STT’s Australian of the Year Awards 2016

**** Australians are a weird mob – as demonstrated by that, somewhat militaristic, culinary mash up; detailing ‘Operation Boomerang’ – a top-level mission to extract expats from far-flung, lamb-free-zones and return them to mouth-watering, succulent barbecued delights. The fact that Aussies love our lamb, and frown on vegans, upsets the PC Police, but then we’ve […]

Dr Roger Sexton – CERES the most the most ill-conceived development project ever seen

For some time STT has been following the battle to save the Heartland – on SA’s Yorke Peninsula and home to Australia’s best barley growing country – bar none. Here’s a press release from David Ridgway on the latest before the SA Wind Power Select Committee. “We don’t want power station,” Yorke Peninsula landholders say […]

The Battle for Yorke Peninsula’s Heartland “ploughs on” at Curramulka

A Yorke Peninsula farmer has just sent a “crop circles with attitude” message loud and clear to the German/Indian outfit that wants to destroy the best barley growing country in Australia, that they can take a running jump off the Stansbury cliffs. A local STT operative reports: Curramulka Farmer Chad Twelftree recently used his air-seeder […]

Council says no to Ceres

We congratulate Heartland Farmers for their effective grassroots campaign to stop these things. We applaud the District Council of York Peninsula for its good sense and ability to see through the spin of the wind industry. See the report from an STT correspondent at the bottom of this post. From Adelaide Now 28 March, 2013: […]

The J. Edgar Hoover of Crystal Brook

John Edgar Hoover was the first Director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation in the United States. For over half a century he waged war on homosexuals, black people and communists. But of course, Hoover had his own secret. He had a long-time male companion, Clyde Tolson. And according to his biographer, Hoover was also […]

Fighting at the grass roots – check out these two websites

Heartland Farmers is a collective of more than 200 farmers in the Central Yorke Peninsula of South Australia. The proposed Ceres project will cause considerable and permanent disruption to broadacre cropping in the area ear-marked for turbine development.  To the words clean, green and safe – add community. That’s the new spin for the next breed […]