Wind Power ‘Investors’ Cut & Run from Australia as Ponzi Scheme Implodes

*** STT has likened it to the great corporate Ponzi schemes, pointing out, just once or twice, that the wind industry is little more than the most recent and elaborate effort to fleece gullible investors, in a list that dates back to “corporate investment classics”, like the South-Sea Bubble and Dutch tulip mania. In the […]

Council says no to Ceres

We congratulate Heartland Farmers for their effective grassroots campaign to stop these things. We applaud the District Council of York Peninsula for its good sense and ability to see through the spin of the wind industry. See the report from an STT correspondent at the bottom of this post. From Adelaide Now 28 March, 2013: […]

So what went wrong with the Ceres wind farm information meeting?

“Their so-called public consultation process is a perfect example of how developers stifle the democratic rights we believe we have – those rights slowly but surely are being taken away by politicians, development proposals and anyone else with dollar signs in their sights.” From the Yorke Peninsula Country Times. Mr Thomson is a former mayor […]