Lance Armstrong to head Clean Energy Council

LanceArmstrongHere at STT we like to be first with the latest on all things windy.

So we are pleased to announce the appointment of former world champion cyclist Lance Armstrong as the new CEO of the Clean Energy Council.

Outgoing chief executive of the Australian wind energy body David Green welcomed the news.

“I’ve barely got my feet under the desk to be honest but having Lance on our team will really help the CEC’s mission,” Green said.

“He’s everything the CEC requires as the wind energy sector rapidly falls apart.

“Lance is first and foremost a superb bullshit artist. This is a core competency for the position.

“Secondly, he knows where to score non-prescription medication … buckets of the stuff. Friday night drinks in the CEC boardroom don’t have much of a jizz about them these days so we think Lance will help in that area.

“And lastly, he rides a bike! It’s bloody perfect. Another aggressive prick in Lycra. Everyone will assume he’s a Greenie.”

In a statement, Armstrong said wind power would need increasing drug assistance. He said his now worldwide reputation as a “lying bastard” made the CEC position a perfect follow-up job.

Armstrong said the reports section of the CEC website would be renamed “wind fiction” and he was hopeful leading authors such as JK Rowling could be seduced to contribute.

“She’s a bit of a hottie these days since she got rich. JK is okay and top of my list, baby.”

Um, thanks for that.

Seriously, here at STT we wanted to pause for a moment.

It’s been a month since our site went live. In that time, we’ve produced 21 posts and received more than 14,500 hits.

We’ve asked questions of Simon Chapman (unanswered), Brett Lane (unanswered) and Denis Napthine (unanswered).

We’ve looked at the bullying by the wind industry of Australian regional and rural communities (and on this day of all days, we call that un-Australian).wind clown

We’ve looked at the comparisons between big tobacco and asbestos and the wind industry, the sleazy behavior of the University of Sydney, the inefficiency and corruption of the wind industry and the huge amounts of money being stolen from the Australian public.

And we have only just begun to examine the pressing question of the health impact of turbines.

We have and will continue to update the sections at the top of this blog – These people get it and And these people don’t.

But most gratifying has been the number of wind industry employees who have cautiously and quietly reached out to us.

These people believed they were joining a sector that was ethical and actually doing some good. Now many of them are having second thoughts.

We appreciate their contact. We respect their privacy and yes, we’re happy to say, we will continue.

Happy Australia Day.

About stopthesethings

We are a group of citizens concerned about the rapid spread of industrial wind power generation installations across Australia.


  1. Every day I suffer severely from the impact of infrasound from the turbines of the Macarthur wind farm I shall report this totally unacceptable impact on my life and my health. This just should not be allowed to happen to innocent people who have done NOTHING WRONG. Not one of the neighbours to the Macarthur wind farm deserve to be punished and tortured in this manner.

    Today is AUSTRALIA DAY.

    This is a day when all Australian people should be proud to be Australian. I always have been a very proud Australian, BUT NOT ANY MORE.

    Now that the turbines of the Macarthur wind farm have destroyed our business and are on the way to totally destroying our health and that of all the neighbours not just adjoining, but many kilometres out from the monster wind farm, none of us are proud to be Australian.

    Again the wind has been in the south today, and we have been belted by the 140 turbines roaring next to our property where we have lived a happy, peaceful and healthy life for the last 32 years.

    Today my husband and I have been working in our woolshed from 6.30 am to 7.00 pm, with one shearer shearing our fat lambs. I doubt many Australians would have spent their day working non stop for twelve and a half hours. We certainly do not complain about having to work so hard. It is such hard work over many years, which resulted in our ultimate incredible success with our ultra-fine wool growing enterprise, which was last year destroyed by the unacceptable disruption caused by construction of the Macarthur wind farm. What we do complain about is that we have to put up with the constant torture from the impact of the turbines. The pressure and infrasound in the woolshed today was certainly debilitating, however we just have to keep on working in such unhealthy conditions. This is the life sentence we have had imposed on us by AGL and the Macarthur wind farm.

    Tonight, arriving home at 7.30 I was looking forward to relaxing and watching the women’s tennis finals. Finally at 8.30 I sat down to relax. But NOT TO BE. Already the infrasound in my kitchen was annoying and my head began to hurt – again – sore ears, nose and throat. That’s normal now in all rooms in our house.

    But when it came time to turn on the television, as many Australians would be tonight, to relax and enjoy watching the tennis final, it just got worse. Through the floor came the usual vibration – a feeling as if my body had an electric charge shooting through it. It comes through my feet, up through my legs – it shoots through my chest, through my arms and through my hands. At the same time my heart is pounding …….. my body is shaking. It is just unbearable.


    We cannot live like this any more …… AGL should be forced to turn the turbines off – nobody should be forced to put up with these conditions. We have done nothing to deserve this torture. It is happening day in, and day out. We cannot sleep at night, we cannot work on our farm and we cannot enjoy our life in our own home any more.

    DO SOMETHING. We have had our human rights taken away from us.

    AGL were keen to carry out noise testing at our home, but as soon as we began to request honesty and transparency with this noise testing – due to AGL’s track record of manipulating the data for favourable results – they have gone to ground.

    It’s time our rights were given back to us – they’ve been taken away by AGL and the Macarthur wind farm – and government condones this appalling situation.

    We have to pinch ourselves to remember we live in Australia and not Nazi Germany where it was commonplace for the people to be tortured with infrasound or low frequency noise.

    Once again at the beginning of next week, we are going away for two nights to try and get some sleep. We are forced to leave our farm for at least two days each week to try and relieve our bodies from the severe impact of the turbines. Who will pay for this ? Will AGL compensate us for the cost of having to go away each week, not to mention the detrimental impact on our business ? We’ve never been away during summer before as there is too much at risk, with breakdowns with stock water, not to mention the extreme fire risk. But we have no choice………

  2. Jackie Rovensky says:

    It’s been a great first month and you have produced some great items. Obviously WF proponents are watching it even if they are not contributing and/or answering questions – well thats not new is it, they never want to answer educated and responsible questions do they. Keep up the good work.

  3. I have been an avid reader since finding your site and congratulate all the contributors on their posts being informative, factual, and teasing out the points which all fair minded people appreciate. Please keep the pressure on those who do not have the answers to your questions and hide behind the same old diatribe they wheel out when called to account. All sections of the site provide titilating reading,keep it coming!!!

  4. This piece makes me wonder if Lance had to sign an NDA before his new appointment to the CEC, promising not to spill his guts about wind to Oprah.

    Awesome post. Your style reminds me a bit of Tom Robbins. Direct four-letter English, a razors edge of sarcasm, and every sentence has a pointy end of truth. Please continue to skewer with prejudice.

  5. The STT tongue in cheek approach to the news is terrific. Had the bulletin about Lance Armstrong been true, and given his proclivity for hot air, his association with Big Wind could have been deemed the Ultimate Blow Job. Please excuse my crassness. Sometimes, I just can’t help myself.

  6. Bravo! Thank you. We all want the truth, but some? …anyway the wind blows. Happy Australia Day.x

  7. Excellent article! Please keep up the great work. Slowly the word has to be getting out there! I do look forward to the STT articles to see what is coming next.


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