AGL Cops Both Barrels from Annie Gardner

**** AGL’s Macarthur wind farm is a public health disaster, with some 30 farming families being driven nuts by incessant low-frequency noise and infra-sound night, after merciless night. STT Champion Annie Gardner is amongst them. Annie has just unloaded both barrels at AGL’s management in this cracking letter. 26 December, 2013 Chairman AGL Energy Ltd., […]

Merry Christmas, Mr Napthine

STT champion Annie Gardner gives Victorian Premier Denis “I love turbines” Napthine a shot of what the hard working people of Macarthur can “look forward” to this Christmas. It has been an acoustic HELL on earth for dozens of families for over a year now.  But Denis couldn’t care less.  This power policy pygmy considers […]

AGL’s Macarthur victims demand action from their Council

The public health disaster that is AGL’s Macarthur wind farm has reached boiling point with 60 of its long-suffering locals calling their local Councilors to account at a heated meeting last Friday – with STT Champion, Annie Gardner leading the charge: Here’s one take on proceedings by regional rag, The Standard. Bad vibrations in the […]

Hold on Macarthur – the Coalition-Cavalry are coming

In our last post we covered the brilliant community survey carried out at Macarthur by STT Champion, Anne Schafer. Wind weasels and their parasites are running as much interference as their delusional little imaginations can muster about just what Anne’s survey reveals. The eco-fascist is – apparently – only content to “act on facts” when […]

Rip Van Winkle – Mark II

In a recent letter to WA News, Peter Baker of Binningup displayed a level of ignorance befitting a man with the same grip on recent events as Rip Van Winkle – the chap that slept for 20 years – having missed the American Revolution, the death of his wife, the marriage of his daughter and […]

Rally – Alan Jones

In this clip from the National Wind Power Fraud Rally on June 18, 2013 at Parliament House, Canberra,  we hear from Alan Jones and his experiences as a radio announcer, talking, and exchanging letters with people all over Australia about the invasion of industrial wind turbines. Stories that are rarely covered by other media. There […]

Rally – Annie Gardner

Next at the National Wind Power Fraud Rally on June 18, 2013 at Parliament House, Canberra,  was Annie Gardner from Victoria. Annie talks about the plight of people living next to industrial wind factories. She details what her life is like next to the Macarthur wind farm and how it has effected her, and her […]

Red Faces at the Victorian Department of Health

A week or so ago, the wind industry and its parasites crowed about a report released by the Victorian Department of Health, with even more than the usual whiff of desperation. The report was touted by the Clean Energy Council as a complete exoneration on all charges, sins and omissions. What a pity it contained […]

Now, here is the news

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A voice from the wilderness of Macarthur wind farm

“Come down here for a few nights – stay with us, stay with Jan Hetherington, stay with Ron Jelbart, stay with Louise and Simon Manifold, stay with Maria and Colin Linke – these are but a few of the people whose lives your company has RUINED already. “We’ve had enough !!!!!!  The last three nights […]