Cyclone Tracey – an ill wind blows for “I love Nacelles Napthine”

Poor old Denis.  The Premier of Victoria really has got off to a flying start.

He has already pinned his colours to a 100m turbine tower at Macarthur, enraging the long suffering residents there.  His pathetic showing at Macarthur, as reported in The Standard has only helped to spur the rent-seekers and subsidy addicts to whinge even louder about their dying industry.  Here they are in another Standard article having a good old whinge about the demise of their subsidy driven industry.  The effort to link stalled wind farm construction activity and Victorian planning rules is just a little rich, but STT is reminded that these are the same people that believe giant fans which work barely 25% of the time will somehow cool the planet.

So right on cue these people bleat that Victorian planning laws are to blame for all their woes.  Never mind that there are over 1,000 turbines approved in Victoria waiting to be built – some for more than 5 years now.  Never mind that Keppel Prince will never compete with the Chinese who are already setting up to dominate the turbine market.

The collapse in wind farm construction activity has nothing to do with Victorian planning rules and everything to do with electricity retailers refusing to sign power purchase agreements with wind farm developers.  Without a power purchase agreement the developer will never get finance.  The retailers and the investors are apparently smart enough to know that the end game is only a few short months away.  Roll on September!

In the meantime Denis, you might like to stick this letter in your scrapbook under the topic of: “how to win friends and influence people”.

This Tracey is ready to whip up a storm in his little patch of paradise.  Oh yes, and he votes.


Premier of Victoria
Dr Napthine,
15 April 2013

Dear Sir,

I wrote to you at the beginning of April concerning our problems with Wind Energy Sites.

Now in the ‘Standard’ 13 April, you mention your’ love for these Turbines’, well, try living with one about to be 500 meters from your door. Would they be an added Tourist Attraction along the windy Great Ocean Road? You also mention about the ‘2 km’ from a family home & yet this new Restriction has been in force since Mar 15 2012 & cannot be implemented by the DPCD.

I have an Official Letter from the Hon Min Mr Guy in which he say’s ‘the predictive noise assessment identified risks, for 8 ‘Non Contracted’ Land Owners family homes within close vicinity of the wind energy site. The Department identified that up to 14 of the 21 turbines would need to be removed to ensure greater levels of compliance with acceptable noise limits at these homes’. If this Cobden / Naroghid site is to progress, it will be against an Officially Accepted, with Recognised Health, and other Risks.

If the 2 km Zone is applied, 30 to 40 homes are affected, so with a minimum 4 people per house, that’s 160 people, plus their staff. We have been to 3 VCAT Hearings & we do not get a chance to speak, so how can the Chairperson make a ‘Fair & Just decision for all Victorians’.

You also mentioned that ‘companies using imported towers as ‘totally unacceptable’.’ They should first & foremost use towers that provide local jobs’. (Extract date 13 April 2013).

However, prior to your statement, in the ‘Standard’ 10 April 2013 Ms Gillard splashed all over the Media that a ‘ $1.6 billion deal was signed for Hydro Tasmania & China’s Shenhua Group to develop wind energy sites all over Australia. So even the PM does not support local industry. So in reality there is not much hope of the ‘State’ being able to buck the trend, due to, the Rate Payer Subsidies.

Also these Industrial Wind Energy Sites are driving Dairy Farmers out of the ‘Dairy Capital of Australia……… Cobden’, so more milk will have to be imported from China & Asia. These Dairy Farmer’s still have to pay their Mortgages & get their properties devalued into the bargain. Yet you are wanting to support Foreign Investors, at local’s cost.

Put them away from family homes & towns, where unfertile land can be better utilised. Also this permit was submitted on a Corangamite Shire Application Number back in 2004.

Thanks for your time

Dick Tracey

About stopthesethings

We are a group of citizens concerned about the rapid spread of industrial wind power generation installations across Australia.


  1. genie81 says:

    I was appalled at the PREMIER sneaking into the opening and then saying turbines are magnificent. How can anyone call them so when they look like triffids or some alien constructions. When most people had left the official opening of Macarthur what happened is that a busload of school children was driven on site. Really how low can the wind industry go trying to brainwash children. Dr.Napthine vet. lives in the area i.e. Pt. Fairy where these people are forced to live with turbines and ignores their plight. Some Premier.

  2. Jackie Rovensky says:

    Keppel Prince is a persistent wolf crier. They are always blaming the regulations and not that the companies are buying towers from China and India. The so called investment in Australia is non-existent. The number of actual jobs produced in this industry here in Australia in relation to the money being given to it from our taxes is miniscule. If Keppel Prince actually diversified they would not have to layoff workers – which they do as each contract ends. In other words the workers are contracted and expect to leave once the contract finishes. They are not fulltime permanent workers.
    That projects are not moving forward is purely because the companies investors are not willing to put their money upfront, they want certainty, and the reason there is no certainty is because the companies themselves are in financial trouble. Who would invest in a company that its own national banks are resistant to support because they are not viable unless restructuring works? This industry is the biggest pyramid scheme ever created and as with all others it will tumble and investors are not willing to risk it. What I find confusing is pyramid schemes are apparently illegal here – so why are our Governments supporting this one?
    In relation to the Victorian Premier, he appears not to want to have his smiley face pictured with those who are concerned about this industry and how it is affecting their lives, livelihoods and environment, because he knows he will be the only one with a smile. When is he going to meet with and discuss rationally with those being affected – if he can do it Keppel Prince and other supporters of the industry why can he not do it with those who are suffering and concerned? Are you not all voters, are you not all Australian and Victorian citizens, do you not pay taxes, do you not work and live in Victoria, is your employment not being affected?


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