Hold on Macarthur – the Coalition-Cavalry are coming


Hold on Macarthur – the Coalition’s a comin’.

In our last post we covered the brilliant community survey carried out at Macarthur by STT Champion, Anne Schafer.

Wind weasels and their parasites are running as much interference as their delusional little imaginations can muster about just what Anne’s survey reveals.

The eco-fascist is – apparently – only content to “act on facts” when the facts in issue suit their own perverse brand of ideology.

The minute real people start talking about the nightmare of living next to giant fans – these boys close ranks and set out to dismiss, discount, diminish, undermine, challenge, limit, qualify, explain, excuse or otherwise spin away the heart wrenching stories laid out by their victims.

It takes a certain kind of individual to not only IGNORE the suffering of others but to ATTACK them because of it. STT is happy to describe these people as a special kind of Monster.

Happily – the Coalition has promised to carry out serious field research into the sleep deprivation and other adverse health effects suffered by hundreds at wind farms in Australia and to enact specific legislation to ensure it happens asap.

Research, that is, into the suffering undoubtedly caused by low frequency noise and infra-sound from giant industrial wind turbines – research which has never been done in Australia and which the wind weasels have – for some strange reason – fought tooth and nail to prevent being done.

Here’s an email exchange between STT pinup girl, Annie Gardner and local Federal Member, Dan “turbine slammer” Tehan in the lead up to the Federal Election a week ago.


Anne and Gus Gardner – in happier times – before
the Macarthur wind farm nightmare started.

Re: Alan Jones interview with Steve Cooper this morning.
On 05/09/2013, at 10:28 PM, “Ann Gardner” wrote:

Dear Dan,

This interview was aired this morning and has presented so many people with a distrust of the Coalition and its supposed commitment to thorough health research and field investigation into the health impacts of wind turbines.

Please give me reassurance that the Coalition will follow through with Macfarlanes’ promises.

Another brilliant interview with Alan Jones and Steve Cooper.

Annie included a link to the Steve Cooper interview, which we covered in this post.

Here’s Dan’s response:

From: Tehan, Dan (MP)
Sent: Thursday, September 05, 2013 10:38 PM
To: Ann Gardner
Subject: Re: Alan Jones interview with Steve Cooper this morning.

Annie, I was given a commitment it will happen and I will ensure it happens.

Regards Dan.

The indefatigable, and always polite, Annie responded to Dan in this cracking email:

ReRe: Alan Jones interview with Steve Cooper this morning.
On Sep 6, 2013, at 8:35 AM, Ann Gardner wrote:

Thank you very much for your commitment Dan.

As you’re most probably aware I have a very large emailing list. Keith Staff of Penshurst’s email circulation list is absolutely enormous compared to mine, not to mention others closer to Beaufort, as very sadly, a huge proportion of YOUR electorate involves districts if not already, possibly in the future to be impacted by turbines at numerous wind factories. We will today be informing all these people of your commitment on behalf of a future Coalition government to carrying out the research into health impacts.

The independent health survey results released here yesterday show that 2 out of every 3 families participating (21 families) have already had their health impacted by the turbines at AGL’s Macarthur wind factory. This is an absolute disaster …. this wind factory has only been fully operational for 7 months!!!

Unfortunately a true impact figure will not ever be achieved, as a large proportion of the area surveyed includes families (possibly some already impacted by Macarthur) who are CONTRACTED TO SILENCE, having signed for turbines or other monetary gain from the developers of the other two enormous wind factories proposed right next to the Macarthur wind factory.

The Australia wide network of thousands of rural people impacted is very co-ordinated and all these families are closely watching the Coalition, and will demand they are accountable in this matter. What is going on in this district with the severe impact of the Macarthur wind factory is absolutely CRIMINAL and will be proven to be such in time, but in the meantime NOBODY HAS THE RIGHT TO DESTROY PEOPLE’S HEALTH.

This madness has to be stopped. It’s no good just having the NHMRC do a Review as they DO NOT GO into the field. Proper research MUST BE CARRIED OUT with comprehensive field work involving ALL families impacted by turbines, in particular with infrasound and low frequency noise.

Full spectrum noise testing MUST be carried out. Infrasound and low frequency noise are the most serious frequencies, and many people at Macarthur have become so sick already as a result of this inaudible noise, my family being one of the worst impacted. Despite AGL’s insistence that infrasound does not exist here at Macarthur, the residents have comprehensive data which shows very serious levels of infrasound emitted by the turbines. In fact many homes are saturated with infrasound, making them extremely dangerous to live in, not to mention our paddocks which are our work place.

We wish you and your colleagues success tomorrow and look forward to working with you and your team.

With kind regards,
Annie and Gus Gardner

STT says: “hats off, Annie”.

There is no chance that our rotten little NHMRC will have anything to do with the health research proposed by the Coalition.

The NHMRC does not carry out any research in its own right – the closest its people get to going “into the field” is waddling across the car park to the University Library.

The Coalition are well aware of the unhealthy relationship that certain members of the NHMRC wind farm panel have with wind weasels. How else was it that Babcock & Brown’s – oops, we meant Infigen’s Miles George could tell us – in advance – what the next piece of NHMRC dross was going to contain?

The so-called “Rapid Review” was nothing more than a quick and dirty literature review and, inexplicably, it ignored entirely the highly relevant and meticulous work carried out by Neil Kelley over a period of 30 years, starting in 1982.

No, the research proposed by the Coalition is all about gathering data in the field; using truly independent experts from a range of disciplines, including physics, acoustics, audiology, neurology and skilled sleep experts.

Exactly what the wind industry has tried to prevent from ever happening.

To be sure – the wind weasels and their parasites, including the Clean Energy Council, will fight tooth and nail to prevent it from happening.

This time around, however, the Green-Labor Alliance will not be in any position to help them.

The new boys in town are ready to slash into the great “green” scam – and there are plenty within the Coalition who are acutely aware that wind power represents the greatest economic and environmental fraud this Country has ever seen.

Let them know that enough is enough – why not start with a Postcard.

And send a note thanking Dan Tehan for his efforts to put things right at Macarthur: Dan.Tehan.MP@aph.gov.au

Dan Tehan

Dan Tehan – fighting for wind turbine victims at Macarthur.

About stopthesethings

We are a group of citizens concerned about the rapid spread of industrial wind power generation installations across Australia.


  1. One wonders, if any imformation that comes from the NHMRC about any health issues is credible? With all the lies that come out about there being NO health problems from industrial wind turbines leaves a lot to be desired from an organisation that aims for the betterment of mankind. The Coalition Government will have to have a good hard look at the NHMRC to see if any credibility can be resuscitated.

  2. Jackie Rovensky says:

    Ann is right there are thousands across the country working to see an end to the lies, deceit, fraud the Wind Industry and its supports are still spouting.
    The NHMRC has the money to fund the research, unfortunately they have the control over who and which research projects receive it.
    What is needed is for the new Government to take control and tell them how much they must put aside for this research and what the research is to look into, and ensure that NO ONE who has worked for or supported the industry to be allowed to received funding from the public purse – the companies have enough of our money already and have been spending it to shore up and fill their own pockets.
    This is not a fight being conducted by Australians alone, but is going on around the world, we now have world wide co-operation and sharing of research, reports and stories.
    How can any Government now ignore this movement? This loosely organised, world-wide movement seeking justice. Begun by a few individuals, spread around the world, who did not know the others existed. A few who are/have suffered at the hands of this industry. A few people with nothing more than truth to keep them going. A few, who through their efforts have become a world-wide movement.

  3. Reblogged this on Mothers Against Wind Turbines and commented:
    Aussies begin to repair the damage from the faux-green scam!


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