AGL Cops Both Barrels from Annie Gardner


AGL management gets both barrels from Macarthur.


AGL’s Macarthur wind farm is a public health disaster, with some 30 farming families being driven nuts by incessant low-frequency noise and infra-sound night, after merciless night.

STT Champion Annie Gardner is amongst them. Annie has just unloaded both barrels at AGL’s management in this cracking letter.

26 December, 2013
Chairman AGL Energy Ltd.,
CEO AGL Energy Ltd.,
Directors AGL Energy Ltd.,
101 Miller Street,


Dear Mr. Maycock, Mr. Fraser and Directors,

I am forwarding to you two documents, which I hope you will read thoroughly and take notice of.

The first document is the media release by the Waubra Foundation entitled “Judge Rules wind turbines cause “Irreparable Harm” to Human Health.

The second document is the “Explicit Warning Notice” released by the Waubra Foundation.

I am aware that AGL directors were sent a copy of the initial Explicit Cautionary Notice by the Waubra Foundation prior to the construction of the Macarthur Wind Factory. It appears that NO notice was taken of this, and AGL arrogantly forged ahead with the construction of this monster wind factory which is now destroying the health and lives of so many innocent families who, until October 2012, had lived in this district, and worked happily and healthily on their farms for 30 – 60 years.

Several years down the track, the Macarthur Wind Factory is fully operational but is a PUBLIC HEALTH DISASTER.

Do you know that one family with young children was forced to leave their home merely 7 weeks after all turbines were operating, due to the severe impact of particularly infrasound on their little babies? They screamed all night, and their behaviour became appalling after the turbines began operating in October 2012. The family went away from the district for a two week holiday in January 2013 and discovered that their children slept right through the night and their behaviour returned to normal. This discovery forced the family to make the drastic decision to leave their home, their job and the district in March 2013.

Do you know that another widowed lady has been forced to leave her home and rent accommodation in nearby Hamilton, for the same reason? She could not live in her own home next to the turbines and found her sleep was so disturbed by the constant audible turbine noise, that driving to Hamilton each day to work, with hardly any sleep, was posing a real danger to her.

Do you know that several families are forced to exit their properties every week for at least two nights just to get a decent night’s sleep, and to remove their bodies from the impact of particularly the infrasound and low frequency noise emitted by the turbines?

This is JUST NOT FAIR … But, who cares? AGL certainly DOES NOT CARE.

Do you know that AGL’s Post Compliance Noise Testing for the Macarthur wind factory, was NOT CARRIED OUT IN ACCORDANCE WITH THE VICTORIAN AND NEW ZEALAND GUIDELINES, ie. not according to their Planning Permit?

Do you know that AGL carried out infrasound/low frequency noise testing at TWO ONLY properties around this enormous wind factory where more than 200 families live within the impact zone of 10 kms from the nearest turbine? These were not the homes of the residents claiming impact from infrasound, of course …

Do you know that AGL have spent vast amounts of money advertising in local newspapers claiming that the Macarthur wind factory is compliant, when in actual fact IT HAS NOT BEEN DEEMED COMPLIANT BY THE VICTORIAN MINISTER FOR PLANNING?

I refer you to the Ministerial briefing where Victorian Planning Minister Matthew Guy in 2011, is told that Acciona’s Waubra wind factory is NOT and in the opinion of DPCD staff, will NOT be able to be compliant.

See here:

This could easily be the situation regarding the Macarthur wind factory, which, despite all of AGL’s hollow claims and fraudulent noise testing, is certainly breaking all the noise limits of its permit. The residents have comprehensive evidence of this, in addition to comprehensive evidence of the totally flawed methodology used.

Do you know that AGL once again, has spent vast amounts of money advertising in local newspapers claiming there IS NOT EXTRA INFRASOUND than prior to construction of the Macarthur Wind Factory?

Do you know that the impacted residents have carried out EXTENSIVE noise monitoring with a reputable acoustic engineer (one not beholden to the wind industry) and have found ALARMING levels of infrasound and audible turbine noise emitted by the turbines at the Macarthur Wind Factory?

Some homes are so saturated with infrasound that the families really should not be living there, but they have NOWHERE TO GO.

In fact the lies told by AGL are so serious that AGL could easily be accused of false advertising, particularly claiming that the Macarthur Wind Factory IS COMPLIANT when at this stage it is NOT COMPLIANT.

Do you know that a direct correlation has been discovered, for the first time in the world, between the severe health symptoms experienced by a farmer, and infrasound measured in his home, at AGL’s Macarthur Wind Factory?


Do you know that a Preliminary Health Survey was conducted in this district of residents living out to 10 kms from turbines, and 23 families, representing around 66 people, reported mild to severe symptoms from the turbines?


Take some time to read the horrific comments of the residents who anonymously completed this survey. They are quite chilling. How would you like your family to be suffering like that, all night and during the day also, as they try to operate their farms and run their businesses? There is no escape for all the families in this district, as the turbines go ALL DAY and ALL NIGHT.

Do you know that one resident is in receipt of copies of more than 300 complaints from just a few residents that he knows, which have been forwarded to AGL and government departments, in addition to many politicians? Of course AGL has done NOTHING about these complaints, just claiming, as always, that the wind factory is compliant – what a load of rubbish – and more AGL lies, once again.

Do you know that AGL are now resorting to lumping several complaints under the one receipt number in order, it would appear, to reduce the number of complaints they register?

Do you know that Acciona and the Waubra Wind Factory, which also has NOT been deemed COMPLIANT by the Victorian Minister for Planning, is currently being investigated by the Australian Federal Police for fraudulent receipt of Renewable Energy Certificates? As a result of this Acciona may be forced to repay millions of dollars back to the government.

Has it occurred to the AGL directors that AGL could be next? The Macarthur wind factory has NOT been deemed COMPLIANT, but surely must be receiving Renewable Energy Certificates. It seems the AFP are certainly on the war path!!

AGL are knowingly destroying the health of hundreds, if not thousands of rural Australians, and they were certainly warned this would be the case, should they proceed with construction and operation of the Macarthur Wind Factory.

They continue to deceive and lie to the people in this district, at the same trying to con the townspeople with their money “splash” to local organisations.

Interestingly, the recent judgement in Falmouth USA is for merely TWO turbines, of 1.6 megawatts. At the Macarthur Wind Factory we have the misfortune of living next to 140 turbines of 3 megawatts.

However, in the end TRUTH WILL PREVAIL.

I firmly believe in Emile Zola’s quotation, which goes like this –

“If you shut up truth and bury it under the ground, it will but grow, and gather to itself such explosive power that the day it bursts through, it will blow up everything in its way”.

We, the community of this district, which has been completely ruined by AGL and the Macarthur Wind Factory, believe it’s time AGL directors report to their shareholders just what is happening here, as they’ll receive one hell of a shock when the truth eventually emerges … and you, the Directors will be liable.

There are several more links at the bottom of this letter which you might take the time to read, as they apply to residents living quite some distance from the nearest turbines of AGL’s Macarthur Wind Factory. Both these residents and their families, had absolutely NO IDEA they would be impacted at all by the turbines, as AGL told everybody in the district – “there will be no extra noise than that of an ordinary working farm” – we were told a heap of lies, and the lies just keep coming …..

Yours sincerely


Gus and Annie Gardner – fed up with AGL’s constant lies and deceit.

About stopthesethings

We are a group of citizens concerned about the rapid spread of industrial wind power generation installations across Australia.


  1. E Griffiths says:

    The windustry have known about the adverse health problems associated with wind farm LFN since at least 1987, when Dr Neil Kelley presented a paper on his research to the Windpower 87 conference in San Francisco in Oct 1987.
    “A proposed metric for assessing the potential of community annoyance from wind turbine low-frequency noise emissions – N.D. Kelley, Solar Energy Research Institute, Colorado 1987 (Presented at the Windpower ‘87 conference in San Francisco, California – October 5-8, 1987)
    Available from:

    Click to access Kelley-1987-Wind-Farm-Low-Frequency-Noise-Problem-Identified.pdf

    Kelley’s meticulous research:
    1. Identified low frequency noise as a direct causal agent for health problems emerging in wind farm neighbours.
    2. Identified specific sound frequencies causing health damaging “annoyance” symptoms, including repetitive sleep disturbance.
    3. Showed that health problems experienced by individuals became more severe with increased exposure to low frequency noise.
    4. Suggested maximum tolerable limits to low frequency noise exposure to protect people’s health. These limits were based on the research data collected. (These guidelines have been ignored by the wind industry to this day.)

    Kelley stated on P1 of his paper:
    “The modern wind turbine radiates its peak sound power (energy) in the very low frequency (VLF) range, typically between 1 and 10 Hz” … the windustry are still peddling their lies.

    The wind turbine manufacturers and wind farm developers knew about the direct causal relationship between these specific sound frequencies and health damaging “annoyance” symptoms, which included repetitive sleep disturbance.

    In fact, on the basis of this research, wind turbine designs were changed to reduce noise emissions – from downwind to upwind wind turbines (where the blades are downwind and upwind of the tower respectively.)

    On the basis of the evidence I have read, the windustry & govts around the world are guilty of subjecting law abiding citizens to torture in their own homes. Noise has been used as an instrument of torture … torture is against the UN convention of Human Rights.

    It appears to me that convicted terrorists have more human rights than people living in their own homes – certainly in the UK where I live.

    Govts around the world don’t give a sh*t about the health of the rural popolation. Politicians have got their heads fo far up the windustry’s posteriors, you can’t even see their toes. (Excuse the vulgarity, but my wife is one who suffers ill health from wind farm LFN. She is very sensitive to LFN and can easily hear wind farm LFN at distances of 50+ km from the source – usualy indoors.)

    The nearest turbines to us are 13 km away, and she was ill for over 1 month last summer. She had symptoms identical to those identified with “wind turbine syndrome.”

    This occurred during a spell of good weather associated with a stable high pressure system. There was good wind speed at blade height and still air at ground level. Under such atmospheric conditions LFN can travel considerable distances. Several days after the weather broke my wife’s health started recovering. The healing process took about 10-14 days.

    The noise is more noticeable indoors when the walls resonate at certain frequencies. This resonance amplifies the noise indoors – like sticking a vibrating tuning fork on a piano, or any other sounding box.

    Although she doesn’t suffer all the time, with more wind farms being constructed, and being granted planning permission, we don’t know how much longer we’ll be able to live in our quiet rural home. We’ll eventually be surrounded by the monsters at varying distances.

    Annie Gardner, I hope you will find some of our experience helpful in prosecuting the liars in the windustry and the brown nosing politicians who support them. If you want to get in touch with me, get my contact details from Sarah Laurie in the Waubra Foundation. She knows our story.

  2. E Griffiths says:

    Annie Gardner, If you want to stir up more of a hornet’s nest, buy 1 share in the company. You will then be eligible to attend the company’s AGM and ask questions in front of the major shareholders.

  3. Annie Gardner, good on you for giving “Australia’s Greatest Liars” both barrels. It is nothing but criminal what AGL are doing and saying to the citizens of the Macarthur wind farm (don’t ever believe it is a farm in any way shape or form as it is a wind factory).

    Up here in south east Queensland at the proposed Coopers gap wind factory (NOT FARM) they are spinning all this CRAP about there is little or no noise or health effects of wind factories. One thing we have found out, is that AGL is not a caring or a compassionate corporate citizen. They carry on, BULLYING the people that are having sleep and health problems with these crappy fans.

    It makes me angry when I think of all the money it is costing us, the tax payer, with the REC, and yet it is this subsidy stream that causing so much harm to the poor unfortunates who are unlucky enough to be wind factory neighbours. So take the REC away and the wind weasel vermin will vanish for good and leave us in peace.

  4. Jackie Rovenksy says:

    Another excellent exposé of the lies told by these companies. I wonder if those who have shares in AGL will silently accept these lies, or if they too will become victims of AGL’s lies?

    If any politician continues to accept the damage being done then they also should pay the price. They should be held responsible in the courts for not meeting their responsibility to the public of this country who they are meant to protect us from danger.

    They cannot use the excuse they did not know about the danger – they have been told time and time again, there is so much information available to them that a Precautionary Approach should be enacted immediately.

    • E Griffiths says:

      It’s not a case of enacting the precautionaly principle. The facts were known over 26 years ago. The low frequency noise torture factories should never have been built over the last 26+ years.


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