Bob Katter joins STT Pantheon – Queenslanders vote 1 KAP in the Senate


Big Bob – ready to slam the great wind scam.


STT’s given some voting tips for this Saturday’s upcoming Federal election.

In South Australia – if you’re looking for sensible energy policy and protection for hard-working rural families – then send your votes in the Senate to SA’s favourite Greek, Nick Xenophon.

In Victoria, vote for John Madigan’s team in the Senate – the DLP.  John’s not up for re-election this time, but a vote for his team could well see him joined by a like-minded, fellow traveller.

In the Queensland seat of Kennedy, big Bob Katter will be returned with a very comfortable margin.

Kennedy takes in the Atherton tablelands – which is as close to heaven on earth, as you’ll ever get.

atherton tablelands 5

Not that it needs promoting.


Bob has just weighed in with an almighty swipe at the insane proposal by Thai outfit RATCH to litter Mount Emerald with 60 giant fans.  So those lucky enough to live in Kennedy need only vote for Bob to help avoid the monumental disaster RATCH has planned for Mount Emerald.

We set out his recent press release below.

STT hears that Bob is all set to tip a bucket on the REC fraud being committed by RATCH at Windy Hill.  RATCH has operated that disaster for over 12 years – driving long suffering local resident Colin Walkden mad all of that time – and has never shown compliance with the noise conditions of its planning consent.  It’s in the same league as Acciona at Waubra.  The battle has been waged at the local government level for more than a year, now – but after Saturday, expect to see the Australian Federal Police take more than a passing interest in the REC fraud at Windy Hill and elsewhere.

Now, back to the Senate race.  STT says there is a very good chance that the Katter Australia Party will pick up a Senate spot in Queensland.

James Blundell is on the ticket.  James is a Country singer of some fame and repute.

James Blundell 2.preview

Last stop, Tamworth’s Country Music Festival –
next stop, Canberra and the Senate.


STT hears that – like big Bob – he’s no fan of fans – but he’s a huge fan of the Atherton tablelands.

With James on the ticket – all Queenslanders can help bring the great wind power fraud to an end by voting 1 for the Katter Australia Party in the Senate.

Here’s why:

Three tiers of government demand end to wind farm ‘torture’
09 July 2013:

KAP Member for Kennedy Bob Katter has joined Dalrymple MP Shane Knuth and Tablelands Regional Councillor Marjori Pagani in demanding an end to the torture of residents who might live next door to a wind farm.

Their call follows another request by the Mount Emerald wind farm developers for an extension of time to lodge information required by the council to decide whether the project should proceed.

The Thai developers of the controversial project have spent more than 18 months delaying handing over information about impacts on the environment as well as impacts on the farms, homes and health of 3000 residents.

“I hope and plead with the Council to stand their ground on this.  People are living from day-to-day at the moment and that is just not good enough,” said Mr Katter.

“There are serious implications of the noise levels for Mareeba and Atherton Heights, as we refer to this area – development and growth will be stopped dead in its tracks.

“And I’m no greenie, but there’s a 20km barrier that will kill every bird flying through.

“Meanwhile, the turbulence created will make crop spraying almost impossible. And we’ll be locked into high cost generation charges. “

Dalrymple MP Shane Knuth said he was shocked at reports the Federal Member for Leichardt supported the project.

“I’ve had gutful of the LNP outfit expressing their views to back overseas companies while being invisible to dialogue with affected residents about local projects that have nothing to do with them,” said Mr Knuth.

“The reality is that residents of the Tablelands are not going to benefit one iota from this project as the money will go overseas whilst Tablelanders will suffer the severe health effects of massive wind turbines.

“I urge the Tablelands Council to hold their ground, as is this not going to be a win – but an eyesore coupled with health issues.”

Tablelands Regional Councillor Marjorie Pagani warned the project had cast a dark cloud over residents – including herself – whose lives had been forced into limbo while they awaited a final decision.

“The uncertainty around this project is destroying residents’ lives,” said Cr Pagani.

“There are 3000 residents whose properties and livelihoods and possibly health will be affected by these turbines.”

Cr Pagani said it was disgraceful that developers had still not conducted proper surveying or community consultation.

“A few years back, they surveyed three people within a 5km range. They then advertised on their website that they had support of the Tablelands residents. Three people do not make up the Tablelands and the developers have certainly not conducted any further surveys,” she said.

“What they fail to realise is that people can’t sell their homes, they can’t develop their farms, and they can’t get on with their lives.”

Mr Katter said he, Mr Knuth and Cr Pagani would fight to ensure the incoming Mareeba Shire Council understood there were no benefits for the region if the project proceeds.

“Rest assured, this project will provide virtually no jobs and it will hack into our pristine environment while disrupting our farming very seriously and the noise will make life extremely unhappy for everyone in that area,” said Mr Katter.

“This developer needs to put up, or shut up and go away.” Mr Katter said.
Bob Katter MP

Bob’s never one to mince his words – and he hasn’t in the press release above.  So, Queenslanders, if you want to put an end to the great wind power fraud – then Vote 1 KAP in the Senate.


And here’s a taste of James in his younger days:


About stopthesethings

We are a group of citizens concerned about the rapid spread of industrial wind power generation installations across Australia.


  1. Alan Curtis says:

    I am a great believer in clean energy as opposed to coal/gas, but there is now ample evidence that wind turbines are nasty in many ways.

  2. stand against wind says:

    Love you Bob, Love you James, you have my vote!

  3. John marciniak says:

    Citizen Electoral Council of Australia are also very much against the fraud of climate change and intermittent renewable energy.

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