, who needs enemies?

STT says “thanks Greg”.

With Greg’s help, and with the CER boys running for cover, it seems that the Madigan and Schulz posse’s job of rounding up the $80 million picked up in RECs by Acciona, since its Waubra operations began, just got a whole lot easier.

One little question that springs to mind is whether the Toowoomba Kid, Ian Macfarlane will join Marshall Schulz, Deputy Madigan and their posse, to help round up the cash and send the Spanish marauders back South of the Border? After all, he has a chance of being the Cowboy that saddles up as the next Energy Minister.

Recently seen in the Big Place on the Hill, riding hard with his buddies, the Infigen “Hole in the Wall Gang”, we’re not sure whether Ian’s ready to abandon this bunch of corporate outlaws? They seemed VERY close.

Are you ready to ride with the Marshall and the Deputy and do some bounty hunting, instead of riding with the hunted?

Well Ian, how about it?


So Marshall, now that we’ve rounded up Acciona at Waubra,
what say we ride to Far North Queensland and bring in
RATCH for 12 Years of non-compliance at Windy Hill?

About stopthesethings

We are a group of citizens concerned about the rapid spread of industrial wind power generation installations across Australia.


  1. Jim Hutson says:

    Lets face it, the Wind turbine companies don’t go under an enormous amount of scrutiny at the Land and Environment Court.

    I will give you an example (and I was present).

    The Senior Commissioner asked the noise consultant, what was the noise outcome on Turbine number so-and-so, related to a distance from a certain house.

    The Consultant replied, “I don’t know”.

    When asked why not, he answered “I wasn’t asked to do a survey on that Turbine.”

    Ok, let’s move on to the next one.
    Say no more.

  2. Next, they need to ask the wind industry to prove that their useless machines are decreasing “climate change”, or giving us good energy production in relation to the amount of money it is costing us. It’s all propaganda and windspin.

  3. The Squirrel says:

    It’s time for the Windies to start polishing their CV’s up. The truth will implode them all.


  4. At last, there is a bit of action.

    Maybe the corrupt greentards will now have sleepless nights. And when they start complaining, just tell them that it’s just in their mind.

  5. Django is our man!!!

  6. RATCH, Far North Queensland, Yes, Yes, Yes. Oh Please!!!


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