So what went wrong with the Ceres wind farm information meeting?

“Their so-called public consultation process is a perfect example of how developers stifle the democratic rights we believe we have – those rights slowly but surely are being taken away by politicians, development proposals and anyone else with dollar signs in their sights.”

YPCT 23 jan

From the Yorke Peninsula Country Times.

Mr Thomson is a former mayor and chairman of two councils.

The meeting took place on January 13, 2013.

See STT’s post Sit down and shut up – or we’ll call the police.

About stopthesethings

We are a group of citizens concerned about the rapid spread of industrial wind power generation installations across Australia.


  1. ex Green now Milne is in charge says:

    Consultation is a weasel word ( (like sustainable) for a weasel industry, which slimes its way into the community, buys off potential hosts years prior, then pretends to provide open and transparent information and integrity, ‘loud and proud’ at these so called community meetings. Potential hosts keep their mouths shut for the most part , if they attend at all( it is in their pre nuptial contracts, and usually they have been bribed with an early financial inducement, perhaps augmented with booze bimbos and biccies to help the ink flow ). It is a fraudulent strategy for a fraudulent industry, on an international scale, destroys community trust and relationships, foundations of rural communities which are threatened wherever they operate.

    It is an Urban spiv displaying contempt for Rural folk who are then left to pick up the of their fractured communities, if they can. Oh, and the local bowls, cricket or arts clubs get a slice of the REC crumbs ie bribes, to deter adverse public comment.

    And the Greens believe in it when they could expose this practice for the sham it is. But then, as Milne has aptly demonstrated with her ‘astroturf’ obsession, renewable at any cost, including rural citizens unlucky to be neighbors to turbines too close.

    Unfortunately Green is also now a weasel work

    No wonder Lovelock is distraught.

  2. Jackie Rovensky says:

    Wind Energy companies and their supporters take an uneducated approach to the word ‘consultation’. Words such as ‘discussion and conference’, can also be used , when calling a group of people together it is used usually as a reference to there being a discussion where people share information and question what is being said. For instance you wouldn’t go to a conference and expect to sit there and only listen to a lecture; you would expect to participate in question times or other ways providing for discussion.
    I don’t believe ‘indoctrination’, is a word that belongs to the group of words meaning the same as ‘consultation’. Rather words associated with this are ‘instruction’, ‘propaganda’ programming’, ‘brainwashing’…
    Jack booting their way through restricted access meetings is more aligned to the latter.
    Other words describing their behaviour are ‘control’, ‘domination’ or ‘hegemony’.

  3. Harry Makris says:

    …What began as a feel good venture in theory.. (catching the wind),… has turned out to be an unmitigated disaster on the ground…all one needs to do is follow the ‘Curve” of the debate….ramping up to “shrill”….in all media, local, state, national radio, TV and the Internet…..and it is not going to go away.

    ……All it would take to arrest the situation and restore Peace, would be to build these installations on dedicated wind farm land away from people”, of which Australia has ample.. ……together with the dedicated Transmission Lines and corridors strategically planned to address future development.”

    • …but I don’t believe it is possible to have ‘dedicated transmission lines and corridors strategically placed’ – what kind of ‘strategy’ can you have which doesn’t impact on peoples’ lives? You should see what is happening in SW Victoria! I reject wind farms on the grounds of their inefficiency and cost-effectiveness – it is taking a huge outlay of money (including taxpayers’ money through subsidy) to deliver power which is intermittent and must be supported by the existence of fossil-fuel based energy. As well, Victoria has actually experienced a downturn in demand for electricity over the past three years! These things promise a lot more than they can deliver and at a huge cost.

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