Tony Abbott Gets the Heads-Up on Disappointing Dan Tehan’s Pro-Wind Industry Push

**** Labor-in-Liberal clothing Federal MP, Dan Tehan manged to stir up a veritable hornet’s nest in his western Victorian electorate by appearing on the Ministry’s of Truth’s 7.30 Report and putting in a performance that would have done wind industry spruikers, the Clean Energy Council proud (see our post here). Dan’s dismal efforts to protect […]

Disappointing Dan: Liberal MP becomes Wind Industry Spruiker

**** STT has long had it’s doubts about Dan Tehan – a Federal MP from Western Victoria – who badges himself as a member of the Liberal Party, but who, despite his branding, increasingly sounds like the economic illiterates from the loopy-left, that have overrun the Labor Party. Well, any doubts we might have entertained […]

STT ‘tears the arse out of the wind industry’

Alan Jones said this on 2GB on Thursday: “There is a website which is magnificent … It’s a collection of current stories and goings on in the world of wind turbines and the fight that these poor people have on their hands. It’s well written, it’s completely legit and as one correspondent wrote to me […]

A voice from the wilderness of Macarthur wind farm

“Come down here for a few nights – stay with us, stay with Jan Hetherington, stay with Ron Jelbart, stay with Louise and Simon Manifold, stay with Maria and Colin Linke – these are but a few of the people whose lives your company has RUINED already. “We’ve had enough !!!!!!  The last three nights […]