The Battle for Yorke Peninsula’s Heartland “ploughs on” at Curramulka

A Yorke Peninsula farmer has just sent a “crop circles with attitude” message loud and clear to the German/Indian outfit that wants to destroy the best barley growing country in Australia, that they can take a running jump off the Stansbury cliffs.

A local STT operative reports:

Curramulka Farmer Chad Twelftree recently used his air-seeder & scarifier to plough a to-scale image of a 152m high, 114m wide Industrial wind turbine. Chad is concerned about the adverse impacts that the 199 turbines proposed by Indian company Suzlon/REpower will have on his property’s productivity.

wind turbine ploughed image

Chad’s key concern is the restrictions on aircraft. Aerial agricultural & fire fighting contractors have indicated that to ensure pilot safety, up to 3000m clearance from turbines is required to allow for safe, unrestricted maneuvering.

Aerial agriculture is a critical tool used by progressive farmers in the district, to address pest, weed & disease control in a timely manner.

Local agronomists have told Chad he could expect a reduction in yields of 10%-80% if this important tool is unavailable or restricted.

Chad also knows first hand the importance of aerial fire-bombing. In the serious Curramulka fire of November 2009, planes contracted to the CFS were instrumental in saving his house as it was entirely surrounded by the fire.

Chad is one of a growing number of farmers who are keen to see the government identify Primary Production Priority Areas that would safeguard highly-valued, high-yielding land from conflicting industrial developments such as the Ceres wind turbine proposal.

For Chad’s effort to save his slice of heaven, STT says, “hats off”.

About stopthesethings

We are a group of citizens concerned about the rapid spread of industrial wind power generation installations across Australia.


  1. On ya’ Chad! We told him he should plant canola on it, make it really stand out, when the canola flowers. This shows the passion that is flowing through the district, against the proposed Ceres Project. Nobody wants it, apart from a few hosts.


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