Rally – Annie Gardner

Next at the National Wind Power Fraud Rally on June 18, 2013 at Parliament House, Canberra,  was Annie Gardner from Victoria.


Annie talks about the plight of people living next to industrial wind factories. She details what her life is like next to the Macarthur wind farm and how it has effected her, and her husband, Gus’ business as well. She also shares the stories of others, including many families who have been forced to leave their homes to avoid the health impacts of the turbines.

This is a transcript of the video

AJ: This reaches everywhere. But I’ve spoken to this next lady, I just, I don’t know how to introduce her. This is the most appalling story. But my God, she’s got guts. Anne Gardner, Anne Gardner. She, this is, she’s right beside the biggest wind turbine industrial demolition in the Southern Hemisphere. One hundred and forty turbines, 150 metres high, blades of 56 metres. The closest turbine to her property is 90 metres. It’s just disgraceful isn’t it? She has 8 turbines, 1.7 km from her home. And she has been fighting this for 8 years. Where the hell do you get the energy? She has been bullied and intimidated by AGL in the most, (and others, and I will leave the other un-named, she wants to tell you about them, she can, in the most incredible manner). Who recently opened the Macarthur wind farm? The Premier of Victoria, Denis Napthene who said, who is supposed to be a scientist, who said that they were ‘majestic things’, he said, ‘majestic things’. This, well it is worse than a ‘goose’, they’re vandals. This lady has been to hell and back. Would you please welcome Annie Gardner.


AG: Thank you very much. (I don’t, I’m not very good it this). For a start, I am not the only one living so close to the turbines. We have probably a dozen people representing our Macarthur wind farm here and many others from South West Victoria. So we’re not the only ones. Some have them even a little closer than we do to our home and our property.

But just a few points. We live next to the Macarthur wind factory, 140 turbines, 3 Mega Watts, all within 8 or 9km of our home. Over about 15,000 acres. We’ve been fighting it, well I’ve been fighting it for 9 years. We initially feared the impact on our ultrafine shedded sheep enterprise – which was all we were worried about most. We had 400 extremely sensitive very finely-bred sheep in a shed, which was 80 per cent of our business. Well that business was actually destroyed by construction of the Macarthur wind farm, through dust and resonation of noise in their shed. The dust contaminated their drinking water.

Of course AGL denied any responsibility what so ever. But amazingly, they were forced to clean our house from top to toe on two occasions because of the dust that you could write your name on.

Then, I didn’t ever actually believe that I would be impacted by the Macarthur wind farm, because we are right up in the North-West corner and thought we would get away with it, but I am actually finding that I am one of the worst. It doesn’t matter which direction the wind is from I am still impacted. If it is in the North, which is downwind of it, I still have symptoms. I have never had them before.

And there are many others here from Cape Bridgewater, Waubra, Macarthur who suffer from a multitude of symptoms which, I don’t know which one would be the worst. Just incredible head pressure. If you imagine in an aeroplane, but it’s just so much worse, it’s not funny.

The pressure of ears, pressure in the nose, the throat, the jaws, the teeth. And that comes along with nausea, which is actually getting worse, tight chest, racing heart, lack of sleep. I can feel the vibration in our bed, at night, when you go to sleep. I can feel it coming up through the floor in the kitchen. I can feel it sitting in the couch, through my body, up through my feet and right through your body. It’s just like an electric charge in your body.

And there are many other families badly impacted, and we, and others are forced to leave our property for at least 2 days and 2 nights every week to at least get a decent sleep and remove our body from this horrific impact.

The Macarthur wind farm was fully commissioned 31st of January this year. Mind you, they started in October, with only 15 turbines turning in the middle of it, so you would have to add another 2 kilometres to the set back from your home. And people were impacted right from the start. So that was just from 15 turbines, and it just got worse and worse.

And one family with young children were forced to leave their home and their job after only 7 weeks of the turbines operating fully, after … well it was on about the 25th March, due to the severe impact on their young children. They screamed all night and their behaviour was just appalling. But of course AGL just deny anything is due to the turbines. They’ve just treated us all appallingly. We’ve got at least 150 copies of complaints. And still they reply to us that this is not caused by their turbines. I’ll just write, this is actually to Gus, my husband.

“Dear Mr Gardner, I am sorry to hear that you have been experiencing headaches and pains while working in your wool shed and have difficulty sleeping. I trust that you are under the care of a suitably-qualified medical practitioner.

While AGL treats any health concerns seriously, we do not accept the symptoms you advise you are experiencing are as a result of the wind farm.

As we have previously advised, our position is supported by an extensive amount of robust scientific evidence, produced by organisations that are focussed on the Public health debate, and not specifically the wind industry. As you may be aware, recently the Department of Health of Victoria released the following documents” …da da da …we can keep going on about that.

AGL came out as soon as they had finished their post-commissioning compliance noise testing and announced, advertised in the local papers that the Macarthur wind farm is compliant. But we do not believe it is compliant. We had our own independent noise testing carried out at the same time as theirs -which was done in a very shonky manner – 7 weeks of noise testing with their loggers and amazingly the batteries in the equipment didn’t work for 5 of those 7 weeks. So to give a certificate of compliance to a wind farm where only 2 out of the 7 weeks were supposedly working, (we question that), would just be absolute lunacy on the part of the Victorian Department of Planning.

But we know what’s gone on with Waubra, which supposedly, well we believe is not compliant and have been allowed to operate for 4 years, with at least 20 families moving out because of the impact on their health. And also we have here today people from Cape Bridgewater, another Southern Victorian Wind farm believed to be non-compliant but still operating. And several families have been forced to leave there also. Don’t think that your property will be saleable with the monsters next to you, or even nearby. They say there’s about a 50% devaluation but we say 100%, as who in their right mind would want to come and buy what was a magnificent property, living right next to these turbines? That literally, they might as well be in our garden they are so big they’re just looming over us.

The impact is just horrific, you think you are in a tornado zone when the wind is coming your way. And if we can’t hear the audible noise, we have the horrific infrasound coming right through our, through the ceiling, through the windows, through the walls and up through the floor, and inside and outside.

Another thing I will just add is information came through, we had been told a while ago, that this Government had put away 10 billion dollars of well, borrowed/taxpayers’ money, to hand out to wind farm developers. But couldn’t believe it, but it came through the other day. Apparently because the banks won’t lend money for these shonky investments, the government is going to throw taxpayers’ money at it. And who should be the first recipient of at least 100 million dollars, from this Clean Energy Finance Corporation? But the Macarthur wind farm. Which is not only owned 50% by AGL, but 50% by Meridian, which is actually the New Zealand government energy company. They are trying to apparently get out of it, to try to sell it. So our government is going to be so kind and throw in 100 million dollars just to make it easier for them. So that’s 100 million dollars, that’s the first one, Lord only knows where the rest of the 10 billions will probably go, Spain, Germany, wherever.

That is about all I have to say. But I wasn’t going to add this in, and I don’t tell many people, but my great grandfather was William Benjamin Chaffey who was brought out to Australia in 1889 by Alfred Deakin to introduce irrigation into Australia. And well my name in Anne Chaffey Gardner, my family have contributed greatly to this country and it is just unbelievable what this country is doing to me, my family and the literally thousands of other rural Australians who are impacted now and who will be impacted (God, I can hardly hold this I am shaking so much).

Anyway – we’ve had enough, and Go home AGL. Go home wind factory developers and thank you very much Alan for your support and everybody …

(..tell us where the hosts are at Macarthur). Ah yes, that’s right. Well the host just actually happened to be largest land owners. There are two, one owns about 10,000 acres and the other about 6000 and another little peanut in the middle. But the 6000 acre property next to ours, for 9 years have been denigrating us and saying that we’re absolutely mad. “What’s wrong with this wind farm? These wind turbines? We’re going to build our $2 million dollar dream home right in the middle of it and we would be very happy to live amongst the turbines.”

So what did they do earlier this year? They have bought 400 acres closer to Hamilton and the $2 million dollar dream home is going to built 25kms away from the wind farm. The others own houses all over Australia so they can get away. And the little peanut in the middle, lives in Hamilton anyway, so he doesn’t even live on the farm. So that’s what’s happening.

Thank you very much.


AJ: Just tell a brief story about this at the end of the day is, the farm is gone, finished. They can’t survive beside these turbines. Its just disgraceful. Compensation nil. Care nil. Thank you. Just tell that Annie.


AG: Well we are actually only very small farmers. Well twelve years ago now we started up our ultrafine shedded sheep enterprise, which was a lot of work 30 years of breeding the sheep, because you actually can’t just buy them, they are specifically bred. And we’ve worked up, and yes, we’re not usually self-promoting people, but in this case we are actually, because we need everybody to know what, what impact these wind factories are having on people’s businesses, and ours in particular because it was an elite business, we’re only, at that stage 1 of about 20 in the world, producing this fibre. And in, what was it, 2007 we were awarded 2nd place in the Ermenegildo Zegna of Italy Trophy, which was just, blew us off the face of the Earth, we’d never think we would get there, but it was literally being recognised as the second best fine, ultra-fine, not fine, wool growers in the world.

There are actually, I have heard, that there are others that are better than us, and those who have been very successful in the Zegna Trophy, are also about to be impacted by wind turbines in New South Wales, which is just unbelievable.

So that’s what happened to our business. It was 80% of our business, and we literally started it because we are not big farmers and, you know, we just have to survive and we weren’t surviving on our little soldier-settlement property, so we went into this. And it was 7 days a week, 365 days a year and oh well, hard work pays off, and it did pay off.

But it’s all gone now, thanks to AGL and they just couldn’t give a rats for us. So that’s about it. Thank you.


AJ: Unbelievable. As you heard her say, all gone now.


All the Rally videos will be available in this playlist.

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We are a group of citizens concerned about the rapid spread of industrial wind power generation installations across Australia.


  1. Hasta La Vista says:

    Thanks to people like Annie, — “the truth will prevail “—-
    sooner rather that later! It is only a matter of time before the
    whole scam implodes.

    Hasta la vista.

  2. Australia’s Greatest Liars, theìr name keeps coming up. I wonder why?

    Annie Gardner, we thank you for saying it how it is.

    All these wind companies, hosts & goverment people that support these terrible wind turbines should, be thrown into the jails for what they have inflicted on the people that live in & around these useless industrial wind turbine sites.

    Those potential hosts of the Coopers Gap Industrial Wind Turbine site of South East Queensland, would not be game to go and see, or contact some of the people that are suffering from these monstrosities of Australia’s Greatest Liars. As they fear they will hear the truth of what is happening to these people that are suffering & have suffered from the low frequency & infrasound noise.


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