The Wind Industry: You Know It’s a ‘Ponzi’ Scheme When its Targets Include Schools & Councils

**** STT has pointed out just a few times that the wind industry is little more than the most recent and elaborate Ponzi scheme in a list that dates back to “corporate investment classics”, like the South-Sea Bubble and Dutch tulip mania. In the wind industry, the scam is all about pitching bogus projected returns […]

Merry Christmas to you & Happy Second Birthday to STT

Merry Christmas and Season’s Greetings to all of our dedicated band of followers, all around the World. And it’s Happy Birthday to STT: Boxing Day 2014 marks 2 years of giving the beleaguered wind industry and its dwindling band of parasites and spruikers hell. We’ve clocked over 637,000 views and given our loyal readers 827 […]

Windfall: a documentary about the facade of wind energy

  Snagfilms has made available online the 2010 documentary, Windfall, a story familiar to many around the world. It shows the devious ways that wind weasels infiltrate a quiet rural community and the suffering that results, as one by one, the lies spun by the developers are realised. For some reason, it is not available […]

German Fairytale under threat from Giant Fans

As STT readers know, the wind weasel knows no bounds. Morals like honesty, integrity, fairness and respect don’t feature heavily in the wind scammers playbook. Ask Frank Bestic. Germans have learned through bitter experience just how low down and dirty these boys can go. German wind scammers are quite ready to ride roughshod over German […]

Winning Taiwanese Hearts and Minds?

A while back we covered one failed wind industry effort to win hearts and minds in “Big Wind sends in the “muscle” to “win Taiwanese hearts and minds” Here’s an update on how – when push comes to shove – “green” energy outfits are quick to show their true colours. Activists pan power firm for […]

Never Mind the Bollocks – here’s Vestas

Struggling Danish turbine outfit Vestas went on the rampage after the National Rally with a campaign to counteract known and obvious facts (to anyone with half-a-brain – that is) with crackers such as the wind is NOT intermittent; families with young children can’t wait to have a swag of V112s go up in their back […]

What wind swindlers always knew about turbine noise – the technical stuff

**** In our last post we covered the Graham Lloyd piece in The Australian on what the wind weasels have always known about infrasound and low frequency noise from giant fans and the impacts on neighbouring victims. We don’t like to gloat – but it was one of our research team that dug up the […]

Big Wind sends in the “muscle” to “win Taiwanese hearts and minds”

**** In our post – Well, bugger me, another piece of industry “spin” unravels – we dealt with the big porky trotted around by the Clean Energy Council and the pseudo-scientist hacks it employs to run “spin” for it – that only English speakers whinge about turbine noise. Seems that the Chinese speakers from Taiwan […]

British Renewables Champion – Tim Yeo – self immolates

STT is not sure whether it’s a function of having real journalists who aren’t afraid to tip a bucket on sleaze and corruption or whether British politics is just grubbier than elsewhere. But the stories from its renewable politics scene just keep on getting better. We’ve reported on just how rotten the wind industry is […]

A message to everyone who lives near industrial wind power plants – or who is facing the prospect