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About stopthesethings

We are a group of citizens concerned about the rapid spread of industrial wind power generation installations across Australia.


  1. Not only does the wind industry have a lot to answer but the official opening by Dr.Napthine showed cattle eating around the bases of slow moving blades to show that there is nothing wrong (well cattle can’t tell you they are a problem) they have to eat and then when most have left a bus load of children were whisked in that to me is brainwashing and to use children is about as low as you can go. Denis described them as “magnificent” I call them “triffids” they look like alien machines. They are industrial and should be treated as industry not windmills. Dr.Napthine is a disgrace and I feel for Victorians with such a man in charge. Pity he does not live near them. He won’t listen to people in his constituent who are suffering.

  2. Jackie Rovensky says:

    1. SA Government complains that because of their regulations and opposition in SA companies are going interstate to Victoria.
    2. How many more job could be created if the money given to wind energy companies was spent on supporting Australian businesses to become more competitive, small companies that provide work for many and could provide more if they were able to compete on the open market.
    3. How can anyone say that this industry out ways any effect on people. Firstly they have done NO research to prove it is a safe industry and the evidence coming through from around the world is showing it is not.
    4. Keppel King has a reputation for ‘crying wolf’, yet they keep rolling out turbines.
    5. If they want this form on energy then it could be put in places far away from human habitation, but they just don’t want to pay the price to install the infrastructure to take it to the grid.
    6. Can they explain just how the ‘investment’ they talk about is achieved? Jobs are minute for the amount of money paid to this industry from our pockets. Jobs in construction and maintenance are not additional jobs they are undertaken by a workforce usually from outside the district, and a workforce who have worked on installing these projects before.
    7. This industry and the Governments who support it have to start providing accurate, truthful figures. Where this investment money they talk of is invested? Is it in Australia or overseas where most of the structures and machinery is manufactured?
    8. Just how much energy actually reaches the end customer, how much is actually manufactured? How do they propose to provide continuity of supply if their projects only last 25 years or more accurately less than 25 years?
    9. If they have to install them again where will that be and how will they ‘cover’ the loss of energy supply while they re-apply and erect them? Who will pay for new or re-installation? Will they receive RECs for re-installations and replacement supply?
    10. When will the public be able to stop paying over and over again for the energy they use, when will the Governments start to look after the people?

  3. Dennis Napthine you are a bloody disgace to your party and your constituents.If you cared about the country people who voted for you why are you standing on the stage endorsing one the greatest planning distasters in Victorias history.You should be putting operating restrictions on the Macarthur turbines so they are automatically shut down when noise limits are exeeded which by all accounts from those living nearby is quite common instead of endorsing a huge mistake made by the previous Labour mob 50,000 jobs what a joke. How many were employed on this project? how many full time jobs now?And dont ask the wind industry they will only tell you a pack of lies.Here in SA the government claims 850 fulltime jobs but if the real figure more than 200 I would be very surprised. So most grandiose claims about the positives of windpower should be taken with a pinch of salt and much closer scrutiny to get a little closer to the truth. Such as powering so many thousands of homes.When the wind does not blow the turbines produce Zero and dont worry dennis that happens alot more often than AGL &Co will like to admit.The ever reliable coal and gas power stations will keep on supplying affordable electricity 24-7 regardless of how many Billions of Australian Taxpayers Dollars are sent overseas to buy Useless NOISY Wind turbines.Maybe Dennis your Government could redeloy Keppel Prince to make some Water pipes to Replace some of those leaky open Channel in Northern Victoria and achieve something genuinely usefull for your state.

  4. Boo hoo, the anti-wind crowd has stopped the big wind rush in Victoria. Sounds like crocodile tears to me. Victoria has built 440 turbines and has over 1,000 more approved, some have had approval for years.
    The developers are in no rush to build them because the investors refuse to put their money in until retailers sign power purchase agreements and that is not happening. The retailers know the REC is going the way of the Tasmanian Tiger. So the fact the industry is on the ropes has nothing to do with Victorian planning rules and everything to do with nervous investors. The federal coalition needs to make it plain that the greatest fraud of all time will end come September. The country can’t afford this scam to go on any longer.

    • Go live near them and find out how people in debt for millions cannot service the debt because they can’t work on their property. That is not boo hoo at all it is disgusting. 24% of people are not affected but 76% are and it is noise that causes sleep deprivation. Look up the 10 worst problems for sleep depri- cation. Would you like neighbours playing music 24/7. I bet not. don’t knock something you obviously know nothing about. People should not sign contracts hosting turbines when they are giving the developers use of their land. Trouble is most who sign up do not live on the properties so they do not care about neighbours forced to live with noise.

      • Just to clarify Genie, this was a sarcastic post, emphasising that the Achilles heel of the wind industry is the REC scheme of the current government. Remove RECs, and then there are no investors interested in funding construction. So it doesn’t matter if there are approvals or not, there will be thankfully, no money to fund construction of these rural torture devices.

  5. Just watched the Video. BUllshit Bullshit Bullshit, What a lot of spinless dumb Politicians we have. Havn’t they noticed that China buys our cheap coal and produces cheap electricity creating jobs for China, and sells us Bloody Wind turbines that give us the Worlds dearest electricity, costing us jobs and these dumb fools talk about creating jobs in the Wind Industry. Last time I looked China was leaving us in the dust, financially, and as we approach $ 300 Billion Dollars mostly borrowed from China you would think getting our electricity costs down would be an absolute priority.
    The real issue, Health, doesn’t matter, we are Road kill, second class citizens who live in the bush, you know conservative, and to conservative for our own good.
    So will our mostly brain dead, inept, and gererally not much good at being anything else except a Politician, wake up and analize their oath to protect their Country, and it’s citizens.
    Don’t hold your breath, there is MONEY at state.

  6. 50000 new jobs from wind energy? Yes certainly! Home rebuilding jobs for wind turbine victims, doctors, solicitors, acousticians to fight their cases in court; veterinarians to explain new animal problems and environmentalists to describe ecological collapse and microclimate change; bulldozers to remove the bloody things once the farce becomes widely recognised, plus plenty of scrap metal workers and recycling; and last but not least, lots of policing work for community division and conflict, counsellors and psychologists to heal wounds, nurses to take care of any wounded and in the worst case undertakers for you know what…

    Wind energy = lots of jobs in repairing the harm from inept, stupid, brain-dead, government policy that thought that wind turbines were a benign machine that made energy on demand…

    • Sonia Trist says:

      Best comment yet George! Thank you, thank you for making us laugh. Helps to ease the strain of our anxious and overwhelming existence here at Cape Bridgewater.


  7. Those DUMER THEN DUM people involved in the industrial turbine industry need to change their day jobs, because the industrial turbine industry will fall in a heap when the truth comes out. All the above people are involved in a very corrupt industry. The so called premier of VIC is nothing more then a bag of s–t if he doesn’t at least lisen to the neighbours, that live next to the industrial turbines, who are suffering bad health from the noise from the discrasefull structures. It is BULL SHIT that the hosts are not suffering from the noise the same as the neighbours of the above. WE KNOW THAT THERE ARE QUITE A FEW HOSTS WHO ARE SUFFERING FROM THE NOISE ECT, that is another lie that AGL have been trying to get us to believe, THAT NO TURBINE HOSTS ARE SUFFERING FROM THE NOISE ECT FROM THESE DISCRASEFULL STRUCTURES, then you see the VIC premier sucking up to AGL who lie. I hope the premier up here in QLD is of better character then the one in VIC.

  8. The wind industry never mentions how many thousands of jobs are gone because of the expensive energy. Also, Health can NEVER take a back seat to windpower. That is ridiculous. A 2km setback is the least they can do.

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