Don’t Say “We Didn’t Warn You”

**** “Risible”: provoking laughter through being ludicrous.  That’s a pretty fair summation of Australia’s so-called “wind industry” in the week just gone. It would be, except, wind power was pitched as a reliable replacement for on-demand power generation sources (like coal, hydro and gas) and a cost-effective means of reducing CO2 emissions.  Our political betters […]

Vestas’ Danish Victims Lay Out the FACTS

In response to the National Wind Power Fraud Rally in June, struggling Danish fan maker, Vestas paid $millions to a crack team of spin doctors to invent a campaign aimed at winning back the “moral” high ground. It called its new public relations model “Act on Facts” – we covered some of their “facts” in […]

Merry Christmas, Mr Napthine

STT champion Annie Gardner gives Victorian Premier Denis “I love turbines” Napthine a shot of what the hard working people of Macarthur can “look forward” to this Christmas. It has been an acoustic HELL on earth for dozens of families for over a year now.  But Denis couldn’t care less.  This power policy pygmy considers […]

Sorry Denis, another one bites the dust

Denis “I love nacelles” Napthine managed to hit the pages of STT before he even hit the ground as the new Premier of Victoria. Barely a week in the job and he’d already upset the locals at Macarthur with his genuine contempt for his own constituents there.  STT gave Denis a couple of posts to […]

Cyclone Tracey – an ill wind blows for “I love Nacelles Napthine”

Poor old Denis.  The Premier of Victoria really has got off to a flying start. He has already pinned his colours to a 100m turbine tower at Macarthur, enraging the long suffering residents there.  His pathetic showing at Macarthur, as reported in The Standard has only helped to spur the rent-seekers and subsidy addicts to whinge […]

Doctor, I’m in trouble

  Details have emerged of an extraordinary meeting between the new Victorian Premier, Denis Napthine, and residents who live near the Macarthur wind farm. Napthine told the amazed locals wind farm developers don’t receive subsidies and he appeared not to know about Renewable Energy Certificates. One story we heard (possibly apocryphal) was when asked about […]

The wind war: men in suits against women on farms and …

This is disturbing footage. Compare Denis Napthine, smiling and in his suit, repeating the fraudulent jobs mantra, with Anne Gardner talking about the affects of Macarthur wind farm on her family and her community. “We’re desperate,” she says. “We don’t know what to do. We can’t live in our homes and we can’t go on.” […]