Merry Christmas, Mr Napthine

Napthine macarthur

Newsflash Denis: giant fans don’t vote – wind farm victims vote.

STT champion Annie Gardner gives Victorian Premier Denis “I love turbines” Napthine a shot of what the hard working people of Macarthur can “look forward” to this Christmas.

It has been an acoustic HELL on earth for dozens of families for over a year now.  But Denis couldn’t care less.  This power policy pygmy considers rural people being driven out of their homes (or being driven mad in them) by incessant infrasound and low-frequency noise as “road-kill”.  His ignorance of his own constituents’ suffering is matched with his infantile understanding of energy policy in Australia.

Apparently, Denis believes that there are no subsidies directed to wind weasels and, when confronted by an angry mob from Macarthur, last April had never heard of Renewable Energy Certificates.

With Denis “in charge” heaven help Victorian power punters.  On Denis’ watch – Ford will close its car making operations at Geelong in October 2016, leaving thousands out of work – put there by factors including RET driven spiralling power costs – see our post here.

But – if Denis keeps treating Macarthur locals with the kind of contempt usually reserved for hostile enemies rather than as people you want to vote for you – he won’t be in charge for much longer.

Here’s Annie letting a cast of notables know exactly what she thinks of those paid to protect and serve Victorians.


You’ll never pull the wool over Anne & Gus Gardner’s eyes.

From: Ann Gardner
Date: December 20, 2013 10:05:51 PM GMT+10:30
To: “denis napthine” <>

Cc: “Simon Ramsay” <>, “DAVID O’BRIEN” <david.o’>, “Dan Tehan” <>, “DAVID KOCH” <>, “ted baillieu” <>, “DAVID DAVIS” <>, “matthew guy” <>, “CRAIG KELLY” <>, “CHRIS BACK” <>, “John Madigan” <>, “ANGUS TAYLOR” <>, “ALBY SCHULTZ”, “Nick Xenophon” <>, “GREG HUNT” <>

Subject: Fw: Senator John Madigan’s speech in Parliament Tuesday 10th December 2013 and excerpts from FOI’s

Dear Denis,

It would be greatly appreciated if you would take the time to read this speech by Senator John Madigan, presented in Parliament last week.

We, the victims of this fraudulent wind scam, are extremely grateful to Senator Madigan as he, unlike you Denis (our local member and our Premier to boot) is prepared to come and listen to our stories and stand up for our rights.

His speech outlines the shameful behaviour of Minister Matthew Guy, who under your leadership is doing NOTHING about the situation whereby wind factories in Victoria are allowed to operate, whilst not COMPLYING WITH THEIR PERMIT GUIDELINES.

What are you going to do about this Denis?

This is happening IN YOUR OWN ELECTORATE – the Macarthur wind factory is operating, and receiving millions of taxpayer dollars, in your electorate, WITHOUT a Certificate of Compliance from the Department of Planning of your Victorian government.

The number of families impacted by the Macarthur wind factory is growing.  A preliminary health survey conducted in this district several months ago resulted in 66 people in 23 families recording the impact they suffer from the turbines at the Macarthur wind factory, many kilometres out from the nearest turbine.


We have had our common law rights to sleep in our homes taken away from us.  We have had our right to provide a safe work place taken away from us.


We met with you in your office in April earlier this year. However, we might as well have saved our efforts and our time, driving down to Warrnambool.  You told us we were literally “road KILL” and that in any case, you got most of your votes from the towns …

You haven’t even bothered to give me the respect of a reply to the letter I gave to you during that meeting, despite several requests for such since then.

That night and the next day on television your picture was splashed all over the television and newspaper claiming how you “loved wind turbines”.  You may live to regret that outburst of total disregard for the plight of so many of the people severely impacted in your own electorate.

Whilst it is obvious you are beholden to the employees of Keppel Prince at Portland, you may be surprised just how many people who once voted for you in rural south-west Victoria may not do so again next year.

You may end up following the steps of John Howard and even lose your seat.  Not only may we be referring to you as Opposition Leader again, you may not even be a local member, unless you start to show some concern for those outside the towns of Warrnambool and Portland.

At least our previous Premier Ted Baillieu showed some compassion to those so wrongly affected by the lies and corruption behind the wind industry.

Did you know that the DSE are currently being investigated for fraud by Victorian Police regarding inappropriate behaviour with their involvement with consultants and the wind industry?

Has it occurred to you that the Victorian Health Department might soon find itself in a similar position?

Has it occurred to you that the Victorian DEPI might soon find itself in a similar position too?

Are you aware that the Australian Federal Police are currently investigating the fraudulent payment of Renewable Energy Certificates to Acciona for the Waubra Wind Factory?  I doubt you have any idea what a Renewable Energy Certificate is?  You certainly didn’t even know what a Renewable Energy Certificate was when we met with you in April: you told us there was NO subsidy for wind farms!!!

Are you aware that the Australian Federal Police will also be investigating the fraudulent payment of Renewable Energy Certificates being paid to AGL for the Macarthur Wind Factory?

These are both Victorian Wind Factories Denis, allowed to operate by your government WITHOUT A CERTIFICATE OF COMPLIANCE.

This apparent fraud is all taking place in your State Denis (not to mention the appalling scam of the Cape Bridgewater Wind Factory – once again in your electorate) under your leadership, with your government Ministers for Health and Planning fully aware of what is going on, and DOING NOTHING ABOUT IT.

We, the residents of the Macarthur district, wish you a very happy and relaxing Christmas – enjoying peace with your family.

We only wish we could enjoy the same privilege…  This privilege has been taken away from us by AGL and the Macarthur Wind Factory, whilst also being condoned by the Victorian government.

We have asked AGL to turn the turbines off so we can enjoy our Christmas and sleep at night.

We have asked them to turn the turbines off so that we may enjoy the festive season with our friends and family – without having to take Panadol several times a day to try and get rid of the constant headaches, and spend our nights being disturbed by the ROARING and constant INFRASOUND emitted by the 200 giant turbines next to our properties and our homes.

However, AGL have flatly refused to give the people of this district the peace they deserve over Christmas and have ignored our numerous requests to turn the turbines off so we may enjoy something like a peaceful Christmas.
Ann and Andrew Gardner


Denis Napthine: not as clever as he looks.

About stopthesethings

We are a group of citizens concerned about the rapid spread of industrial wind power generation installations across Australia.


  1. I refer to the picture above – which one is Denis Napthine?

  2. Jackie Rovenksy says:

    As an outsider, that is, I am not a Victorian, it seems to me there’s no such thing as a Political Liberal Party operating in Victoria. It appears there’s only one called ‘Suckers and Fools’ masquerading as a Political Liberal Party.

    Not only should those mentioned above be investigated, so too should this excuse for a Political Party. Who actually is ‘pulling’ their strings? Who is in charge? The Wind Energy Industry it would seem.

    There is no excuse for any Politician to be completely ignorant of what is happening to Rural Victoria or indeed any Rural areas of any Australian State or Territory, or even what is going on around the world.

    Perhaps those hiding under the flag of Liberal Party should remember ‘ignorance is no excuse’ and they were elected to work for ALL their electorates, they even take an oath to do so.

  3. I find it very difficult to comprehend the anguish expressed in this letter by the Gardner’s, without getting highly distressed. It is even more disturbing that we have politicians in Australia who are insensitive as donkeys and discgracefully smile in photo ops in front of wind turbines.

    I hope the Gardner’s and every other victim of wind developments a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year – wind turbine free.

  4. I have been told sell my home in Maitland to get away from the Hell caused by Low frequency noise.
    It’s been my hell since 2008.
    As I said to the person that told me to move – I can’t afford to and where can I go for peace?


  1. […] Macarthur wind farm (his own constituents) – that they should consider themselves as “literally road-kill”.  Presumably, on the path to a “cleaner, greener, future”, hey […]

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