Macarthur wind project – a Victorian Government approved atrocity

aglBy an STT correspondent

Where, in the World Health Organisation guidelines, is it said that sleep deprivation is harmless to your health?

Nowhere. The WHO Guidelines recognise sleep disturbance as an adverse health effect.  In its night-time noise guidelines for Europe (2009) WHO states that:

sleep is a biological necessity and disturbed sleep is associated with a number of adverse impacts on health”. 

The guidelines go on to state that: “While noise-induced sleep disturbance is viewed as a health problem in itself (environmental insomnia), it also leads to further consequences for health and wellbeing”.

What do the WHO guidelines say sleep deprivation causes?

“Chronic sleep deprivation is linked to cardiovascular disease, hypertension, anxiety, depression and occupational accidents amongst other adverse health effects”.

What is happening to neighbours of the Macarthur project?

As one resident family has written, they have collected 90 copies of written complaints to AGL since the Macarthur wind farm started early October 2012.

This number only includes complaints from one section near the wind project and excludes people who have not put their complaints in writing, but have just rung the supposed hotline where it seems there is no record of these complaints.

Copies of the 90 written complaints have been sent to the Victorian Department of Planning & Community Development, the Victorian EPA, the Victorian Health Department, the Premier, the Moyne Shire and many others.

At least one home has been abandoned since the turbines started. Others will surely follow.

Has AGL been warned?

Yes, in four detailed letters from the Waubra Foundation dated: 20 December, 2010; 16 May, 2011 6 June, 2011 and 14 March, 2012. Some of these were sent to each director at their home addresses

Who are the directors of this once respected and historic Australian company?

Mr. Jeremy Maycock, (Chairman),  Locked Bag 1837 St. Leonards, NSW  2065.

Mr. Michael Fraser, (Managing Director),  147 Peninsula Drive, Breakfast Point, NSW,  2137.

Ms Sandra McPhee, (Chair Safety,  Sustainability & Corporate Responsibility Committee),

14 Longworth Avenue, Point Piper, NSW  2027.

Mr. Bruce Phillips, (Director),  20 Yallumba Close, Forrestville,  NSW  2087.

Mr. Leslie V. Hosking, (Director),  2 Slater Street, Melbourne, Vic. 3000.

Mr. John Stanhope, (Director),  Level 40, 242 – 282 Exhibition Street, Melbourne, Vic. 3000.

Mr. Max Ould, (Director),  21 Cromer Road, Beaumaris, Vic. 3193.

If industrial machinery causes sleep deprivation, severe health problems, drives some people from their homes and livelihoods, makes their homes not just uninhabitable but unsaleable, destroys amenity, landscape and wildlife; and is being imposed on citizens young and old, what is it, if not an atrocity?

What does AGL say in public about this atrocious development?  Judge from the media release on 27 March, 2013:

“Local community enjoys long term benefits from Macarthur Wind Farm

In the lead up to the official opening of AGL Energy and Meridian Energy’s Macarthur Wind Farm in mid April 2013, the permanent operations team has a distinct local flavour, comprising 18 residents from South West Victoria.

From Macarthur, Hamilton, Warrnambool and Koroit to Portland, Port Fairy and Lake Bolac, the wind farm’s local representation from the region is strong. For example, the Leith Family from Hamilton is well represented in the wind industry with two siblings working at the Macarthur Wind Farm, while their father Daryl works nearby at AGL’s Oaklands Hill Wind Farm at Glenthompson.

The benefit to the local community goes beyond direct employment, as the construction of the wind farm has utilised many local suppliers. The total number of jobs during development and construction (including flow on employment) was estimated at 875 in the region; 2,490 in Victoria, and 2,782 in Australia.

Companies such as Portland’s Keppel Prince Engineering manufactured 80 of the 140 wind towers, with the remaining 60 being supplied by Adelaide based RPG Australia. In addition, a concrete batching plant was based on site and produced over 55,000 cubic metres of concrete for the wind turbine foundations. This is the equivalent of 11,200 concrete truck loads.

Local quarries, including the Moyne Shire owned and operated Mount Shadwell Quarry and local trucking companies benefited greatly from the project as they supplied the crushed rock and other materials for the 85 kilometres of internal roads and materials for the significant public road upgrades that have been undertaken and delivered by the project.

Overall, the Macarthur Wind Farm has also generated increased traffic through the Port of Portland harbour, with a plethora of parts including blades, nacelles and hubs transported from Denmark to the Port of Portland over the 14-month construction period.

The Victorian Wind Energy Operations Manager based at Macarthur and Warrnambool resident, Brendan Ryan, says that the Macarthur Wind Farm has provided a sustained opportunity for locals to secure long term employment throughout the 25 year lifespan of the project.

“The Macarthur Wind Farm will offer local employees and the region alike ongoing benefits, which will help to ensure stability to families within the region,” says Brendan.

The Macarthur Wind Farm has been fully operational since 31 January 2013, and the Hon. Dr Denis Napthine MP, Premier of Victoria and local member for South West Coast will formally open the wind farm in mid April 2013.”

Make you feel warm and fuzzy?  Or just plain angry?

Is it misleading the public and the stock market to make a press release that carefully crafts a trivial good news story and ignores the hideous truth about people damage?  Is this a matter for the ASX and/or ASIC?

Why is Premier Napthine going to open this gulag of misery instead of shutting it down until proper and independent tests have been undertaken?

Dr Napthine, you, and Planning Minister Guy and your AWOL Health Minister Davis need to solve this spreading health problem fast; with the health and well-being of Victorian citizens being the priority matter and to ensure no further atrocities are perpetrated before the turbine noise mess is cleaned up.

The Premier may not need much help in losing the next election, but unless he cleans up the wind industry in the next six months, country Victorians will by then be acting on strategies that will help him lead his party to defeat.

Wasn’t it Jeff Kennett who reaped the electoral whirlwind by ignoring country Victorians?


Absolute Greedy Liars

About stopthesethings

We are a group of citizens concerned about the rapid spread of industrial wind power generation installations across Australia.


  1. maureen campbell says:

    I have said this since day one, that sleep depervation was used in war as a torture. Surely the human rights should be involved with all this turbine shit. It is so funny how people say they are wonderfull as long as they are not in my back yard. Australian people should be out their backing it’s rural partners. When there is no land left as turbines have taken over. You will all be crying as your food will be coming from China just like the turbines.
    Beleave me australia you are in for a very rude awaking.

  2. Andreas Marciniak says:

    Same Lies, just a different town.
    Same Lies, Just a different State.
    Same Lies, just a different Country.
    no madder where you go , same spin same crap, just Lies.
    NOT GREEN, NOT CHEAP, NOT RELIABLE, with very BAD side effects , if this was any other product, it would have been TAKEN OFF the market by now….

  3. Jackie Rovensky says:

    In REpowers DAC application for Yorke Peninsula they say the 500 construction jobs will be filled by people from outside the area and will be brought in, also the 50 jobs for maintenance after commissioning will be ‘re-located’ to the area. Not many local jobs by the sound of it – if any.
    AGL may have sourced some of their towers from RPG in Adelaide, but how secure are companies they use. RPG went into voluntary administration last year. None of the companies are Australian, they are segments of much larger international companies who have branches all over the world, and RPG/KEG is like Suzlon/REpower having problems of various kinds.
    This country is leaving an important necessary commodity, the supply of energy in the hands of unstable companies. They will fight dirty to stay in business, because if any of their ventures falls over it could bring the whole unstable lot down. How can our Governments do this, are they blind to what is happening are they so easily suckered in by the ‘hard-sell’ techniques being used.
    It’s a pyramid scheme of gigantic proportions.
    Lies are the only thing holding them up, and as the lies are exposed they fight harder and dirtier. Truth will win out in the end, but at what cost to human health and welfare, our economy, and environment.

  4. A G L haven,t we heard this name a number of times. The chairman, general manàger, & directors of A G L have got their lap dogs from A G L up here in QLD telling us that the Macarthur industrial wind turbines are ok, only for a few small problems. They A G L have told us that the Coopers Gap Industrial Wind Turbines won’t cause any problems, as far as the noise to affect the health of humans & land values go. The Western Downs Council in QLD are sucking up to A G L also, & they will have a lot to answer for before this is all over. As far as telling lies go, A G L would win first prise. As far as the VIC Goverment go, they should hang their head in shame with what they are doing to their people near these health destroyers ect. Ned Kelly got hung for less.

  5. These are disgustingly uncaring, inhumane, animals, to behave in the manner in which they are.

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