Trawool Legend Tim Brew gives Infigen a serve

After VCAT’s disgraceful Cherry Tree decision, Trawool Valley locals have thrown down the gauntlet. Here’s Trawool legend Tim Brew unloading on STT’s favourite whipping boys Infigen (aka Babcock and Brown). “EXPOSED” BY Tim Brew Having sat through most days of VCAT, I say thanks for the education. “You donʼt know who is swimming naked till […]

Cyclone Tracey – an ill wind blows for “I love Nacelles Napthine”

Poor old Denis.  The Premier of Victoria really has got off to a flying start. He has already pinned his colours to a 100m turbine tower at Macarthur, enraging the long suffering residents there.  His pathetic showing at Macarthur, as reported in The Standard has only helped to spur the rent-seekers and subsidy addicts to whinge […]

VCAT Commissioners confirm evidence of damage to sleep and health from wind turbines

Press release from The Waubra Foundation Victorian Civil Administrative Tribunal Commissioners, Mr M Wright QC and Mr A Liston have made the following remarks in orders given on 4th April, 2013.¹ Paragraphs 116-118 of their orders state the following: There is evidence before the Tribunal that a number of people living close to wind farms […]

Umpire Red Cards the wind industry in Victoria – Infigen cops a gobful of dirt

Congratulations go out to the hundred or so members and supporters of the Trawool Valley and Whiteheads Creek Landscape Guardians who fought that ol’ STT favourite, Infigen, to a standstill over its Cherry Tree Range wind farm proposal. You’ll remember STT bathing Infigen’s star performer, Laura Dunphy, in glory over the “porkies” she told locals […]

VCAT = Very Casual Attitude To (justice, fairness, human decency etc)

Cobden/Naroghid VCAT Hearing, 21 Mar 2013 Today, we went to the 3rd VCAT Hearing, once again in Melbourne. We are requesting  the  Cobden/Naroghid wind development  to abide by the new ruling stating that turbines must be ‘2 kilometres from uncontracted landholders residences’, and that permission must be granted by the ‘uncontracted landowners for further development’. […]

Infigen Energy’s shame – and Sarah Laurie’s truth

The document below is a statutory declaration. Under Australian law, it is equivalent to giving evidence under oath. If it contains false information, charges of perjury can be laid. This declaration was sworn before a policeman by Whiteheads Creek resident Ursula James last Thursday. It concerns alleged statements made before a number of people by […]

As always, money and power is in the hands of corporate wind …

Guest poster: Frank Campbell, Elmhurst, Victoria, Australia. Frank is a retired sociologist and former supporter of the Greens. It’s galling that paid propagandists like Leigh Ewbank (Pyrenees Advocate, February 1, 2013), safe in their Carlton castles, lecture rural people about the wonders of wind turbines. The rural press is flooded with their formula letters. Like […]