Council says no to Ceres

the valleyWe congratulate Heartland Farmers for their effective grassroots campaign to stop these things.

We applaud the District Council of York Peninsula for its good sense and ability to see through the spin of the wind industry.

See the report from an STT correspondent at the bottom of this post.

From Adelaide Now 28 March, 2013:

The District Council of Yorke Peninsula has unanimously rejected a development application to build a $1.3 billion wind farm in the region.

The Ceres project, with 199 wind turbines, would be the biggest in Australia and would help drive down electricity prices, developer REpower said earlier this year.

But, at a special meeting last night, the council rejected the plan.

Sandilands farmer Tania Stock said it was an important step to ending the proposal – with its eventual fate now resting with the State Government’s Development Assessment Commission later this year.

“It was a bad idea to build here. They are not allowed to in the Barossa, they are not allowed to in McLaren Vale, so why here among South Australia’s best wheat and barley farms,” she said.

“These massive industrial wind turbines would prevent us from aerial spraying and it is important we use both ground and aerial spraying to control pests and diseases.

“The community doesn’t want these here, now the council agrees. It is common sense.”

REPower, backed by Indian renewable energy giant Suzlon, proposed erecting the turbines over 18,000 ha west of Black Point, about a third of the way down the peninsula.

The 36 landholders in the project would earn rent likely to be in the tens of thousands of dollars a year.

More than 500 workers would be needed during construction and 50 permanent jobs created.

From an STT correspondent:

Great result last night with the council unanimously voting to reject the Ceres proposal. The majority of the councillors spoke, and all appeared to have done independent research into the situation. The overall consensus was that although development that provided local youth the opportunity to work & stay in the area was encouraged, this project held too many conflicts with local planning guidelines.

Councillors’ concerns included the lack of detail into damage to roads and council infrastructure, the stress the water requirements would place on our already limited supply, the lack of any detailed decommissioning plans and the proximity of turbines to conservation areas. The poor response by developers when more information was requested was also commented on.

Councillor Trevor Davey put forward that the next Council workshop be focused on ways the DCYP could express their apprehension to Planning Minister Rau. This was supported by Mayor Ray Agnew, who discussed the decision on ABC 639 this morning.

Please don’t forget to visit Heartland Farmers and add your details to officially oppose the development, as this will add weight to the council’s comments to Minister Rau. You do not need to be a farmer to join.


Smells like victory

About stopthesethings

We are a group of citizens concerned about the rapid spread of industrial wind power generation installations across Australia.


  1. Genie, just to clarify, it hasn’t bitten the dust yet. Because the Ceres Project has Crown Development status, the Council has no real say, they can only advise, the Government or in fact the planning minister John Rau, has the final say. The fact that the Council has voted unanimously against the Ceres Wind Turbine Project though, is a big help in the fight against this monstrosity being built.

  2. Another one bites the dust. Could not happen to anything better!

  3. Well done to all concerned what a fantastic effort that we all will take some benefit.
    All local councilliors on any council should stop hiding behind SSD and man up and start putting residents before con men

  4. While this is good news and I applaud the Council on their decision, we cannot become complacent. For a project that is costing $1.2 billion and I suggest that it could cost much more than that to build, I could not believe the incompetency and blatant errors that were contained in the Ceres submission. The Development Assessment Commission even gave Ceres an extension on the lodgement date, because the developers left two pages out of their submission, no one else would get these privileges. The Council also picked up on their errors.

    Unfortunately, because Ceres has major project status, the Council can only advise, Ceres does not need Council approval to go ahead. We still need everyone to send in submissions to the Development Assessment Commission and even then, John Rau has the final say.

    All I can say is, if the DAC and the Government give this project approval to go ahead, against the decision of the Council, against the opposition of the majority of the community, against the incompetency of the Ceres submission itself, then there is something terribly wrong with our democratic style of government
    and questions need to be asked. It could be another Mount Barker.

    Heartland Farmers will keep on fighting.

  5. Jackie Rovensky says:

    Well done everyone, you have come a long way to stopping this massive invasion.
    Your efforts have been well organised and well supported by your communities and you are all to be commended for it. Its an example of what can be achieved when we stand firmly together.

    What is needed now is for the DAC and Government to accept it is not the place to put it. Unfortunately Premier Weatherill has a track record of going against advice, when some years ago as Planning Minister he ignored his departments advice with respect to a project at Myponga not to approve it, and did so, though it eventualy didn’t go ahead. However Mr Weatherill has stated recently that he will not let anything stop the spread of this destructive inefficient industry.
    In SA the DeSal plant is to use Renewable Energy, and this was/is to be provided by Wind from Hallett (not sure if this is still contracted to be used by the DeSal plant or if they are getting energy from other Wind Installations), anyway the other day it was reported that the cost of renewable energy will be the main imposision of a $15 million extra annual cost on the operations of the DeSal plant!!!! And the Premier and his Government thinks thats OK.

  6. I am elated !!!!!!

  7. It is good to see a council with commonsence, not like the Western Downs Council in QLD, who don’t care if industrial wind turbines affect peoples health who are going to be living next to the industrial sites with all the noise ect. The York Peninsular Council of SA need to be congratulated for their stand as they are for the people, and not for the corrupt wind industry.


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