No Escape: How Households Suffer Astronomical Cost of Great Wind & Solar Scam

Working out what households pay for subsidies to wind and solar is a task, in itself. Naturally, the crony capitalists that profit from the greatest economic and environmental fraud of all time, are keen to conceal the extent of the state-sponsored larceny from their unwitting victims. To the same end, their political enablers often talk […]

The Nuclear Option: New Research Makes Nuclear Power Even Safer

STT tends to leave the debate about global warming or ‘climate change’ to others. However, STT has always thought that if man-made CO2 emissions really were destroying the planet, then sensible governments would have moved to build nuclear power plants from the moment the Chicken Littles started wailing about the heavens collapsing. The French generate over […]

Wind Power Costs Crushing South Australian Businesses: Firms Hit with 90% Price Hike

**** South Australia embarked upon its wind power ‘experiment’ more than 15 years ago, when its Labor government climbed into bed with the boys from Babcock & Brown (aka Infigen) and a disgraced American lawyer and convicted con-man, Tim Flato (who robbed his clients of close to US$400,000, got struck-off, and scuttled off to set […]

Brits Waking Up to the Insane Cost of its Wind Power Disaster

**** Green targets ‘cost £214 a year’: Report says rush for renewable energy has been ‘most expensive policy disaster in modern British history’ Jack Doyle Daily Mail 18 March 2015 Shifting to wind and solar power has increased costs to consumers Ditching green energy targets would save households £214 a year Report into renewable energy […]

Who exempts the Poor from the LRET’s $50 Billion Electricity Tax & More Power Price Punishment?

**** The “debate” about the Large-Scale Renewable Energy Target continues to rage in Canberra, where the rent-seekers’ game of “save the LRET at all costs” has been driven by the increasingly panicked and apoplectic rantings of Miles George and Kane Thornton. Miles heads up near-bankrupt wind power outfit Infigen (aka Babcock & Brown) and, to […]

Europeans get ready to can wind power for good

The wind industry is on its last legs. Vestas have poured millions into the Australian Greens and its “let’s-invent-the facts” campaign in an effort to knock off South Australian Senator Nick Xenophon.  Although STT thinks it might have been better advised to keep its Danish Krone at home – to help stay afloat and to […]

Where are Australia’s Journos – asleep or on drugs?

What ever happened to the investigative journos like Chris Masters or Paul Barry? Are our Nation’s scribes all asleep, on drugs, paid up members of the Greens, or patsies for the Clean Energy Council?   Our hacks might like to take a leaf out of the Daily Mail’s Chris Booker’s book. Real journos hop up […]

Queensland: beautiful one day, power price penury the next

Banana benders have just been belted with an almighty hike in power prices, which will see many of those lovely timber “Queenslanders” soon being lit up with candles. Good job the Sun’s nearly always shining in “Joh’s Country”. **** Perhaps Campbell Newman can take a leaf out of the SA Labor Government’s playbook and start […]

The Oz – tilting at windmills: Part 1

Here’s one from the archives of The Australian that we think is even more apposite now, than it was in October 2011. Tilting at windmill power The Australian 19 October 2011 POLITICIANS know that, in theory at least, most people are kindly disposed towards renewable energy. That is why, for instance, the government calls its […]