Rip Van Winkle – Mark II


Rip awakens to learn giant wind turbines have gone up all over the World ruining the ability of thousands to live comfortably in their own homes.

In a recent letter to WA News, Peter Baker of Binningup displayed a level of ignorance befitting a man with the same grip on recent events as Rip Van Winkle – the chap that slept for 20 years – having missed the American Revolution, the death of his wife, the marriage of his daughter and the birth of his grandson.

His modern-day counterpart from WA has apparently missed the fact that people from communities from New South Wales, Victoria and South Australia have abandoned more than 40 homes at places like Waterloo, Waubra, Macarthur and Toora all due to incessant low-frequency turbine noise.

Not to mention hundreds of other Australians that are stuck in homes where turbine noise drives them mad, causing sleep disruption and deprivation – or the thousands affected from the UK, Canada, America, Denmark, the Netherlands, Taiwan etc, etc.

In giving life to the adage that it is better to say nothing and have people think that you’re a fool than to open your mouth and remove all doubt, Baker queried the existence of any adverse health effects related to giant fans, proclaiming:

“What health effects?  Are these installations any greater risk than the farm windmill that supplies water to the house or to the drinking troughs for stock.”

Comparing this:


With these:


Is a bit of a stretch.

Perhaps Baker has never clapped eyes on the real monsters? Sandgropers are luckier than most – the very few fans in the West are mostly 1.5MW Enercons (pups by comparison to 3MW Vestas) and are remote from homes.   STT’s pretty confident that Rip Van Baker has never had the “pleasure” of getting up close and personal with 140 Vestas V112s.

Annie Gardner most certainly has and she came out swinging in response to Baker’s twaddle with this absolute cracker of a letter – an obvious contender for STT’s “Letter of the Week”.

From: Ann Gardner
Sent: Monday, July 22, 2013 3:11 PM
Subject: Health Impacts from wind turbines

To the Editor,

I read with interest the letter written in your newspaper recently by Peter Baker, “slinging off” about the health impacts from wind farms.

To compare a wind turbine to a wind mill is just ridiculous.  To begin with a modern day wind turbine usually stands at least 90 metres and has blades 56 metres long.  Every one wind turbine emits quite a lot of background noise, which is audible – this noise can sometimes be heard up to 10 kilometres from the turbine.  At night it sounds like a train or a semitrailer coming, but it never arrives, or the build up of a tornado in the US before it destroys a small town.

However, wind turbines also emit sub-audible noise called infrasound and low frequency noise.  These noises are caused by the incredible fluctuation of air pressure, particularly as the blade passes the tower, which is about once every three seconds.

I know Peter, as I, along with many, many other families am experiencing serious health impacts from the massive 140 turbines at AGL’s monster Macarthur wind factory in south-west Victoria (the biggest in the southern hemisphere).

Since this wind factory began operating in October we have had our sleep at night severely disrupted by the background noise and the infrasound/low frequency noise.  Residents began feeling adverse health symptoms when only the first 15 turbines were operating up to 8 kilometres away from their home.  Since then it has become worse, and many more people are suffering and NOTHING is being done about it.

One family was forced to leave their home 7 weeks after commissioning of all 140 turbines in January this year, due to the detrimental impact on their two young children’s health.  Their little babies screamed all night and their behaviour was appalling.  No doubt their little ears were killing them, as mine do all day and all night now.

My husband and I, along with other neighbours are forced to leave our homes for at least two nights and two days of EVERY week to get a decent night’s sleep, and also to remove our bodies from the dreadful impact of the infrasound.

The symptoms from which I suffer constantly, for Peter’s information, are severe ear pressure/severe pressure and pain in nose/jaws/teeth in addition to a pain at the back of the neck which shoots up into your head.  This is on top of a constant headache.  This is caused by the infrasound which comes through the walls of your house, in addition to the ceiling and the floor.

In addition to the head pressure, we experience constant nausea/heart palpitations and a tight chest and this is mainly caused by the ground borne vibration.  When I stand in the kitchen I can feel the vibration through the floor, sitting in the living room I can feel the vibration through the couch and lying in bed at night I can feel the vibration through the bed and the pillow.

So our good night’s sleep, to which the World Health Organisation gives each man a right, has been taken away from us by AGL and the Macarthur wind factory.

At night, in bed, my head feels as if it is in a vice.  When I go to bed at night now, I feel my heart thumping till I fall asleep, albeit only for a few hours all night.  Others experience strong vibrations and shaking in their bodies, not to mention high blood pressure.

So to Peter and anyone else who wishes to denigrate people who complain about health effects from wind turbines, I invite you to come and stay with us near the Macarthur wind factory, (there are plenty of impacted residents who would be willing to accommodate you) but you must stay for a month, not just a night, in order that your body may experience the cumulative impact of infrasound/background noise from the turbines.

I urge you also to look at the website and you’ll learn just what infrasound does to the organs of the human body.

Hopefully you might be reluctant to insult impacted people once you’ve done some homework.


Screen Shot 2013-04-14 at 2.43.13 PM

About stopthesethings

We are a group of citizens concerned about the rapid spread of industrial wind power generation installations across Australia.


  1. I suffer from exposure to incessant infrasound since 2008 – but no one wants to know. Bring on the research to end this attack on me in my home.

  2. The EPA in Victoria DO recognize that low frequency noise needs to be considered and poses risks. In their publication, Noise from Industry in Regional Victoria – “A suitably protective design will also need to be considered whether modulation is a character of the low frequency elements of noise.” And “Some major premises, such as some power generation facilities and major utilities, can generate significant low-frequency noise energy. Risks of low-frequency noise should be considered during approval of such operations.” And “….if these general noise issues are not addressed during approvals, future noise problems might require action under s31A of the Environment Protection Act 1970,the nuisance provisions of the Public Health and Wellbeing Act 2008 or the planning scheme. Those applying to establish industry with potential for brief, high noise emissions or low frequency noise should therefore explain in their proposals how they will manage the impacts of these types of noise.”

    Unfortunately, the rural noise guideline, Noise from Industry in Rural Victoria, applies to commercial and industrial premises with the EXCEPTION OF WIND ENERGY FACILITIES!!
    Please explain the difference between a “power generation facility” and a wind energy facility!

    The Public Health and Wellbeing Act 2008, covers “nuisances which are, or are liable to be, dangerous to health or offensive.” “…nuisances arising from noise or emission.”
    What a disgraceful and dangerous set of corrupt double standards that the Victorian Government is imposing on rural communities.

  3. If anyone wants to read the writings of the deluded on a regular basis, try the Ballarat Courier’s letters section and have a perusal of some of the nuts that write stuff on there! It’s amazing how people like dh Dave from SA are regular readers from so far away!

  4. Reblogged this on windfarmaction and commented:
    Some people don’t want to hear the truth.

  5. Anne, I have done just as you have – I invited them to come and stay with us for a week or so. But it’s now nearly 3 years, and the best they came up with is one night at my Brother’s Home in Waterloo. And some w–ker that slept under a Turbine for one night, lol, sorry there were 2 w–kers, and that is supposed to make them experts????
    This Peter Baker, he sounds just like Simon Chapman, must have the same Industrial Wind Turbine hand book.

  6. Jackie Rovensky says:

    Terminology has been used to confuse those unable to comprehend what is going on around them. Windmill’s as apposed to Wind Turbines. What is the difference? They don’t see it, they believe they are the same thing. They know nothing of the gear boxes and generators, the size, the cost or that these Turbines only utilise the wind to turn operate the generator which is what makes the energy. They cannot comprehend the difference between a windmill which utilised the wind to draw water from below, or to turn mill stones to grind flour, these windmills did not have generators to manufacture energy.

    Then of course there is the term Wind Farm rather than Industrial Wind Turbine Energy Installation or Factory. Machines utilising the wind to turn the generators on, the generators as machinery which enables the manufacture of electrical energy through a mechanical process, with the energy being directed through a cable to be converted elsewhere into energy which can be used by us.
    Industrial Wind Turbines do not farm anything, they manufacture something and send it off to be turned into a useful product elsewhere.

  7. Thank you Annie, there are still plenty of them out there, especially a few very vocal bloggers that need sorting out.

    We are trying very hard to stop the same thing happening here with Ceres.

    Very nice photos, STT. (lol)


  8. annie r says:

    Expect more Rip Vans seduced by Little Green potions and misinformation peddled by the Wind Mob Inc and Our ABC (Wind Industry Mouthpiece).

    Many a trusting and naive punter has partaken the magic Green elixir and dreamt that ‘benign’ Industrial Wind Turbines and ‘pretender’ Wizard Christine Milne will save the planet. Only to wake up, eventually, and find it is a cruel hoax perpetrated by multinational energy companies (into Coal, gas, oil AND wind) which put profits well ahead of caring for people OR the planet. And who provide the politicians a little on the side…

    James Lovelock Greens Founder and Gaia conceptualiser said it so well: “We need take care that the spinning windmills do not become like the statues on Easter Island, monuments of a failed civilisation”.

  9. What an idiot that man is. Does he think a stick of dynamite is really no more harmful than a matchstick? Many things that are harmless, or even beneficial, to the human body in small doses, will kill you, in large ones. Denial is a sad place to live.

  10. Thank you Annie. Having lived between two “Wind Factories”, Capital & Cullerin (Industrial Wind Power Stations), for three months I can concur with your comments. I get symptoms I have never had before & if I go away for a couple of days, so do they.

    Australia cannot afford these carbon-consuming, money-sucking monsters that people are paying for through their increased power bills. They should all be decommissioned so we can make up for the $190 BILLION waste of the last decade!

  11. Shelley McDonald says:

    I read Peter Baker’s letter and just thought “What a nutter”. How could anyone with a brain be so stupid? Then I thought again. He doesn’t have one, a brain that is.

  12. I can bet you Annie, that the ones who are rubbishing the people that are suffering from the industrial wind turbine low frequency noise, infrasound and other nuisance noises, would not have the BALLS to go and stay at the homes of people who troubled by turbines.

    They just don’t want to find out the truth. The wheels on their wagon are about to fall off, as the wind weasels and Greentards are starting to see their dim light get dimmer.

  13. Someone needs to realise Infrasound is real – so many of us are affected.


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